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  1. Thanks for that, and the gifts that others left. My switch timed out and there's better prices available now, so I won't bother opening again unless someone wants me to. Apparently this island has turnips at 629, M9C0T.
  2. Turnips are 315 on my island this morning. Airport is open if anyone wants to sell, 7LDK7. Go right along the beach to get to Nooks Cranny. I'll mostly be AFK, but will keep an eye on the switch in case it crashes.
  3. Someone on reddit has a turnip price of 623 and is letting anyone in... Good luck getting in though.
  4. @moosegrinder I thought you’d like it. If you haven’t already, spin it and check out the back.
  5. No sign of her on my island either.
  6. I don't know why they film new dev quotes. They say the same things every season.
  7. https://www.bungie.net/7/en/Seasons/SeasonOfTheWorthy
  8. Thomas Tuchel knows how to get the best out of his players...
  9. Sloth

    Nintendo Switch

    Hopefully we'll get some info on the new Pokemon pinball game.
  10. Sloth

    Outer Wilds

    Spoilers presumably.
  11. Sloth

    Nintendo Switch

    90 day switch online membership is £2.85 at shopto. Back up to £5.85 now.
  12. Luke Smith put his best hype man on trailer duties.
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