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  1. Got £400 for mine a short while ago, after I slowly and carefully peeled off the EB Games £39.99 sticker on the front. To be fair, it did look like it had just come out of the shop and sat in a cupboard, never seen a better looking cardboard box, but £400 was still mental money!!
  2. Those wonky tiles are probably caused by a chip not making proper contact, I've had plenty of Pokemon GB titles that wouldn't work, but after a nice reflow, all was good. Had a Parodius on SNES the other week that was having none of it, in the end, I stripped down a John Madden '93 cart and just moved all the Parodius chips over to that one, just remember to keep the heat moving so you don't crack the board, Megadrive ones are a nightmare for that.
  3. I went booting !!!! Just my local little one, but, got a whole bunch of tatt that I am still sorting through. PS2 original, bunch of crap games - £5 360 4GB Slim console 6 games, no pad - £13 DS Lite mixed bundle of crap games, Tomodachi Life 3ds - £12 Kindle 4th Gen and an Apple Magic Mouse series 1 - £8 PS4 red controller, rattling from where the rumble motor bracket had snapped ( All fixed with super glue and the wires soldered back into place now ) plus a T80 PS3/4 wheel - £12 Aspire ES1 531 Laptop, has a row of dead pixels from top to bottom ( didn't notice this before buying :-( ) - £40 Samsung A5 - £10 ( Mum's birthday gift sorted ) Rayman Legends PS3, Resident Evil Outbreak PS2 - £3 Some Hornby controllers for trains - £5 I left a pair of Samsung Tab devices at £20 each ( Stupidly ), and some other bits n bobs, but didn't want to buy everything. It wwas a slog getting up early ahgain, but everyone was mostly sensible, saw plenty of masks. Over heard one woman talking to another, saying "Yeah, and people in masks never get out of the way, they just barge into you" So I loudly stated " Not all of us do love!" as I walked round her at a very generous 2m!!
  4. I want Shaw to score, definitely becoming one of my favourite players
  5. Thank fuck for that, I'd seen that last night vefore going to sleep and was getting worried Lingard would be on the pitch!
  6. Well, I'd be happy to take them at £10 as faulty, unless you have a soldering iron yourself and fancy heating the solder on each pin of the chips, as that would be the first port of call to trying to sort them out. If it's the connections from cart to console, then it's chips off the board and onto a donor coard, which is a mch more involved effort, and even then, it could be the ROM has bit the farm, although if you're getting them working every other go, possibly not a dead ROM.
  7. What ones you got? If they're half working, could take on as a project
  8. Just need West Ham to pile on the pressure in the second half :-)
  9. FF 13, started on release, or just after, when it came to BC on X1, I found that my save was still there, from 2012, 1st of Jan, so I fied it up on the 16th of Nov 2018, yesterday I started playing again, have put 4 hours in so far, definitely the longest I've taken to go back to a game, think I might even try to finish it now. It's still shit, but looks lovely on the X1X.
  10. And 14 starts in a row for Shaw, Hmmmm, good luck charm right there :-p
  11. I went for a walk at the start of this, I've done just shy of 15Km, and that was the least painful part, listening to this on 5Live is killing me, how have we not been better than this? :-( And to top it off, the only other person in the office building today is a fucking Norwich supporter, I'm NEVER going ...Oh... they just scored :-)
  12. The voice, the fake Poshness, the sodding clickbait video titles, but mostly, because when we had all the snow a few years back, found it just a bit crap really, whinging on about servants, asking for cash to fix his roof ( This one, it's taken far too long to find it ) It's probably quite unreasonable, but something about the character winds me up, possibly irrationally :-p
  13. Please don't., please don't give that crap channel any views, he's awful. Just presume that with CEX, unless ( and even then ) it says "Mint" that it's going to be crap, you might get a decent one now and again, butwith them, it's best to see it in person.
  14. Long answer short, yes, it could come pristine, or looking rough, ripped and missing manual, you never know with them. Are you after Chrono on the DS? If so, I could do you a tasty one ( My own copy, I have it sealed so this one can go.) £50 plus postage ;-)
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