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  1. I'd convinced myself that I didn't need a console this gen because of my PC but now, quite late to the party, I'm feeling a bit "must have new shiny" (cookie monster voice). Anyone noticed any reliable retailers still offering day one units?
  2. Resolutions are a lot more forgiving on TV's I think which is why it's not always so noticable (sitting distance from screen, scalers etc). A lot of PC monitors, not so much. A game running on my 1080p native monitor looks noticably better at 1080p than if I run it at 720p.
  3. Or just blow the crap out of it as quickly as possible aye.
  4. It feels a bit fanboyish to bitch about negative reviews when you are looking forward to a game, but some of the negative comments do seem to suggest that the reviewer is maybe missing the point. In this type of game I don't really care about the plot, fetch quests or whatever. It's all about the atmosphere and that there are adequate combat mechanics. Hell if there was no plot at all and all I was doing was trying to beat my best survival time I'd be happy.
  5. I'm only really interested in the WiiU for this game (for the moment anyway). Looking at a couple of lets plays this morning just for a bit of an idea, it looks suitably grim, tense and surival horrory. Also liking the Soul's vibe of it. The zombies also seem to take no prisoners if you get surrounded. Looking forward.
  6. He is essentially a pretty cynical British bloke and the WTF videos are generally quite in-depth opinions on a particular game. I can imagine people find him pretty marmite but I've always thought he was pretty honest if not quite an knowledgable as he tries to make out. Gah sorry, how the hell did I miss that. Oh well.
  7. Yeah. Interesting though, not as negative as I was expecting.
  8. What do people think of the WTF for ths?
  9. That's a big shame. Massive fan of the original and it still spends a lot of time plugged into the cab even now. Sublime soundtrack (level 3 is ) and a great bold art style. Love the skeleton animations, a bit of a Thriller thing going on. Great detail in the backgrounds as well. It's great if you like to 1CC arcade games. Some of the levels are quite sprawling which requires some memorisation and it's tough as nails. Sometimes a bit cheap but then, it's an arcade game. Bosses are probably the only real negative. "What imprudence, you human being".
  10. Stealth is all about the level design. In this I'm finding it pretty hit and miss, unlike Thief say where the level design was generally just great. When it works well in Dishonoured it's awesome. The Sokolov mission comes to mind (3rd or 4th mission maybe) because my progress around the map felt natural, the verticality especially. I didn't feel that there were too many conveniently placed ledges, pipes and air ducts. It was pretty close to perfection and it felt very right. The High Overseer mission on the other hand I found the complete opposite. I think in a stealth game, when you are actively having to look for something conveniently placed by a designer to progress the level structure has failed. I imagine it's a tough skill for a designer and probably why so many stealth games are very hit and miss. The sleep darts are the single most stupid thing in the game. You don't have to use them but they essentially trivialise a lot of the game. Surely giving the effect of them a time limit would have helped immensley here to create a tension in their use.
  11. I think the announcements and general feel of oppression mirrors Half Life 2 closely. The combat feels more Bioshocky though.
  12. After a few hours I'm not getting the Thief comparisons. The stealth feels functional at best so far in comparison (having played Thief recently doesn't help this). It feels a lot more FPS than I was expecting and I found I had to adjust the way I thought I should be playing. It's been great though and the art design is just stunning.
  13. I haven't been able to put this down since picking it up. The "just one more game" appeal is colossal, frighteningly addictive. I'm more for the RPG/strategy side but the little bits of action do really enhance things. The only niggle I've found now that I am in the Premiership is that passing to a team-mate has become mostly pointless. I'm not sure if the keepers improve as you move up the leagues but the conversion ratio of my team-mates is really low in comparison to my team in the lower leagues. Maybe its my imagination. Marvellous game though.
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