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  1. RIP Very much a Sinclair house ours, ZX81, Spectrum, Spectrum +2, Spectrum +3 and even the wee TV, good times. Watching my bro typing in 10,000 lines of code from a magazine to then realise there was a mistake somewhere, rulers were not used for measuring lol Or breaking countless quickshot joysticks playing Daley Thompson, we made a Frankenstein joystick out of the casualties and added nails instead of plastic.
  2. Yeah, video called Grid 2 1st 20 minutes on YouTube
  3. That appears to be from Grid 2.
  4. Yeah, mine was delivered this morning. Sadly I am in work.
  5. Just noticed on mine 3 of the 4 'prongs' which are normally there have snapped at one end, don't look very strong, wonder if just from handling on my part, or someone else's part.
  6. Last I looked was still 34.99 on Currys Ebay.
  7. I'm sure you have discovered by now, same thing happened to me, had to reboot switch, was fine after that.
  8. Godspeed everyone, can't watch live but will put it on later and read the forum posts from 5pm in conjunction with stream. Always entertaining. I know you won't let me down.
  9. Yeah, was actually checking the Outlast 1 price when I noticed it.
  10. Just checking some prices in different regions, Outlast 2 is £14.90 in South Africa, it is £26.99 in UK, might be of use to someone, it is out next Tuesday.
  11. Mynintendonews saying Sumo ported Payday 2
  12. Hmmm can't really remember, think it was via ntsc-uk Charmed
  13. What's Robotron? was it out on the Spectrum? Edit: Robotron 2084? was indeed out for Spectrum, don't think I ever played it. Tis the twin stick business am struggling with. Only had one stick on the Spectrum, probably a repurposed Quickshot 2, reinforced with nails after it disintegated playing Daley Thompsons Supertest. Ah simpler times.
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