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  1. Ok, three episodes of this and I can't get over how WEIRD it is - it's like there's a gaping hole where the central character should be. Subtract her personality which gets rebooted every week and isn't hers anyway, and you're left with a show that's fundamentally about Eliza Dushku doing kung fu in short skirts. Which is fine by me, it's just a bit weird.
  2. You didn't like Sexy Beast? And what about...uh...just a sec, imdb.com, tappity-tap, searching, click-click...um...Sneakers?
  3. It is indeed. Think I'll go watch it now actually.
  4. Bourne Identity, Matt Damon?
  5. The Perfect Storm, Clooney connection?
  6. Dradus detects bald, wrinkly sex: Set condition one throughout my pants.
  7. Poor old Gaeta; that's the second time he's been in that airlock, innit? First for (supposedly) siding with the Cylons, then for siding against them. And this at the hands of a military dictator, his Cylon BFF and a president that no-one voted for.
  8. That looks like it could be one of Michel Gondry's patented arts'n'crafts special-effects, so...Be Kind Rewind?
  9. Yep. I clearly suck at judging the difficulty of pictures...
  10. Here's one to be getting on with until we reboot:
  11. Have a theme that changes every few days. Eg: - Celebration scenes - Death scenes - Budget > $100m - Main actor visible
  12. It is, damn you. Does Michael Bay have a patent on a film process or something? There's something very recognisable about his movies. Edit: Armageddon, that is
  13. Here's one for the true cinephiles:
  14. Aaaah...I'm getting my Bond movies confused. For Your Eyes Only, then? That dove-pin rings a bell.
  15. Google says that Foto Zardini Ottica is (was?) in Cortina Wikipedia says that Cortina was the location for Cliffhanger, Pink Panther, For Your Eyes Only, and Krull. It's not snowy enough to be Cliffhanger You said it's not For Your Eyes Only We've already had Pink Panther (unless you're being cheeky and doubling-up?) When you have eliminated all the alternatives then whatever remains, however unlikely, must be the truth. The answer, therefore, is Krull. Next.
  16. Another vote for The Century of the Self here. This blew me away, and still does every time I rewatch it. Has The King of Kong been mentioned? That movie's great fun, sucks you right into it's weird world.
  17. FFS, just 5 minutes of this shit has given me a proper migraine.
  18. It's a bit 80s poster art, innit? And all that rubber tubing seems like a design mistake for something that has to spend time in a bullet-rich environment.
  19. And suddenly the arrest for 'verbally assulting' his mum makes sense..."YOU FUCKING CALL THIS BREAKFAST? THIS TOAST IS BUUUUURNT! YOU'RE FUCKING DONE IN THIS KITCHEN!" So was the other guy the director of photography?
  20. Good guess, but no...is that any good, btw?
  21. Woohoo! Only slightly creepy kids:
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