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  1. They will try... but each entry into FF XIII got less and less sales. Give us what we ( die hard FF7 fans ) want, and you can roll the "it prints money" gif all day, week, month and year long. Give us what THIS sounds like ( yes, I am yet to play it, will play it and do reserve ultimate judgement until I have done, and will apologise if it turns out I've been duped / over dramatic ) and you're likely to get us for the first and possibly second title, nothing more, we're (I am ) already pissed off that it's not turn based to begin with, we played the demo, it seemed like fun, it had some serious nostalgia hits and added in a nice twist at the end of the demo, embelishing the story and adding to it, in a way that was good, but what I have read concerning the end of this remake concerns me, in a way, if this IS how they have treated the fans that have called for a remake, not a reimaging of FF7 for so many years, and it turns out fans have been duped, I will never buy another SE title again, I WILL cut my nose off to spite my face ( yes, no Bravely Default 2 on Switch ), We were told it was a remake, it's in the fucking title, 4, 5 or even 6 seperate chapters, die hard fans won't care, make the game, follow the story, bring the previous title up to modern ( and future ) standards, we love the original, it just graphically is stuck in the 90's, but please don't fck with it, don't mess with the story and don't be something different to what you told us we were getting. 5 years waiting for the first act of a remake, it's a long time for hype and expectations to build, dash those and expect retributon on your next sales target, we ALL know SE titles get dropped in price after a few weeks, and then they drop again and again....... this is getting bought at £20. I'd love nothign more than to come back into this thread in a couple of weeks and find out I have been lied to , that this was all some shit hoax, and that this is an awesome first part of a FF7 remake that stiks to the original plot, while adding details and character to the world we know and love, but after reading certain things, I am worried it won't be..... and that , ultimately, make me really sad :-( Sorry, I've had a drink tonight and this is getting to me :-(
  2. I've read the spoilers, this very much COULD be your FinalFantasy7, I've heard your TCGS show :-p As for the spoilers, it seems it's not what I thought it would be, that's OK, means I won't get it day 1, I'll wait till it's cheaper and play through it, I still want to experience Midgar in all it's current gen ( well, on a base PS4 ) glory, the demo was actually fun and had lots of nice nostalgia hits, but from the start, a lot of us were upset about them removing the turn based battle system, the supposed changes will have people in just as much of a stress I expect. But it's a game, people will enjoy it, we shouldn't stop them from doing that, hopefully I'll enjoy it myself, but that will have to wait a while, £20 is when I am biting, been burnt on FF too many times to ever pay full price again, I was in for a Day 1 FF for the first time since XII, thanks to those who mentioned the changes, I made the call to back out of it and wait, but as I say, I really do hope those who are currently playing it do enjoy it
  3. Can you replace a laser? I've got a system that was having trouble reading discs, I got one from Aliexpress a goo dfew years ago, it didn't work, so it's been sat back in it's box for maybe 4 years, could do the swap myself if you've got a source of decent lasers
  4. Yep, mine only started a few weeks back at te beginning of March, I have been to the grand sum of 3 boots so far this year, they have all been called off round here, so until we are free of the scurge that is Corona Virus, booting is back out the window, proper sad times indee, but people need to stay the fuck indoors and not spread it about, so it's for a good cause.
  5. Oh, I know, I used to have decent internet in the office, but the chaps next door moved their router too far away and now I can't get it from the Xbox :-( As for transfering the files, I didn't have any of these ones on the old machine, so they all had to be a fresh install, but, fun fact, if you set up a new machine, you can network into the old one and transfer across your games and files, which was really fucking handy, MS did a good job on that one, was pretty similar to setting up a new iPhone in that regard, I signed in, it asked if I wanted to move stuff across via the network and off it went But yes, shit internet is the bane of my existence
  6. How shit? I finally got round to sticking my mates account back on my box after upgrading to a One X, it took 3 whole fucking DAYS !!! To install the 110 GB that Gears 5, Ori Will of the Wisps and Wolfenstein II take up, that's proper shit :-(
  7. Could yiou imagine it? Half , if not 3/4 of this forum would be self isolating without even being asked !!
  8. A bit cheeky, but any chance ( if you have one, and the time ) of getting a scan of the PQ2 cover please? I've managed to pick up an unboxed one and can't find a printable sleeve for it anywhere online :-(
  9. OK, this is over 1 hour and 20 minutes, but the pianist in this is awesome, it's a whole lotta Chrono Trigger, which is currently blasting out of some lovely Celestion Ditton 44's in my office
  10. This is getting silly now.... I'm not complaining though :-p
  11. Flex from "The Unitd Stand" on Youtube is there, I'm watching the watch along :-p
  12. Thumb stick rubber gone or the actual whole thing? it's pretty easy to swap either of them over though, a few screws and 10 minutes, the stick isn't under any circuit boards so makes it a fairly simple fix. Swapping accounts on the 3DS used to mean doing a whole system transfer, think it is still the same.
  13. Stick should be less than a fiver, take your time and follow a YT tutorial, should tke around half an hour the first time, you'll need a tri wing screw driver, and be gentle with the screws, they're not the strongest and I've nearly rounded one off before, but it is definitely a job you can do yourself, if not, I believe there are a couple of chaps on here who would do it for you, or I have spare sticks and would be happy to do it for the cost of parts and postage, sod paying Nintendo prices
  14. What's wrong with it? if it's the stick, they're well easy to do yourself.
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