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  1. Not on the level of the attic finds above, but I did find pokemon Ultra Sun on 3DS today in a charity shop.. for £1.50!!
  2. Watched 5 episodes Thursday evening, got to sleep at 2am, woke at 8, stuck another 2 on, then as SOON as I'd finished work yesterday lunchtime, I got to my own office and stuck the finale on whilst sorting out post. This was entirely binge watchable, yes, it kind of just ends up being a slightly spooky Gossip Girl, but I liked that and Ortega samshed the life out of the part, along with the entire Addams Family cast, well on board for a second serie.
  3. Just done C&C for my local, been after this at a decent price for a while , ta for the heads up
  4. Yeah, cheers for that, I'm now £2.24 worse off
  5. Cool Thanks for the update, I won't be back at mine till Monday anyway, although I do wonder if it would work on the Super Mt?
  6. Just came to post this, looks pretty cool, when I go back home next week I'll load it up on the Analogue Pocket, only two SNES games on there right now, Starfox and Chronotrigger. Could probably do with it's own thread this, what with how advanced it looks compared to your standard ROM hack type thing?
  7. It’s not a huge game, 25-30 hours to clear it. it’s my favourite game ever, currently have it installed on the analogue pocket, only playing it on short notes when I’m at home, so dragging it out, it’s been a while since I finished it, probably 7 years as seem to remember it being for the 20th anniversary, can’t believe it’s approaching it’s 30th birthday soon!! she’ll love it, it’s such a charming game and fully deserves a 2DHD remake, anything else wouldn’t be cricket!
  8. Yeah, I had an entirely different SD card set up for Android, but that was ages ago, not looked at it again since, there has been some progress in the years, but I am yet to try it again, should really have another look.
  9. Check out "The Cod3r" on Youtube, he offers a repair service, and you can watch all his previous repair video's, I sent him my OG Analogue NT and that came back working lovely
  10. Is that from the latest Podcast?
  11. The home fans annoyed me though... they filled up the pub I was in after the game and thus made getting to the bar bloody impossible
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