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  1. Yeah.. thanks for that.... I didn't need one but seem to be £40 lighter now!!
  2. Or maybe it's just grabbing an entirely different audience? One that thinks the gaming stuff we like is shit? It's as good an idea as any, i mean, the people who bought GB are there to mamke money, suppose they are using the team any way they can to get tghose ad sales.
  3. Aha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha Aha ha ha ha ha ha ha haAha ha ha ha ha ha ha haAha ha ha ha ha ha ha haAha ha ha ha ha ha ha haAha ha ha ha ha ha ha haAha ha ha ha ha ha ha haAha ha ha ha ha ha ha haAha ha ha ha ha ha ha haAha ha ha ha ha ha ha haAha ha ha ha ha ha ha haAha ha ha ha ha ha ha haAha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
  4. Yes please, there are Youtuber folks who go over the numbers ( Spawnwave inperticular ) but even from this brief breakdown, you have a much better and more indepth view of things Thank you
  5. Ipswich are a big club... they're just not in the right league atm
  6. First Club Specific topic to level up to a new thread?
  7. I went to watch Simon Amstel at the Ipswich Corn Exchange, I missed a cracking match, for a "comedy" show that I would happily have rewatched the Utd vs Leicester match of last weekend!! FFS
  8. I'm a little more optimistic... 3-1
  9. You can highlight all things the same on the map with "Y" would highlighting an already found one then leave the unclaimed one highlight free perhaps?
  10. And done, 77% items, 10 hours 51 minutes.
  11. This last boss can get in the bin.... to the point where I am almost tempted to sack it off and just watch the ending on Youtube!!
  12. I'm on the final boss, besides QTE parries, I might have done 2 throughtout the entire game, just can't be dealing with them Definitely not essential for Z-57.
  13. Yep, that's what I've been doing for the last cuople of hours, just mopping up collectables
  14. Well, if you fancy letting me lose on it, I can have a "look" at it... or, I can bung a USA mobo in there ( that works ) and stick CFW on it, you'll be able to play all your games, but DLC is region specific and won't work downloaded directl from Nintendo, but if ou want to "find" the D:C you already bought and install it, that will work. Fuck CEX and their shit tam of fixers, there will be a way round getting that shell back in use
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