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  1. The trailers are awful aren't they. They conjure up a muddle of the Star Wars prequels, Avatar and Prince of Persia. Based on seeing them it'll be a blu-ray rental only for me.
  2. I'm certainly not suggesting it doesn't have an impact on the figures, I don't think it will have a negative impact going forward though as your average punter is probably not aware. I wonder also how the proximity to Easter would have effected the numbers. I would expect this to do ok over Easter and maybe the multi-plex's will go easy on it for this reason.
  3. CandyBob


    There's a nagging horror scenario going around in my head that it's because RvP might be going but hopefully as suggested, it's because of the Euro's.
  4. I don't think this info is filtered down enough though to cause any follow on damage for the coming weeks. The opening weekend is purely for the studio's warped judgement on whether it's worth making another one or not (and those of us who take an interest). Going by the 20 or so friends and family that I would consider your average but fairly regular cinema goers, I don't believe any of them buy a magazine like Empire (who's information would be weeks late anyway) or download something like Kermode's podcast (who's info would also probably be fairly late). I personally think that for Carter, Disney just did not do an especially good marketing job. Look at the travesties that are the Transformer movies (imo) or something like Avatar. Based on quality they would never have done the business they did but we had the excessive costs of them and the shininess of the robots and tallness of the Na'vi rammed down our throats constantly before release. I haven't seen the same for Carter in the mainstream. As you say thought with only 21 Jump Street to contend with it should do ok this weekend.
  5. This type of film never really fails anymore though does it? Even box office disasters have gone on to make money after DVD and TV release. I thought most studio's were now in it for the long haul and box office wasn't the be all and end all. I imagine Carter will do silly amounts on DVD.
  6. I'm going to try very hard not to be!! It's not often something is so unanimously loved on the forums.
  7. CandyBob


    Yeah he does a crucial job but one that often goes unnoticed.
  8. Apart from the Fellowship mostly negative (although Glorfindel being replaced with Arwen didn't bother me so much). RotK was just plain painful watching. Martin is not quite at that level of obsession for me as Tolkien though so more slack available and all that.
  9. Haha that's more like it and probably what I needed cheers. Stop being a dick mode activated. I'll be back though if all of my hopes and dreams are shattered.
  10. Is that what I said? The praise is pretty blanket, but I'm looking at it from someone who has followed the books from the very beginning in the 90's and has a pretty fixed idea of the feel of the whole thing. Maybe I'm mistaken but a lot in the thread seem to be reading the books along with the series? Anyway yeah, really in a pickle. All my own doing no doubt. A bit like watching the LOTR films.
  11. I stood in HMV last night with the boxset in hand, a troubled look on my face for about 10mins. I imagine staff were paused over the security button until I'd put it back and slowly walked out. As a massive fan of the books I am so worried about watching this. The trailers more than anything have given me pause. Earlier in the thread someone mentioned that the series is more like Dallas than LOTR and while I'm not expecting it to be LOTR, the whole atmosphere of it just doesn't sit right with my own vision (although I understand this is more my own fault than the series probably as I've read the books a number of times). Am I worrying needlessly?
  12. CandyBob


    He's like a new signing!!
  13. What's the overall opinion of the second series? I essentially gave up after series 1. Although it was a general feeling of badness as things progressed after a great episode 1, the mad scientist section towards the end of the series pretty much ruined it and it felt like Lost with zombies. Any reason to come back if you are looking for them to stick to the comics feel and story at all?
  14. CandyBob


    If only we could play the pressing game that we produced in the Chelsea, Spurs and now Milan matches more frequently. We're essentially Barcelona albeit with RvP instead of a Messi. Is it complacency? Glad to see Tomas back to something like his old self as well. He reminded me a lot of Wilshere last night. He recieves the ball and instantly seems to gain 5-10 yards with his body movement.
  15. Cheers I'll have a look at that as well.
  16. For someone looking to trade in a load of 360 and DS gumff for one of these, where would be the best place to do it? HMV and Game are local to me and not a lot else.
  17. It's never been reputable though has it? Even when I worked in the industry back in the Spring time of gaming we never took it seriously. Maybe it's just me but more than anything else, that piece is essentially saying "Keep your chin up" along with some added corporate bollocks.
  18. See, that piece to me seems more about keeping moral up amongst the staff who might lose their jobs than anything else. I have no idea if any of the fluff talking is false but really, I wonder if we are all taking this whole thing a bit personally. People may lose their jobs. Surely that's what it's all about.
  19. It was a 16bit computer fans wet dream really. We were all young twenty somethings (I think I joined in '91) and it didn't feel like a job at all. The amount of hardware that went out the door was mind-boggling. We were all a bit biased though. We only recommended the ST over the Amiga if the customer was interested in hooking up midi keyboards (which I suppose to be fair, was it's one big advantage).
  20. At the time the Amiga came out I worked on Tottenham Court Road for the biggest Amiga/ST supplier in the UK I believe and so was smothered in Amiga goodness all week long. My whole day was talking about Amiga, selling Amiga and using Amiga. It was marvellous. At Christmas we would have to keep stacks of the things 20 high behind the counter to safisfy the massive queue we had going around the store (we sold a few ST's as well of course ). I've never experienced anything like it since and it reminded in some way of those crazy queues you'd get in Japan for hardware releases. £150 for the official 512k upgrade to play Dungeon Master? Yes please! I'll never forget those Psygnosis boxes. Working there though, you also saw some of the mistakes made. The A600 for example we always saw as an odd release (although we sold a lot) and while the 1200 was awesome, by then the market was changing (pretty much everyone else on TCR was PC only even before the 1200). The CD32 was a real disaster image wise for Commodore although I really liked it. It was sad to see the demise of the 16bit computers and in some ways it was also the death knell for the company I worked for. Brilliant times though.
  21. It does take a bit more work to get into next to the likes of Baldur's but worth it. My one from GOG keeps crashing though. All patched up but entering certain buildings causes a CTD.
  22. Not a bad game by any means but I was most disappointed with Dead Space 2.
  23. I stopped going to Game as I found the whole ritual quite embarassing.
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