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  1. Same here. Expecting it Thursday I guess.
  2. Aye the ultra positive nonsense is as bad and most of it, even in this thread, comes from no real foundation. I trust journo types even less but hey ho.
  3. My expectations are quite low at the moment due to other PS3 failures like Haze but maybe thats not a bad thing. Its certainly not (or won't) affect my own enjoyment at all. I lived through the whole C64 v Speccy thing and then the Megadrive v SNES so I know how it works. I've not really looked at this side of gaming for some time though and don't get involved with forums too much and maybe thought the playing populace had evolved somewhat.
  4. Sure, but its just that some only seem either interested in the posting of or reading about the bad. I'm happy to read both but want it to be a good game as I want to play a good game.
  5. Its a shame reading this thread that people seem more interested in reading bad reviews and comments more than anything else. Its not even as though many of us have played the final game yet. Gaming is gaming and I don't understand why we seem to have these agenda's.
  6. I was touched by that golden SFII feeling of yore last night. First time online and I was learning Rufus. I mostly always played Ryu in SFII but didn't want to be one of the multitude. First game was against a Ken. I lost the first two rounds but then won the next 3 to seal the match. Once I had got over my initial shock of being online and had worked out the fellows obvious tactics then it wasn't too bad. This person disconnected and so obviously wasn't very impressed. I then played against a great chap/chapess who was Chun Li. I lost about 18 out of 20. I think some of the rounds were quite close, some I just didn't get anything from at all. I had a lot of fun and was really pleased with the couple of wins I did get (my first win was a real air punching moment). The best thing was that I could really see what I was doing wrong and where my mistakes were (that and my poor 38 year old reflexes). I'm really enjoying Rufus though and feel that he could hold his own as I get better with him. Not convinced by the stick (the non TE one). On occasion the stick kept the getting stuck in one direction. Wondering if I should get it swapped (although I guess there is fat chance of that at the moment).
  7. Eh? We are talking about racism and obviously if it was a black woman then that would not be the issue? I've never seen it so have no idea what the suggestion is. I was just pointing out that the racism angle was because it was a blond white woman. As I suggested before I would have had no issues had they not changed any of the people and any racist conatations would probably not have entered my head.
  8. Isn't the issue that its a blond white woman? It does hark back to a 20's style of thinking.
  9. I like to think I am pretty sensitive to subjects like Racism, but I'm not sure that had I played the original version of the game that created all of the who har in the first place that I would have associated Racism with it. At least not the two sections from the demo before they were changed. Whether this is because, as a gamer, you spend an awful lot of time shooting at 3D models that represent Nazi's, Japanese etc, you become desensitized to it I don't know. Different cultures are, to a lesser or greater degree, sensitive to things like this. The argument that Resi 4 portrayed Spanish in the way it did doesn't really hold up though as generally your average Spanish peasant wasn't persecuted in the same way (unless it was by their own leaders).
  10. The stupidity of the interweb never fails to amaze. After more time with the demo excitement is now quite high (defcon 3ish). Not as high as SFIV or Resiclunk Evil 5 obviously, but enough to create a warm glow that will see me home through the cutting north wind.
  11. Put this to bed last night (but didn't tuck in the blanket). Nothing to say about the end that hasn't already been said and I will go back to an earlier save from time to time for some chievements and to clear up the odd place I haven't been to. Its the game that has given me back my faith in this generation. I was giving up hope of experiencing the feelings and emotions I felt in the 80's and 90's and to a lesser extent with the previous gen or two. I was beginning to wonder if this and future generations of gaming was not going to be for me but thanks to this game there is hope.
  12. Same here. MGS 4 was my first MGS. The story is as batty as a badger but its the closest to art I think I've ever played. The style and design are breathtaking.
  13. Its that type of game. The first time I came across a couple of skeletons cuddled up in bed I kept thinking about it for hours after. I'm sure I've seen something similar in other games and not been bothered much.
  14. I'm sure this is common but I just can't finish the bloody game!!! Everytime I sit down thinking I'm going to clear up the last of the main quest I put in another 3-4 hours of whatever it is I have done for the past 60hrs+. Its like there is a part of my brain that pushes any thoughts of finishing it firmly aside as the title screen loads up. I'm still enjoying it immensly but much like an attractive ex who keeps leaving message to play with your mind, I just want to move on.
  15. Lurking is normally as far as I go as threads like this generally degenerate into nonsense but as a PC FPS fan and someone who didn't take to console FPS's that easily, I'd have to say that I've been impressed by the KZ2 demo. The initial visual and audio onslaught helps to set the scene. You know you are in a big battle. Audio especially is some of the best I've heard on a console. Visually it is also in the higher tier for console games, maybe even one of the very best. The weight to the character felt a lot more realistic to me and as a predominatly mouse FPS user, I had little problem with aiming (although I'd still have prefered a 360 pad). Set pieces seem to be a bit of a thing for a lot of people but I think I could quite happily play through the game pretty much as is with the odd variety with enemies. I like a more gritty, realistic feel (as much as games like this can be realistic) and can do without 30ft tall bugs and leviathans. When the AI is as good as it appeared to be in the demo then thats the most important thing for a good shooter. As an example. In the warehouse I went through the door to the small room at the far end and proceeded to pick off what was there. After a bit of an exchange with the last two, one was down and I had to duck behind the wall to regenerate. After a bit of a rest I poked my head out of the door again and all was quiet. Then suddenly I was getting hit from the bugger who had moved to the window. Quite impressive in comparison to a lot of the dumbness prevelant in the genre. I'm not sure if some of the comment in this thread is an example of bitter gamers not wanting something on their console to be bettered by something on another console but from the angle of a PC FPS gamer, there are some bits in this demo that betters the best that console FPS's have to offer. Whether it all holds up as a full game we'll have to see.
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