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  1. So let's talk about rocks. Potential spoilers! When I am about to hit a rock for some iron, or potentially gold, I make sure I have nothing around the rock at all. No already spawned stones, or if I've dropped anything anywhere or placed something too close to it, so it has 8 clear spaces all around it. Because.... ...am I right in thinking that, if you hit a rock 8 times clean, there is more chance of gold on the final 1/2 hits? Or, if it's a money rock, more chance of a bag of bells, rather than just bells? And when I say, 'hit it 8 times clean', I mean hitting it within 1 second of the previous hit. Becuase as we all know, when you hit the rock, you move away a teeny bit. So if you just press A again, there's a chance you'll swipe air, losing your 'chain'. So you have to move forward a little again before the next attempt...but if you misjudge it and dig instead, or hit a stone/iron/gold, your chain stops...and that's it. No more goodies for you until tomorrow. So you can 'cheat' this, by wedging something next to you/behind you, so you don't move after every attempt and you can happily just hammer A without having to worry about adjusting your position after each attempt and saving precious stress. We all knew this right? Did I just find this out myself? Am I late to this rock party?!
  2. Added everyone on the list.... Couple of issues above! My code is: 7610-2604-5425
  3. Can you plant flowers from the secret island? It seems I can only bury it or place it?
  4. Wouldn't risk it mate. Let the 4 year old have a play around earlier. NSFW (Not Safe For Willow)
  5. You can use one of those. I've got a fair few. You don't if you've been bitten by bees and end up passing out by being bitten by one! It actually made one of my son's jump when it happened, as it was behind a tree and we didn't see it. He's 10.
  6. Then it's only another 1.6bn Nook Miles to unlock the stylus/touch screen ability! I shouldn't joke, but it is odd that you can draw with the stylus when creating a message on the noticeboard, but you can't use it to design anything. But at least this surely means it will be updated so we can do this at some point soon!
  7. ...but you can only grow perfect fruits if it's your native fruit.
  8. Just visit other people/let people visit you and they will generously give you different frut, then plant those! Boom. Instant Other Fruit trees.
  9. I've not bought it yet either.
  10. Did you buy it for £38.99? Because it's now £39.99.
  11. How much is it? I can see it's £4 on Steam and everyone absolutely adores it...currently sits at 97% 'overwhelmingly positive' reviews. Just that it's a little slight.
  12. Has turntable/needle/vinyl technology improved at all? I assume it's the same....or it would kinda defeat the object of it....I'm just wondering if it's any more difficult to scratch a record than it was when I was a bairn? Purely because I've got 3 kids and am nervous about diving into vinyl again!
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