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  1. I watched it on Prime and the first section dialogue (the opera bit) was almost unintelligible, but it definitely seemed to improve after that. Especially the bit on the boat when he wakes up from the coma. I don’t know if that was a specific ploy by Nolan, but at first I thought “he needs to sort the audio out, this is getting a boring cliche”, but then it seemed to be alright. but then maybe I was watching version of the film…
  2. Just watched this and it’s definitely Nolan’s worst film. It just felt really underwhelming. A few of the action scenes were decent, but it just wasn’t as interesting as Inception. I think the cast also let down this one, Denzel Washington’s son was, frankly, fucking woeful. It felt like he was really out of his depth. The rest of the cast weren’t much better. Kenneth Branagh felt like he had auditioned for a Pierce Brosnan era Bond villain. The filming locations were also, mostly, pretty bland. I’ve always wanted to watch an action finale set in a disused soviet era quarry involving actors having a schoolboy “game of soldiers”. My dreams were finally answered. I guess the score was good.
  3. It looks like another one of those bland remakes that people seem to completely ignore, like Magnum, Hawaii Five O and Open All Hours.
  4. Doner kebabs in the cave sounds tempting, but they need to improve those photos. It’s like an advert for Morrisey’s stag do.
  5. @ScouserInExile feeding 4 would be no problem, 5 might be possible, but you might have to buy an air fryer rack which essentially doubles your cooking space. It’s pretty big the air fryer I’ve got and it’s great that you have two independent fryers (so chicken in one and fries in another, with different temps and times is really easy). I’m not sure if there is a larger model, but worthwhile checking out (and the Ninja which is very similar).
  6. Make sure you use the right one, the Next PSU is not the same polarity as the Soectrum/Megadrive one and if you use the wrong one, you can (I believe) blow the Next!
  7. Is this the Weird Al parody of the Bohemian Rhapsody film? (Which to be fair, was so ridiculous with the truth that it almost could be seen as a parody anyway)
  8. I got this for free with Sony’s latest attempt at a streaming service (Bravia), which comes in an Enhanced IMAX type of format to show off your new Sony XR Bravia OLED TV… Anyway, I dunno, it was nice seeing the old faces back in this but outside of the old faces coming back, it felt really forgettable. The set pieces (including what felt like a rip off of the original X-Men’s final scene) were pretty underwhelming, the characters seemed to have almost no character at all. Maybe it’s highlighted by seeing especially Tobey Maguire, Alfred Molina and Willem Dafoe. The Doctor Strange Multiverse section was OK, but Inception did it a million times better. I mean it was decent enough to kill a couple of hours, but the feeling afterwards was kind of like having a McDonalds meal. Absolutely no lasting memory or satisfaction at all.
  9. Is there an air fryer thread? I can’t find one, so I’ll start one. So these seem to be hugely popular in the States and they’re beginning to get popular here. I picked up one a couple months ago from Costco, the Instant Vortex Air Fryer. It’s in Lakeland for £219, but I picked it up on offer for something crazy like £130. https://www.lakeland.co.uk/26873/instant-vortex-plus-dual-drawer-air-fryer-with-clearcook With the cost of electricity going up, the Air Fryer makes such a difference. It heats up in about 2 minutes, you can cook within 10-15 minutes and I’ve found some really interesting things to cook with it. In fact, the only time we use our oven is for home made pizzas… So I think most people are aware that Air Fryers are great at heating up frozen food (chips, chicken goujons and all that type of stuff), but you can also use it to make some great things from scratch. We’re on a bit of a “reducing our processed food as much as we can” kick, so this helps out. Anyway, some things I’ve managed to cook up in the air fryer that works really well. Tandoori Paneer cheese: Heat air fryer to 200c, in a bowl mix some yoghurt, garlic, lemon juice and tandoori masala mix. Cut the paneer cheese into 2cm cubes and dip the cubes in the mix. Then coat with some Gram flour (chickpea flour) and place in the air fryer. Again, turn after about 5-7 minutes and leave in for about another 10 minutes (until crispy). Fried Southern Style chicken. Again, heat air fryer to… 200c, in a bowl mix an egg with southern fried spices, in another bowl put in some bread crumbs. Get some chicken thighs and coat each one in the egg mix and then in the bread crumb mix. Place each chicken thigh in the air fryer and cook for 15-20 minutes, turn at least once about half way (your air fryer will probably remind you). One final one and this is a revelation. Home made granola. Buy a bag of porridge oats, get a bowl and a colander. Place the colander in the bowl. take about 200-300 grams of porridge oats and put them in the colander and remove as much of the oat “flour” and small crappy bits of oats. In another bowl, place the sieved oats into it and add about 2 tablespoons of oil (maybe a bit more if you want), a good glob of honey, a tablespoon of brown sugar and a pinch of salt. Mix together and it will look like the beginning of a flapjack mix. Get your air fryer to 160c and spread the oat mix in the air fryer and set it to cook for 15 minutes. Every 4 minutes or so, make sure the mix the oat mix in the air fryer (as it can burn easily if not mixed). Check after 12 minutes and it should be a light golden brown, if not then cook it a bit longer but be careful… if it starts going too dark you need to remove it as it will burn. Take out and leave to cool. Next day, you can have homemade granola that isn’t 54% oats and the rest is filler. Plus it costs about 30p for a weeks worth. Anyone else got any recipes or things they like to do with their air fryer?
  10. gone fishin

    Guns N' Roses.

    If anything, that video shows you just how shit, sorry, unique Axl Rose’s dress sense was. String vest, white Lycra cycling shorts and a purple jacket from Dynasty’s costume department? Totally classic rock and roll look that kids still emulate today….
  11. This must be all part of the Paramount’s plans to create their own “franchise”, specifically the “John Hughes Cinematic Universe”. Can’t wait to see the Comic Con PowerPoint slide with all the upcoming projects such as ‘You’re Fucked- The Origins of Planes, Trains and Automobile’s Car Rental Desk Lady” and for Robert Downey Jr to make a triumphant on stage appearance promoting “Weirder Science - The Further Adventures of Ian”
  12. The film will probably just be based on this, with some added multiverse bobbins
  13. I found my wife’s old MiniDisc player the other week, which I’d bought back in about 2004. Now I totally get why they were great back then (apart from Sony ‘s usual shit software). But here’s a genuine question, what’s the benefits of using a minidisc player now? I’m just curious, I can understand why people listen to vinyl (warmer sound, authentic and tangible packaging), but I’m curious what the benefits of minidiscs are? My wife mostly used them for making up her own “mix tape” minidiscs or for playing songs downloaded from usenet, are there any benefits of the format in 2022?
  14. Backstory. So I picked up a Sony OLED Bravia XR a few weeks ago, first tv in like over 10 years. First film I watched on this new Sony was Star Wars Episode IV. Wow.. it looked absolutely amazing. I mean I’ve never seen video quality like this… Anyway, I started watching Prey and after about 10 minutes or so I had to switch it off. The CGI is like, absolutely the most fucking atrocious I’ve seen in a while. Is it the new TV? I dunno.. but I started watching Le Mans 66 on it instead and that looks amazing. Maybe Prey has like a budget of 20p, but the absolutely fucking terrible CGI of the eagle just did it for me. I dunno it felt like one of those cheap films you see on Sci Fi. Maybe it gets better, but I don’t if I can be arsed finding out.
  15. So basically they get this guy called Pete Higginson to write their scripts for them? I’m really surprised for something that’s not that “professional” for youtube standards deserves a script writer. Kind of sad, really. Also explains why the games in the background literally do look like a load of job lot bundles off eBay with no real thought into them. I mean, nobody proudly displays Casino Games or World Cup Italia 90 for the Master System or Home Alone for the Megadrive on their shelf, do they? I mean, it’s almost as bad as having ATARI JAGUAR games in display.
  16. To be honest, it looks like a selection of quick “job lot” bundles that have been bought on eBay for £50 (look, there’s 3 different copies of Mario Bros for the NES…) But then that’s what YouTube is all about now, just stick a load of old shite in the background and somehow it makes you a “retro gamer” specialist, like a bargain bin version of Angry Video Game Nerd. He did a great video with Simon Butler, the C64 and Spectrum coder/graphics person, where the topic of Top Hat Gaming came up. He’s not really in the shouting offensive character in this one. I think this is where the Top Hat Gaming investigation kicked off from. Simon Butler makes a really good comment about how there’s literally a limited number of stories and anecdotes about the 8-bit scene that can be told, which then becomes a discussion about how a lot of retro gaming YouTubers are moving into grifting to make money, because they’re essentially running out of content. They use Top Hat Gaming as an example of it.
  17. I need to watch the Xanadu film, it looks absolutely bat shit crazy. Gene Kelly at a roller disco with a soundtrack by ELO? You got it! Music is great, mind and Olivia Newton John looks incredible, I guess I always thought of her as Sandy
  18. The guy making these video “essays” (as he calls them) is really good, wonderful deadpan humour, he’s like Charlie Brooker before he became a Netflix luvvie wanker. In his “You Bet” video, he sums up brilliantly what Saturday night television was back then, and how it really came to exist. It was the entertainment equivalent of a buffet, something for everyone but unfortunately you don’t have a choice and there’s going to be some really shit dishes served up in that buffet which you will have to digest. The You Bet one also has an interesting nugget by the original host Bruce Forsyth. For those that don’t remember You Bet, it was a terrible celebrity “talent” contest which involved betting on absolutely bottom of the barrel “feats”. (Like in the video, a child that can remember different types of old windmills). But Bruce Forsyth makes a comment about “make sure you bet at home, bet with your gran or grandad”. That just totally sums up TV back then, I mean, who the fuck now would invite their gran over for Saturday night to watch TV? But back then, it’s what people did. Especially in the UK, colour TVs still felt pretty new and it was probably likely that your grandparents still had a tiny black and white TV from the 60s that used a dial knob to literally tune in to each channel. It’s why so much Saturday night TV back then was this variety crap. It was the light entertainment equivalent of the Fast Show. Don’t like comedians? Well, hold on, because they’ll be some random male tap dancers on in a few minutes. Don’t worry Dad, Linda Lusardi will be on in a few minutes in a short skit with Jimmy Cricket. Oh, there’s Daniel O’Donnell. Gran likes him. Such a nice boy. These days everyone can just watch whatever they want on their phones while Simon Cowell is on in the background. But the thing is, in 20-30 years time, people are going to look back on what’s on TV now and go “WTF is that crap?” Closing night of the Commonwealth Games and you’ve got UB40 without the actual lead singer or “Dexys” singing a song from literally 40 years ago while dressed a mobster clowns.
  19. Unfortunately Jack Sparrow House never actually existed https://www.yahoo.com/entertainment/fake-quibi-show-jack-sparrow-house-became-real-viral-hit-170504857.html? In saying that, a Michael Bolton hosted Jack Sparrow House does sound amazing.
  20. But pretty much every character in the original movies, apart from Hugh Jackman, was recast for X-Men Apocalypse. Tye Sheridan must have an awesome lawyer if he’s got a contract stating he has to be Cyclops for 9 years.
  21. Maybe it will be as progressive as this, which was like 22 years ago?
  22. After about 10 years or so, I think I’m done with Netflix. The nickel and dime approach they’re taking to customers is just annoying me to the point of getting rid of it. Want Ultra HD (like Disney+ gives for free), that’s £5 please. Want to share your account with an elderly relative who watches ww2 documentaries, that’s £2.99 please. The new content has been going seriously downhill the past few years, with the odd gem but it’s 80% garbage that’s on it now. The older films are slowly disappearing onto other services. I’ve kept on sticking with it because my son watches some programs and I just couldn’t be bothered switching it off. I think the real final nail in the coffin was the “surprise me” feature, which seems to purely consist of them forcing you to view a Netflix original in order to get their “watches for more than 30 seconds, so that counts as a view” metrics up, instead of actually using some sort of viewing history analysis to make me watch something I’d genuinely like, instead of “The Umbrella Academy”
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