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  1. Watched The House (2022) the other day. It’s a collection of three stop motion animated shorts of about 30 minutes long by different directors that all revolve around a house, but otherwise are only very loosely connected. The first one is the absolute stand-out, made by the guys that did the equally terrific This Magnificent Cake in the same animation style. It has a brilliantly realized disturbing atmosphere and some memorable unsettling scenes, without ever showing anything actually explicit or outright terrifying. The other parts are not too bad either, but make sure to watch the first one especially.
  2. https://www.unrealengine.com/en-US/spotlights/creating-kid-a-mnesia-an-exclusive-look-at-radiohead-s-new-virtual-exhibit Nice piece on the creation of this. Still my favorite “gaming” experience of 2021, utilizing the medium in truly new and interesting ways. This could never have been a traditional exhibition and exist as anything else than a videogame, with the way things warp and shift or the dimensional impossibilities of several spaces and how they connect. Some of the rooms are the most interesting virtual spaces I’ve ever seen.
  3. Controversial opinion: Trying is a better feel good series than Ted Lasso. The latter can get a bit too sacharine at times and Trying has two actually good seasons.
  4. I'm having a surprisingly good time with Dirt 5 after the lukewarm reaction to it, here and elsewhere. I like the vibrant visual style, the nicely designed tracks and the straightforward event structure. Some proper arcade-y fun that I probably wouldn't want to shell out 60 bucks for, but it's perfect for PS Plus.
  5. Played the first three missions of DRG with three mates yesterday and had a blast. On the one where you have to connect three pipes, instead of going all the way back from one of the sites, we just created an enormous tunnel to the machine for the pipe to go through, using that lovely visualized map on the touchpad as a guide. Love that stuff. So many cool gameplay elements and genuinely different uses of the four classes, like the gun that creates platforms or the grenade that pops up a time slowing bubble. The native PS5 game looks and runs surprisingly good too plus there’s a 120hz performance mode. Haven’t seen much of what this has to offer yet but this will stay a favorite for quite some time for sure.
  6. Ah, the game calls them Monsters, everything is fine now Weird thoughts. My point is that it’s strange to me how “it’s just a game!” somehow wouldn’t make you care at all about any morally depraved thing you do.
  7. Nah, only 1 and 3. 2, ODST and Reach didn’t.
  8. I meant to pick up Monster Hunter Rise, but after seeing some footage of a bunch of people pile up on some "monster" lying on its back I had seen enough. I'm not that familiar with the context of these games, but the idea of invading some animal's habitat and slaughtering it for some trophy or whatever doesn't interest me in the slightest. I also wouldn't want to play a game where you're encouraged to invade a perfectly innocent family's home to kill all the residents. I can't really follow the "its' just a videogame, I don't care lol" folk. Just as a very extreme example to make a point: would you use the same argument when there's something like active engagement in pedophilia involved? I guess the thing is that animals and children are the epitome of innocence for a lot of people. I can handle it when you're killing a deer or a dog in RDR2 or TLOU2, when the killing is mostly grounded in survival and there's no glorification of it.
  9. Yeah this is superb fun, watched the blu-ray three times already. Imaishi’s first feature Dead Leaves is an even wilder and better ride. Strongly recommended if you dug this.
  10. 1. Link’s Awakening 2. Halo 3. Super Mario World 4. GoldenEye 5. Ocarina of Time Not necessarily the games I’d take to a desert island, but the ones that had the most impact the first time I played them
  11. Disappointed that 2021’s best Metroid is Returnal and the best Halo of the year is Splitgate. Expected a bit more of Deathloop too, though it’s still one of my faves of the year.
  12. Game of the Year A1. KID A MNESIA EXHIBITION A2. Chicory A3. Deathloop A4. Bonfire Peaks A5. Returnal Game of the Year (premiered anywhere pre-2021) B1. Death Stranding Director’s Cut B2. Splitgate B3. Quake Biggest Disappointment of the Year Z1. Z2. Z3. Sound Design of the Year S1. KID A MNESIA EXHIBITION S2. Returnal S3. Chicory Visual Design of the Year V1. Deathloop V2. Returnal V3. Bonfire Peaks Writing of the Year W1. Psychonauts 2 W2. Deltarune W3. Deathloop Format of the Year F1. PS5 Publisher or Developer of the Year P1.
  13. 1. Sylvie Kreusch - Walk Walk 2. ABBA - Don’t Shut Me Down 3. Beach House - Once Twice Melody 4. Radiohead - If You Say the Word 5. Sufjan Stevens - Back to Oz 6. Cassandra Jenkins - Crosshairs 7. Big Thief - Time Escaping 8. Gabriels - Blame 9. Kanye West - Jesus Lord 10. Soccer Mommy - rom com 2021
  14. Trying, Defending Jacob, the first season of Morning Show, Long Way Up, The Year Earth Changed. Servant is also schlocky fun
  15. In the 3+ hours podcast thingy Jackson did hint at a blu-ray release with extra stuff.
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