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  1. Mmm I actually prefer this type of Magic. A friend came over last night with some Alara Reborn themes and while we could have broken out some of our own decks, I much prefered the pace of the games with the theme decks. These less well constructed decks also require better management of the resources you do get and in some ways better playing skills as you are trying to work out all of the nuances of the deck without the experience of playing it.
  2. Free roamers/sandboxers have become my favourite genre in the last couple of years. I played and loved the likes of Morrowind etc but this was mainly because they fell into the RPG catergory. I think the most important thing in these games is how you approach them. In Oblivion I treated the main quest as something that was there to dip in and out of as and when I felt like it. I left the sewer, hit the first ruin across the river, and then headed off in the general direction of the first main quest. I got there eventually but not after many an adventure and raiding of dungeons. I treated Fallout 3 in the same way. I'm not sure I would like to see have seen Fallout 3 scaled back but games like InFamous need a more convincing interior world.
  3. That works both ways though. I've seen some pretty bad, persistent and obvious trolling from 360 fanboys and in some cases it also ruins threads. It always seems to be the same suspects as well, much like the PS3 defenders.
  4. CandyBob


    Really like the looks of him. A no nonsense CB with experience of CL and also the captain of his previous club. Exactly what we needed. A DM in a similar vein and we're pretty much sorted for next season assuming no one goes.
  5. Mine was a launch day machine and I've never regretted it. For a long period of time after purchasing it the 360 was still used the most about 80-20 but I enjoyed the likes of Resistance, Motorstorm etc so it was all good. Now the time I use them is pretty even. Throw in Blu-ray and it probably tips the balance towards the PS3. The nothing to play on it comment is also pretty weird now. Maybe if you don't like FPS, strategy, puzzle, roleplaying, sports, driving then yeah, there probably isn't. The multim-formats tend to be better on 360 still but even so, the exclusive list is pretty great.
  6. Doh, of course!! Guess it would have to be linkup. Gamertag is B1gbeard
  7. Magic is all about the human opponents. The AI might be great, in which case it might be worth a stab, but I think a local multiplayer buddy at the very least would be pretty high up the list of essentials. The rules of Magic are deep and multilayered but more so than that, the tactical side of the game, especially contructing your deck, is mindblowing. If it gets to a point where we can buy sets of cards as DLC, this would be my most played game ever.
  8. R1ght3ousn355!!!!!!!! Archtype: Goldenglow Moths Bloc Party.
  9. Works great with some other cheapies like Holy Day, Angelsong and Graceful Reprieve.
  10. I can't see the Magic site from work. Are the decks a mixture of the current Standard format?
  11. Still play the card game with my kids, can't wait to get this going. I'm a bit worried about the first come first serve though. The stack is a crucial part of the game. Another +1 here for Goldenglow Moths as well. 4 life and a flying blocker for a wide open space. A great card against agro and red burn. You either chump block for 4 life or they lose momentum getting rid of it, still giving you 4 life.
  12. /Tips hat. Thanks for that. I buy these sandbox games mainly for the travelling about and experiencing the city/area and anything else is just a bonus. Shame though as it sounds like a cracking idea.
  13. I'm finding that a strange criticism of Infamous. Sure when you run into a group of enemies you get shot at, but I spend most of my time running around freely. Even when you haven't cleared a particular area it doesn't seem so bad. Seems less harsh than Crackdown to me anyway. Slightly less hyped for this but still a day one I think. I really like the idea of absorbing people's memories to further the story. Hopefully this is realised more as the game goes one.
  14. Day one release Premium (Faliure although think its fixable) Have had an Elite for a while thats going strong.
  15. Same here. The last scene playing out especially left an impression on me for a time. I found it incredibly tense. I really liked the whole thing though. There wasn't anything new going on and it stole pretty much everything from other films but overall the acting was good and it was realistically chaotic. After the huge failure of Diary of the Dead as well, this was a welcome film.
  16. Only really got around to it as well at the weekend. It was ok, nothing ground breaking but then wasn't expecting it to be. It was a bit disjointed in places, and on occasion the cutting seemed harsher than it should have been. The whole ending was pretty naff and generic as well. Most of the performances were good though and I liked Goss' Nuada a lot and Krauss was great. Funny in places with great creature design as you'd expect from del Toro. The sets and costumes were sumptuous. The BR print is lovely and was it 16:10 or almost? That suprised me.
  17. Yep. Maybe the motion can be turned on and off by holding a trigger button, much like aiming in an FPS?
  18. It feels awkward and pretty much completely shatters the illusion tbh.
  19. No shoe-horned in co-op mode announced yet?
  20. Was thinking the same thing but thought I was missing something so kept schtum.
  21. I really liked all of the fluff in Mass Effect. It was all quite samey, but I enjoyed bumbling about in the vehicle on the planets, coming across some bones here or a transmiter there. It definately gave the universe a more complete feel. Some more varied dungeon interiors though please.
  22. It is though really. Higher tech doesn't make it revolutionary or new does it.
  23. Feel a bit similar. Take out Crackdown 2 and there's not a lot else there thats blowing me away. We have no idea how Natal is going to perform yet (and its not my bag anyway) and while I'll certainly play L4D2 and Splinter Cell, I'm not falling over myself for them. Some interesting bits and bobs but not the second coming as its being touted. Not expecting much more from Sony and Nintendo mind. Maybe I'm just jaded.
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