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  1. Shit... you should have said, I bought a sealed one a while back to replace my open one, and still didn't get round to listing it You won't regret it though, I played the second game first ( well, I'd played an hour or so on the Wii and the 3DS versions ) and it was fantastic, so good I started it again in New Game +, then the DLC came out, so I bought that and stuck near to , or over 100 hours in that, it's just a fantastic world and it's probably in my top 3 of JRPG's of all time, that's good company
  2. Buckfast is mental, may have told this story before, but I'll tell it again. Back in 2004, I was working in Ibiza, we went to the Space super club for a daytime party, bought booze on the way there. Everyone else bought sensible stuff, I, being an idiot, bought a bottle of Buckie. We drank some on route, stashed them in a hedge before heading into the club, upon our departure many hours later, they had all gone... bar the bottle of Buckfast, can't be THAT popular :p
  3. To be fair, that is ALL of the City fans, what do you want them to do, buy fans as well as the league?
  4. Send me your deets, deals a deal
  5. Useless fact..... I fitted the roof lights in the training ground on Bent Lane back in the day Watched the Astro Turf ( it's not Astro, it's somethign else, but the same thing ) get laid, had a wee kick about on our lunch breaks. Also done the flood lights up there, Christ, now I think about it, that was 21 years ago !!
  6. Well, that’s my 1-1 sorted then
  7. He said last week that he was around while they needed him, nothing official per se, but he’s in the rotating chair of sorts.
  8. Erm…. Yeah… sorry not sorry about that never know, we “might” win this, Newcastle beat Leicester the other day, so uniteds 3rd team could do a job. 1-1 draw though, with De Gea making some world class saves.
  9. Expecting DDG to be in goal tbh
  10. Oh shit, yes, I totally forgot about that, thanks That means they did indeed create an exact 6 years worth of weekly content, that makes me even more happy
  11. I thought 311 was the last one? Shame, as 312 would have made it 6 years worth of episodes, which, now I think about it, is fucking mad, I still saw Beast as a new thing.... time goes too fast
  12. Wonder if Ole being his main coach has helped? Ole was a beast infront of goal, always just being where he needed to be somehow, guess he could still be having some helpful tips for the player, who is then taking that, and what he already has, and imparting it to Mason, it just gets better and better
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