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  1. So far I am really enjoying this with one glaring exception. Every boss fight so far has been a boring slog, with me barely doing chip-damage and spending ages just dodging attacks.
  2. No need to apologise. I am channeling the frustration I've felt since 2006 when Portugal knocked England out. I was in a hotel in Crete, surrounded by Germans who were all wearing Portugal shirts. Really, it's Phil Scolari who I hate.
  3. Well the jokes on you because they don't even know I exist.
  4. Did you specify World Cup in your generalisation?
  5. I took a break from Sonic Frontiers to play this and broadly it struck home for me. I did empathise with the dad and I enjoyed the puzzles. The only letdowns were the sluggish movement and a couple of times where the playable character froze in place. The second of those was mitigated by the very generous checkpoints. On the subject of the opening drive, I hope the studio goes on to make a topdown racer, Somerville Skidmarks. Would buy.
  6. I fucking love it and I didn't think I would ever say that about a sonic game. They've nailed the control scheme. VIsually it can be a bit shonky when you're trying to work out a route to a collectable but actually navigating the open world feels great and, importantly, it's fun. It's all I'm playing at the moment.
  7. I'm enjoying it completely unironically. It just feels fun to whizz around as Sonic.
  8. I've just done it and it was glorious apart from a couple of camera issues when I was too far away from it. This is the first Sonic game I've enjoyed since 2 on the Megadrive.
  9. It's a common bug and it usually corrects itself but if you ping the support team a message they'll correct your points totals and make sure you don't lose any streaks.
  10. Just 4 formats? The definition of frugality.
  11. Lol at the Microsoft entry.
  12. Gordon Clark in Halt and Catch Fire. Both expected and out of the blue at the same time.
  13. I enjoyed it but I do have some knowledge of the mousetrap, its history and other related stuff so some of it really landed for me. It's impossible to judge how much of a difference that would make to someone who didn't have the same information.
  14. 100% done. I think I've got 80 hours on the clock. It's amazing that 26 out of the 45 achievements are still rare.
  15. Shots do more damage, the closer you are to the target. Risk/reward innit.
  16. Assuming it's good, this will be my Christmas game this year. I've avoided all of the news and hype around it so I'll be going in cold.
  17. I still have, in order of encounter, the last bosses of Dark Souls, Demon's Souls, Bloodborne, Sekiro and Elden Ring to defeat. Dark Souls 2 and 3 were a piece of piss but for the most part I simply cannot put Fromsoft games to bed. I have accepted this mentally and thus am hollow.
  18. The second episode tapped into something buried deep in my brain and I couldn't breathe during That was the most grinning and vicarage reaction I've ever had to horror.
  19. I have gone back to this during work meetings and the story is getting better as it branches out a bit. That's carrying it at the moment as the combat is a bit better than Assassin's Creed but worse than Arkham Knight. In terms of the gear I'm collecting its hard to really know what difference it's making other than the numbers are going up. I wouldn't be surprised if this started out as saas and had some of that stripped out, leaving a pretty bare-bones upgrade mechanic.
  20. I'm a big fan of Matt's jokes being ignored.
  21. Oh I bought it but its boring as fuck so I'm not playing it. I have to admit that the 30fps hasn't bothered me but the nothing of a story and the shit combat are stopping me from going back.
  22. It says a lot about Gotham Knights that two days after release we are talking about the benefits of ray tracing rather than the game.
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