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  1. nuskool


    Look at all this Cave loveliness! Been completely out of the loop, is anyone willing to summarise what Cave ports have been released since the Xbox 360 days? (If that's not a mammoth task!)
  2. I'll have a blast on mega Man if it's still available
  3. nuskool


    Can anyone let me know the easiest/best/cheapest way to get some of the M2 stuff on PS4 (Garegga, Ketsui etc). Much appreciated.
  4. Anyone interested in buying a ticket for Sasha at the Barbican (Sat 20th May) for face value (£30)?
  5. I'll stick this in the classifieds but anyone after a ticket for Sasha's Scene Delete at the Barbican in May? PM me if so.
  6. Guess it's not quite a holy grail but always wanted one and never managed to get one.
  7. Thought it was the controller but it works fine in games. I did read about the different versions of Free Loader but it did state it in the instructions that came with it. Completely at a loss and really want to play!
  8. Finally dragged my GameCube out of the attic and was looking forward to playing F-Zero. Using the Free Loader the game loads but title screen is missing and some text was in English. Read up and it seems the game is trying to display English which wasn't complete in the Japanese version (makes sense). So I found that you can apparently sort it by force changing the region using Free Loader by pressing Z. You should be presented with 3 flags to choose from - this was even in the instructions that came with the Free Loader. For whatever reason I cannot get these flags to display. Anyone got any ideas how to resolve this? Thanks
  9. Hmm, anyone have a PS4 code they would be kind enough to let me have please?
  10. nuskool


    So this is £6 on PSN and £10 for the collector's edition. Can anyone confirm that the collector's edition is just the additional bundled games or is it the only version that is "remastered"?
  11. Anyone fancy backing this with me: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/nicepixel/the-masters-of-pixel-art Postage is expensive so it would be good to split with someone.
  12. I saw some in one of the Trader stores in Akihabara (this was in 2012 though). I can't recall which store exactly but I recall when you walk in there was the staircase was right in front of you in the middle of the store with retro type stuff upstairs (also where the XRGB was).
  13. Dreamhack London Top 8 about to start: http://www.twitch.tv/dreamhackfighters
  14. Hah, i'm a Grand Master! (clearly the requirements for this achievement are pretty low)
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