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  1. Good to see Lewis Capaldi finally getting his own video game.
  2. So this has actually started filming and is based on the “Confess,Fletch” book. It also looks like it’s using the title “Confess,Fletch” too. Finally got out of development hell! So not a reboot, but a sequel, I guess.
  3. Here's another clip I'm sure i've linked to at some point Even though it's just a couple of guys doing impressions, the deepfake is still pretty impressive. Using something like this on the stunt doubles should get around the age problem.
  4. Re: the de-aging in the Irishman. Yeah, it does look a bit ropey, but there's a good video here of how you could use deepfake referencing a younger DeNiro, which really works, instead of CGI. The thing with The Irishman was the scenes that required more action, like the fight scene, where DeNiro just didn't move like a 40 year old. Hopefully it looks like they're using stunt doubles in this, so it shouldn't stand out so much. Also, if it's set in 1969, then technically Ford should be 10 years or so younger, but I guess he doesn't look like much of a 78 year old, so he could get away with looking like mid 60s. I'm also hoping that as it's using the Apollo moon mission, it's got something to do with a Nazi Moonbase or Space Nazis That would kind of bring it back to the crazy Nazi occult theme of Raiders.
  5. I suppose this felt a bit like Marvel's take on The Prisoner, enough both had underwhelming endings leaving lots of questions, but the journey getting there was enjoyable.
  6. Switched it off after 15 minutes, utter garbage. It was like watching a higher budget and more glossy version of one of those Best of the Worst films that Red Letter Media review. Loved it how the banner said "The #1 Movie on Prime", like that's some kind of high quality recommendation. I wouldn't be surprised if the "sport" on TV was changed depending on the region. Europe gets World Cup, North America probably gets a generic "grid iron" game. The dialog around it was so generic, it could have been any sport on the TV.
  7. Here's the treehouse gameplay video Personally, I don't get the problems people have with the graphics (they look great) - the little attention to details, like the flowing river or the gameplay is taking place on a wooden board, are wonderful and the animated sequences look great. However, moaning about the graphics in Advance Wars is totally missing the point. It's not about the graphics, it's about the incredible gameplay. I absolutely loved Advance Wars 1 and 2 and because it's been so long since I've played them, I'm really looking forward to playing them again. I also can't wait to introduce my son to them, for me Advance Wars was the perfect Nintendo way of taking a standard genre (turn based strategy) and making it really, really fun. So let's not moan about the graphics and boycotting the game because of price point. Because if we all did that, then guess what... no more Advance Wars, like all the other dormant Nintendo franchises that people moaned about not being as good as the previous ones (hello Wave Race Blue Storm, 1080 Avalanche, F-Zero GP Legend etc). Let's just soak in the fact there's a Mario Golf game on the Switch and soon Advance Wars... what a time to be alive!!!!!!
  8. You could only get Let it Be via bootleg VHS (which I had). Despite McCartney attending the 1971 Oscars to collect the Oscar it won, he’s since been really against it. I don’t think it helps that it doesn’t show him in a great light by bickering with Harrison, but he was at least a driving force in them getting something done. Ive got a load of bootleg albums of unreleased recordings and to be honest, they’re really rough. Most of them are really just jam sessions. I honestly don’t know how they’re going to expand this out to 6 hours. The original anthology was under 8 hours when shown on TV, covering 14 or so years, this is 6 hours dedicated to less than one month of The Beatles. It does smack a bit of Peter Jackson being unable to edit.
  9. 180! as part of their Retro Reimagined range, please.
  10. The Star Wars panini stickers in 1996 were 25p a packet, that’s the equivalent of 47p adjusted for inflation. So, yeah, a bit of a jump....
  11. I think it’s Bamburgh Castle it’s being filmed at?
  12. Is this set in 1976/77? Because that’s the relative time difference between the release of Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981) and the year it was set (1936). Would be cool to see some disco or punk nazis.
  13. I was unfortunate to be listening to Radio 2 the other day and they played (I presume) Noel Gallagher's latest song. God, it was possibly one of the most turgid, middle of the road, pieces of shite I've heard in a long time. It was a million miles away from the swagger of Rock And Roll Star, instead it had female backing vocalists going "oooh" and "aaah" while Noel regurgitated the same old guff about "cast no shadow". It sounded like the sort of wine-bar wankery smooth pop that the Style Council did. You know, the period that Paul Weller is desperate for the world to forget about. Awful.
  14. I had no idea the guy playing the new Captain America is Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn’s son.
  15. Scott who? I just looked him up... Ah, that famous designer of space transport systems for, er, Napster. If they’re using a system that literally cannot stop a 2 year journey to Mars, 12 hours after it departs, then there’s a fundamental problem right there. But anyway, we live in a world where Elon Musk is considered a top astrophysicist, so I guess a YouTuber who plays video games should give great insight into how modern films are developed. Bah, how on earth did we go from Carl Sagan advising on 2001: A Space Odyssey to this?? Lol, what a load of bollocks!!
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