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  1. Oh… and it doesn’t happen in Mac?he says…. Sitting here watching a dodgy stream on a Mac
  2. OK.... no. Leaving everything else aside, Microsoft are making use ( eventually ) of that IP, Fable is being made by Playground, the people who turned Forza into Fun, Killer Instinct was brought in from the cold at the start of the X1's life, we got 3 seasons and it's very good. Battletoads came out last year... it's not very good, but they brought it out anyway, can't all be hits Perfect Dark is also in production, oh , and there was Rare Replay M$ are using the IP, it's just they have soooooo much of it now, they can get round to using more of it, but time is not a resource we can speed up or slow down, you just have to wait and see what happens .
  3. Mine was from the 360 also, it just somehow ended up on M$ servers, I'd have NEVER started it again, I am right at the 30+ hour mark, out of all the corridor stuff.
  4. At "SOME" point, I WILL finish FF XIII, I started it back up once I got the One X, and it retrieved my 7 year old save file, so yeah, it's one of the few things on the Series X I simply refuse to delete, in the event I do eventually get round to having a go. It looks awesome though, you're right 100% , it has no right looking as good as it does!!
  5. There is no entertainment here, unless you're a Brentwood fan, utterly terrible as always, worse than the last few games if anything, this is shit.
  6. Rangnick can fuck off, he plays shit ball, the team appear to not like him and AWB / Shaw are good players, Shaw especially. Fuck off Ralf, you'r einterim manager, not actual manager!
  7. Fuck yes I REALLY should get mine set up again some day, it was such an amazing game, so much better than the crap that was Guitar Hero...
  8. It'll be a 3rd person cinematic, eating into Sony's last bastion .
  9. Don't get me wrong, I'm no fan of Everton... but I wouldn't wish him on Norwich!!
  10. Ha Brilliant I only heard about it the day before, I asked at work if I could have the day off, spent time on some forums, possibly the Edge forum, trying to find like minded folk to go with, had a few hours kip and off I went. Parked up at Harold Wood first, got to the platform and THEN relaised the car park was for badge holders / season ticket holders only, so quickly dashed back, shifted the car to the Hospital car park at Romford, before heading to the train. Was such a random day out, and I made sure to take a sneaky picture of him signing it, so I have proof it is his signature and not a fake. It currently resides in a strong perspex box, with a copy of said photograph in the back.
  11. I would prefer you sold them to me, and CEX cash buying prices Did you get it signed at Virgin on Oxford street per chance? Mine is a toss up between my copy of Chrono Trigger, which although not the copy I brought back from a trip to the USA, it was the one that my old boss in an indie shop had in his collection, when I bought it off him many years late. That, or the signed by Miyamoto, NTSC copy of Lttp, at Oxford Street Virgin ( 23/2/2003 ) , I am unsure which I would let go first as both hold great sentimentality to me. Here's some pictures of the day it got signed, the one of the crowd was on MCV and in most mags, the one of the queue outside I have only just discovered, wouldn't have bothered posting it, but I'm in it, this time though with my back to the camera, in the inside crowd shot, I was apparently trying to stare down the photographer The first 10 people on the day were to be gifted a copy of LttP on GBA, I naively thought that I could get there early enough, people had camped out over night, I had no chance... but I was "close" to the front. Hung out with a bunch of nice people, we played link up MK Super Circuit in the stree, then all went for a Chinese afterwards, before I buggered off back to the tube and then my car. Thinking about it, yes, it'll be the copy of Zelda, that would be last, but ONLY just
  12. Guess that was deserved, first half was great, second was abysmal. and United did stitch villa up in the last game .
  13. Yep, some shit car advert
  14. Yeah, his position is the fucking transfer list!! oh look, donny getting 2 minutes….. wasted talent!
  15. What up with Wanbisakka? Suspended?
  16. Why is Dalit still in the fucking pitch?!?
  17. So does Fred get an assist for that one as well? maybe AWB should’ve been playing?
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