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  1. I want to beat that spider to death but I can't get close without getting blasted by magic, and his mates can fuck off. I'm posting this because that is all it usually takes for me to make a breakthrough.
  2. Three fuckers are dead. Almost got caught out by something grisly that looked like the head of a fly on a man's back but made it to the next lantern and Byrgenwerh is laid out before me. Onwards and upwards
  3. After two years off I went back to this and started again over the weekend. I've beaten CB, FG, BSB, VA and TWoH. I've made my through the forbidden woods and past some snakes so now I can get, via a couple of lifts, to three fuckers who kick the shit out of me for giggles. Am I going the right way?
  4. The one thing I am missing from the early MCU films is the one-shot DVD extras. I have only found one of them on there.
  5. I'm currently playing:- Konami Picross on Android - about 65% done Bloodborne - started a new character after stalling in the woods - beat FG, CB, BSB and VA this morning so pretty much caught back up. Demon's Souls - spurred on by @robdood's videos, I had to get the PS3 out of the attic. This is a great idea for a thread.
  6. I loaded Ori and at the same the achievements for completing the game and maxing out health both popped. I finished it in March.
  7. Just started a rewatch and in the very first episode I'm reminded that all of Andy's temp jobs involve waving around something that looks like a detector.
  8. Hah. It popped right after the last scene of the game. I'm pleased actually. I mopped up a couple of achievements and I'd forgotten how much I enjoyed the story.
  9. I loved all of The Witcher 3 until Skellige. I fucking hated the dismal, rain-soaked shit hole so much that I almost abandoned the game. I did eventually finish the story but I couldn't be bothered to continue with the DLC.
  10. Cheers. Had you played before? I've continued from an old save so I might try a new save to see if that fixes it for me.
  11. How far in did the notification pop? I've not even had that.
  12. I can not get the reward for the Oxenfree quest to unlock. I've pretty much completed the game (for the second time) so I'm pretty sure I've walked more than a mile.
  13. Adaptation - the simple tale of a man who can not translate a book to film. There may be more to it.
  14. Yeah. Most (all?) Disney animated sequels are straight-to-home cash ins, often with different actors. For instance Eddie Murphy did not return for Mulan 2. I think they use them as work experience for new animators.
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