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  1. Easily could have swapped more than half of that list with The Last Guardian, Hollow Knight, Mario Odyssey and MGS V, but it’s not the worst list either
  2. Had some luck with a PS5 pre-order. I'm primarily getting it for Demon's Souls and to play my backlog of PS4 games slightly enhanced. When I've played through all of that Deathloop should be out too. Also the UHD blu-ray player.
  3. I for one am looking forward to the PS5. Am I doing this wrong? Out of the launch games Demon’s Souls and Destruction All Stars look great to me and the Sackboy game seems promising too. Deathloop and Returnal are out not long after launch and look fantastic. Aside from that I have a bunch of unplayed PS4 games that I would like to play with a nice technical upgrade. I’ve been wanting a UHD blu-ray player for a while so there’s that too.
  4. Steep prices but it’s not as if anyone here will actually pay the RRP. Pretty good looking list of launch games too. Weird that this wasn’t in the presentation.
  5. Heavily compressed an full of artifacts so it looks no different from PS4, but still
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