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  1. Ooooooo...Knight Lore, nice. I got a Ganondorf earlier but that was all they had. Idiot for passing on Pilot Wings.
  2. I've got the 360 version on the way but in all honesty I couldn't see much, if any, difference between the two demo's. Maybe the frame-rate problems didn't manifest themselves in the demo? Either way it didn't seem anything worth spending a load of time creating a feature about. I also find the Eurogamer comparisons look nothing like the actual game I'm seeing on the PS3 side of things. Their PS3 image always seems a lot more washed out than the 360 one.
  3. What about some swappies? Put up a list of the covers we get and see if we can do some trades for the one's we want.
  4. You should be fine. I've just come back to the game after a break and there seem to be lots of players around playing alts or whatever. Shouldn't have too many problems getting groups for the harder quests etc. For money I found that going Explorer is great as you can farm and sell resources.
  5. I'm up to Radec now (didn't get time to finish it last night) and the things it does right are going to effect every other FPS I play from now on. I've been astounded by some of the things the AI have done. The aggression and relentlessness they show has been eye opening and I don't think that any other FPS matches it in this area. Its brutal and unforgiving and wants you to die quickly and doesn't care how much of a carebear you may be or how hard or unfair you think it is. Its a constant battle to survive and unlike any other game. The fight to get into the palace was probably the pinnacle of this. Every inch forward was bloody hard but not frustrating and when I died and approached it in various ways I could see what I was doing wrong. The environment also matched the AI. Its realism and how aware it made you that you were part of this huge war visually and sonically is something that future FPS's will need to emulate. The story and how it all tied together didn't get any better. When the level started where I was defending the ship I was at a complete loss. From the level previously to that one there was no continuity and it was a complete mess (or maybe I just missed it) and this was common. I started to care a bit more for my character and those around me but not nearly enough. Parts of this game are a 10 but others are a 2. Shame but its certainly a level above in some important area's.
  6. I normally don't stop moving much unless I can position my back against something. The spawn points for the mobs are pretty varied across a level and so there is a lot more getting attacked from behind/side.
  7. I'm a bit worried about the controls. I just think that the motion gubbins will put the timing out and it will end up being a bit of a mess. Here's hoping though as I love all versions of the game. Edit: Just seen the old fogey control bit. Absolutely looking forward to this now.
  8. Cheers for that. I assumed the DC one was the one to get for some reason.
  9. Some PS3 devs seem to have been saying the opposite about the power they have tapped of the console. I agree though. I'm sure the 360 hasn't been pushed to the limit.
  10. This. As a massive RPG/MMO fan its a bit like watching HP's or AP's go up steadily. My gamerscore is just an extension of that RPGness. I don't go for the crazy one's. As mentioned by someone else I'll finish a game and then go back and fill in some of the easier to moderate ones (Dead Rising is one of my fav games this gen though and so would like to unlock some of the harder ones). We need a lot more unlockables linked to achievements rather than it being just a number. I'm also not as taken with the trophies on PS3. Maybe its the whole RPG/numbers thing but it seems a bit more detached for me. I'll probably get the 360 version of Resi 5 (games being equal in other ways) just because I prefer the achievement system.
  11. Are the home conversions comparable to the arcade?
  12. I can see what he is saying. The Gears guys have said that they had pushed the 360 pretty much close to its limit whereas at the moment no one really knows how far the PS3 can go visually. It is an advantage as part of the fun is that bit of mystery for what could be possible on each machine. I don't think the Gears guys have pushed the 360 to its limit though and we will see new techniques used to push it further.
  13. Me too. I really enjoyed Resistance. It was far from perfect but nothing really stopped me from having fun with it. I guess KZ2 is the same. For me the combat and AI are making up for any other misgivings (it is a shooter afterall). As an example on the defending Visari (sp?) Square section. I moved out left and tried to force my way forward to take as much pressure away from the front as possible. 3-4 times I thought I had finally positioned myself in a sweey spot only to be pushed back by some well timed AI grenades and rushes. It was nip and tuck for ages. This is why I'm so suprised about the dull claims. These situations crop up quite often although generally on a smaller scale and the combat at times is exhilarating.
  14. Certainly its not the be all and end all and very subjective. I'm loving the gunplay also but I do like to like my character and know and care about the reasons I'm doing what I'm doing.
  15. A likeable character, better pacing and a story that you actually care about. There's not a lot wrong with the game as a whole. Its mostly the odd trick here or there that needs tidying up. It definately needs some epic Halo 3/Half Life 2 writing and acting going on though.
  16. I quite like the foibles as if she was perfect all of the time, it would probably ruin the experience more so than any inadequacies she has. I think the important thing in any single-player co-op is that the player still feels like the all conquering hero, with the odd life saving moment from your sidekick. Must be a nightmare to balance. Short of Capcom airlifting you to some Star Trek holodeck type zombie scenario upon purchase of the game, I've always suspected reviews for 5 would fall into the 6 to 7 area after Resi 4. Hoping to be pleasantly suprised though.
  17. I'm more excited for this than SFIV even. All this talk of unlockables and extra's are making me giddy. Loved the demo overall and don't have a problem with the controls. Sheva has been an absolute nightmare on occasion but its just another obstacle to overcome. The only thing I'm not so keen on is the setting. I much prefer the haunted castle/eerie laboratory setting but hey ho. Booked Friday 13th off work and what an appropriate day.
  18. Completely loving this now. Had a long session last night and had to pause occasionally just to catch a breath. The fighting is so intense. The constant sound of combat and propoganda coupled with the flashes of light, explosions and smoke keep you on edge the whole time. If I'd ever had experienced urban combat, this is how I would expect it to be. The AI amazes the further I go as well. I've even exclaimed to myself more than once that some of these guys are human controlled. The graphical style is not my favourite (I prefer the style of something like Gears) but I'm hard pushed to think of a console game that beats it on a technical level. The sheer amount of dust, smoke, gunfire, lighting, explosions etc etc in a nice crisp resolution are truly amazing. Also been suprised by the variety to the levels. A fair amount to explore off the beaten track and some differing routes. I'm pretty much ignoring the story. Its just a waste of time for reasons stated before and I've even managed to mostly shut out my team mates. I couldn't say its the best FPS I've played (I couldn't say what is tbh) but its certainly up there with them.
  19. I can't imagine whats happening when you are playing to make you feel this way. Its pretty much the polar opposite to myself. Shame as you sound as though you are trying to get on with it.
  20. Did you feel the same when fighting your way to the lightning gun thingamajig on level two? I found that level very well layed out tbh with obvious goals and structure. I can understand that criticism for the first level though.
  21. My local Homebase and B&Q seem to be having a special on beanbags at the mo. Can't vouch for the quality though.
  22. No problems here. I've adopted the RE style by lining up the target out of aim mode as much as possible and then snapping into aim to fire. If the target moves a great distance come out of aim and move with it then quickly snap back into aim. I can line up a target and snap into aim mode and hit the target very quickly 90% of the time. It did take some amount of play with demo to get used to it though.
  23. How are people's sticks holding up? Mine was a bit sticky from the off (non TE) and last night it stopped going left. Also the HP button stopped working. Will phone Madcatz later and see what the support is like.
  24. Played through the first two missions last night and as I switched it off the impression I was left with was "that was all a bit hectic". The intro was great and loading times seemed about what you'd expect. The sheer sensual onslaught of the crash landing on the beach hooked me again and from that moment on I found myself moving through some gorgeous scenery, coupled with audio splendour, mixed with some great gunplay. The lighting especially is wonderful. It takes a pretty drab colour scheme and really enhances it. As has been pointed out, the game does nothing new and its goals are very generic but the combat is far from it. The AI is at least as good as the best FPS's have to offer. I was genuinely suprised at the different types of tactics the AI used. At one point I had to cross a short bridge and I watched as a couple of AI lobbed grenades across it, waited a second or two then rushed the position while my team-mates took cover from the grenades. Cover was also used very well by the AI. On the highest difficulty allowed at the start its tough and there has been some very intense combat. Guns are guns for me and I'm not to bothered what they are as long as they let me do the job. The guns in KZ2 seem to fit that bill perfectly. The pistol is pretty pointless as has been pointed out but so far I haven't had the need to use it. After some adjustment I'm happy with character movement and aiming. There was some compensation when playing the demo, but it feels nice and weighty now and what I initially took for lag actually feels much more realistic (as someone who has tried turning around quickly holding a heavy gun its nothing like the feeling you get in most FPS's). Aiming also didn't seem problematic and shooting off Helghan helmets from a fair distance away was easy. My problem with the game is that I feel nothing for my avatar or the people around me, and in any game I like to feel some connection. My guy has no personality to speak of and even though I hated the team around me in GoW, I did like Fenix himself. They are just so shockingly cliche with the way they have been scripted and it was difficult to pick out any differences in personality. I honestly couldn't tell one from another and I didn't even care why I was there. The collectables for trophies also seemed tagged on at the end. Often you have to move through certain areas quickly and exploration can be difficult. The gunplay alone will see me good for a couple of playthroughs as I personally found it exciting and challenging but the generic and annoying story and script drag it down from being a classic. At the mo I'd give it 8/10.
  25. Whats the official line with reviews and length? How often do reviewers actually finish games? Do they determine play-throughs by skipping bits or is it a best guess based on what they have played or info from the devs for optimal play? I generally always find that it takes me a few (sometimes a fair few) hours longer to finish a game than that quoted in a review. Resi 4 kept me going for about 20hrs.
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