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  1. Not Sega for this, but not just one, but two Arnies for your money!!!
  2. Just saw this, while I love the musical references to On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, including a little bit of the main theme in the film and the paintings of the previous Ms, I’m just glad that Daniel Craig’s tenure as Bond is over. While they’ve desperately tried to establish some sort of character traits, they’ve failed miserably. It felt at times that Craig was ad libbing, especially during the Blofeld and Ramik scenes, but it was like he had zero character to work with, so it just came across as incoherent. It’s also the film where you can call it “ the one where Bond dresses like a tramp”
  3. Essentially the review is “want to see a lower tier 1980s Amblin produced kids version of Poltergeist with the Ghosbusters name stuck on it? This is the film for you” I can see why this will get very mixed reviews, I don’t think anyone who saw the original ever thought “I hope there’s a sequel with none of the actual Ghostbusters and lots of small town Americana schmaltz while a group of kids have to learn life lessons” It just feels like a Netflix commissioned piece of content filler.
  4. Saw this on Saturday, really great to see an “adult” film (ie not a bloody super hero or live action reimagining of an old Disney cartoon) and it was really good. If you’re looking for a good Mob film set in the 1960s, a la Goodfellas, then this is definitely for you. To be honest, you don’t really need to know The Sopranos to watch it, while it’s great to see younger versions of the characters, the story works really well as a stand-alone film. 9/10 for me
  5. The thing with the original Clue, which was a brilliant idea, was that it had three different endings with different murderers/solutions. The ending you got literally depended on which cinema you went to, making it more like the board game (Clue, as the Americans call it instead of Cluedo). It didn't really take off, so they just put all of the multiple endings together when it was released on video. It would be a lot easier to have that idea implemented with streaming, even if it was something as simple as a different episode was a different murderer and solution.
  6. If they'd waited another 4 months, No Time To Die would have been the 60th anniversary. First time since 1992 they've not had an anniversary film (The Living Daylights was the 25th anniversary) and the whole "Happy Birthday Bond"/"The UKs Favourite Bond Shags" ITV specials. At least they had an excuse in 1992, the whole MGM legal wrangling stopped any Bond film from being made for years. They probably should have delayed No Time To Die until January, just shows you how desperate they must be for the cash. (I always liked the anniversary type references in Living Daylights, certainly had a bit more class, like it being the return of the Aston Martin, not used since Diamonds Are Forever however it's not a DB5 thankfully, the three other 00 agents at the start being similar to Connery, Lazenby and Moore plus Bond smoking 50 fags a day)
  7. I'm saying this as a Bond fan, but compared to the Mission Impossible films, this just looks dull. At least they're saying this is the conclusion, it's hard to believe that Craig's tenure has been going for 15 years. Christ, when he came on as Bond it was all about making it more like the Bourne films, how old is that?
  8. I thought Charlie Watts didn't play on a few Stones songs, but famously It's Only Rock and Roll (Kenney Jones) and You Can't Always Get What You Want (Jimmy Miller) ? Anyway, it's a shame as he was great drummer. I had the pleasure of meeting him at a funeral wake for a guy who played in the Charlie Watts Big Band. Really down to earth, loved his jazz.
  9. That must be, what, 25 Rockstar studios working on GTA now? They should just rename Rockstar Games to GTA Games and make GTA a "meta verse". With GTA being renamed GTA: Grand Theft Auto, Red Dead games being renamed GTA:Wikky Wikky Wild Wild West and hopefully a Bully sequel being released as GTA: Skooldaze.
  10. Nice to see the Microprose label back (but it should really be Rainbird, but we'll let them off). It does look really good, kind of like how you would have imagined good 3D graphics to look back in 1988.
  11. I think this looks great and the pad not only evokes memories of the CD32. Before anyone says "but the CD32 pad was shite", I'd say yes, it was shite. But the shite part was the "d-pad". (this was in the day when Nintendo still had the patent on the cross d-pad" Which was awful and made it impossible to get diagonal directions. Particularly crap when you had to press up to jump. However, the rest of it - including the buttons - was actually alright. But that new pad at least fixes that crappy d pad problem. Plus it keeps the buttons scheme of the CD32 pad, with the supposed ability to play virtual HDD images, it could mean the ability to play CD32 conversions or at least games that have been modded to use the CD32 controller. There were a load of conversions released in the past few years making the most of the extra buttons, games like Turrican are now a lot more fun (no more up to jump or space bar). You can see the controls on the Turrican Anthology that received the CD32 conversion here: As someone who's actually played with a CD32 controller regularly (the Competition Pro one, mind), once you've played a CD32 conversion like Turrican, you really don't want to go back to a single button joystick. Unless it's Sensible Soccer.
  12. Annoyingly this is like the first version of the C64 mini and doesn't have a working keyboard, but you can apparently plug in a USB keyboard. They probably should have gone with a mini version of the Amiga 4000 and just made a replica of the 4000's keyboard (but USB). I guess people aren't as nostalgic for a beige box. They should have also replicated the Competition Pro CD32 Pad which were really good. Still, with the extra buttons it means they can map the buttons to them. There's plenty of CD32 conversions of existing Amiga games that do this, doing stuff like adding a button for jump instead of pressing up!! The other benefit of this is that the original Amiga hardware is a real pain to get back into. I've got a CD32 and thankfully it's fairly straightforward, especially with the updated CD32 conversions. Just stick in a CD, select the game from the menu and play away... I also wonder if there will be a way to stretch the screen properly? Playing Amiga games now can be a bit strange when they're not full screen with that annoying black bar at the bottom (most Amiga games ran at 320x200). Something you forget about that happened in "the old days", maybe it will be fixed by the 60Hz option. If it did make these games full screen, that would be another benefit over original hardware.
  13. It's been updated for the Switch since my last post and it actually plays really well. Don't seem to get the bug when loading user generated courses when it would crash the whole game. While it's maybe not as good as PGA Tour 03/04 (the pinnacle of the series for me), it's still a great game and much better than the latter EA PGA Tour games. What's interesting is that EA have a PGA Tour game coming out that has exclusivity for the four majors, as well as the FedEx playoffs and worryingly The Players championship, which is played at TPC Sawgrass. I had thought 2K games had the exclusive rights for the TPC courses, but hopefully if they keep the user generated courses, it should be OK.
  14. Yeah, not getting any comedy vibe from that trailer, well in the same way the original was. Even Paul Rudd feels boringly serious. Compare the new one to the original 1984 trailer, with all of its 80s voiceover glory. It starts off as almost a trailer for Poltergeist, but pretty soon you know it's this bunch of schlubs that's going to somehow save the world... . Yeah, maybe they're over-correcting a bit from the last disaster, so hopefully it still turns out to be good and not some shitty Stranger Things take on 80s nostalgia, but just focused on Ghostbusters.
  15. Have high end burger restaurants thrived? Byron's went into CVA last year, Ed's Easy Diner went bust, 5 Guys has struggled in the States (but I think the UK operation is a different company). Anyway, there definitely feels like there's a push for higher quality burgers at home, maybe because people are spending more time at home this summer (so more BBQs), but even the variety and ease of buying high quality condiments seems to have improved. Is there anything a Five Guys offers that you can't do at home now? Hey, maybe people want the sterile, almost freshly bleached toilet atmosphere 5 Guys seems to exude.... But if you want a decent burger, save your Five Guys money towards a Cobb BBQ. In less than 10 trips to Five Guys, you could have one of these. https://www.lakeland.co.uk/50243/Cobb-Premier-Charcoal-Barbecue-Grill-and-Carry-Bag They're amazing. My point was that making a burger at home, that's just as good quality, is a) easy and b) cheaper. The same can't be said of a lot of other chains or cuisines. Hey, I love cooking, but there's still plenty of things that I wouldn't even attempt at home. Sure, you don't get a dining out experience at home, but I wouldn't say Five Guys is that great an experience. Certainly not worth the premium the price added to it. Like the OP said, is it worth £17 for a burger and fries? Probably not and I reckon a lot more people are going to think that after this summer of making burgers at home.
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