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  1. You can haggle :p It's almost expected But yeah, I understand... I think I have about 6 or more of them, I can't justify having that many
  2. I'll sell you a a V1 tablet that's hackable for £150 instead of risking an SX Core install, you can have one for online and one for offline then, same dock and Joycon, but different tabs for different jobs.
  3. That's 5 out of 7 that we didn't lose though, I like to look for the positives, I mean, we are SECOND in the league, even with those results.
  4. charging board has arrived, here’s the current state of it.... Pulled out the box of GB spares, unfortunately the rear panel spare I had was not allowing games to boot past the Nintendo logo, so had to dismantle a working system. two wires from the battery terminals to the usb board, two from the board to a ds lite battery, just waiting for it to fully drain the battery and I’ll see if it charges up. then the construction / placing of the components inside the housing will begin
  5. Shooting stars tonight... should I bother ?
  6. Well, guess it's either that of Magaluf
  7. Surely there must be a camera angle where a lip reader can clock what's being said? You can see the part where the ref is chatting to Maguire, so hopefully it crops up in the next few days.
  8. Fuck me, that was boring... we didn't lose though, guess there is that.
  9. Because jurgen fucking whinged about pens, and ever since we've been shafted.
  10. You send it to someone, they decide how good it is out of 10, 100 or whatever arbitrary scale they use. The seal it up inside a [plastic case, with the grade viewable, then they send it back. You now have a game that won't deteriorate in quality, but can't be played without opening the case and thus ruining the grading. It's pointless really IMHO, but then, that's just the opinion of an idiot who keeps games sealed
  11. I still remember getting Persona 4's from Play.com for a fiver each, 4 of them, and thought I'd done well selling 3 ( kept one ) at £20 a pop a while later, oh how times change.
  12. If they're not needed in a urry, Aliexpress them, much, MUCH cheaper
  13. I get that with cheaper titles, but omething over £50? as I say, the buyer could have got an opened one for a good 1/3 less, guess he knew he was the first one into it and it was as new as new could be though, I'm terrible, there's literally a mountain of sealed games in the house, none of them I ever intend to open, I even went to the extent of buyinf a sealed Xenoblade 2 from the trading folder to replace my copy which I'd opened and played through, should get round to shifting the open one at some point, seeing as that was the original idea
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