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  1. I'm onto chapter 3 now and feel a bit love/hate about the game. The story, dialogue and acting are all an improvement over the first. The story is bobbins like any fantasy RPG but it does the job. Geralts responses are better overall although sometimes his inflections still don't match the tone of the conversation or what he is trying to convey. The rest of the cast generally do a good job although on occasion some of the accents don't sound very natural. Some of the set pieces are really nice and even something as simple as making out someone is a prisoner you've captured adds to the proceedings. I didn't feel the moral choices were especially clear. Of course it doesn't appear as though there is a right choice as such but for the Flotsam one I didn't feel as though I had recieved enough information to make a decision I was happy with. It mostly came down to the fact that The skill tree seems much clearer than the first game and its easier to see exactly what effect each skill is having. I feel that I had too many skills points to use maybe and its quite easy to create an overpowered template. Maybe a skill point every other level would require you to specialise a bit more or maybe make leveling slower. You seem to go up 1 or 2 levels sometimes without realising it. I think the combat needs some work for a Witcher 3. The problem with it is that it is very easy to break as things stand. One or two of the skills have effectively trivialised the combat for me, even in the bigger boss fights. There was a point in chapter 3 I think there is an awful lot of work on balance needed but maybe something as simple as dolling out less skill points or moving some of the skills deeper into the trees would help. I think access to extra Vigor bars is too generous as well. I got to 5 pretty quickly and that's a bit too nuts. I've also barely used potions and bombs as there doesn't seem a need. The sex cards have gone but the actual sex scenes seem to have been ramped up. All a bit embarrasing really and women still seem to be mostly in the game for Geralt to flirt or sleep with. The richness of the world is its big plus point. I don't think its as detailed as Oblivion with regards to the sheer amount of things to do and play around with but what is there is absolutely lovely. The presentaion is wonderful, textures highly detailed and lighting supremely atmospheric. No expense spared here. Being in the middle of a big battle is conveyed really well and it was immense fun defending a certain point in chapter 2. Its one of those games where its a delight just to wander around looking at the environment. Overall its fun but the odd areas still need work, mainly the combat.
  2. What are the merits of Edge's comments about the second half of the game being arse? I loved the first and if its mostly like that then I'll get it at the weekend.
  3. Doh on the blocking sorry. I'm not enjoying this at the moment. I loved the first game and this looks gorgeous but the combat, argh the combat. Maybe they have purposely made the early quests difficult but for a Witcher, I feel pretty helpless when fighting more than 2. A lot of the combat ends up becoming wars of attrition with copious amounts of kiting invloved. I don't mind this as it seems to be the bane of fantasy RPG's and have a lot of experience at it but there is one quest where you lie to get someone off the hook, gullibly arrage to meet them at the specified spot only to get jumped by 5 guys. This becomes a fight of luck more than anything, hoping that you get a stun and a cut-scene kill to thin the ranks. Maybe I am missing something glaringly obvious here and all the fights have been doable with potions to be fair but fun they ain't. It didn't seem this bad in the first game. I'm still early doors though so maybe some more levels behind me will help.
  4. Is there an issue with combat and an Xbox pad in this? Geralt will often stop responding and stand there for 2-3 seconds after even the smallest exertion while I frantically try to do something. Getting block up also seems very hit and miss, especially when you really need it to work.
  5. CandyBob

    L.A Noire

    Another one for the enjoyed it warts and all gang. The amtosphere mostly did it for me. I liked the presentation and the whole feel the game created. I'm not sure if I would call it noire as such but I did feel transported to a post WW2 L.A to a certain extent. It was also mostly very well acted and I especially liked the partners I had. Once the weaknesses in the interrogation mechanic surfaced I mostly played those sections how the game wanted me to rather than using any logic or investigative skills (although it did on occasion work how I imagined it should). I enjoyed the evidence gathering part and tried to avoid walking around pressing X until the music stopped. I would remove that particular mechanic from future games. I guess the cases weren't as open as they needed to be but I want to miss some evidence to see how differently the cases can pan out. I found some of the cases quite engaging. A few of them felt like filler but I definately got something from some of them. The biggest weakness for me was the main character. I just couldn't get on with him in anyway and enjoyed playing Kelso alot more. I mostly got what I expected from the driving and shooting sections so no suprises there. It's not RDR by any stretch and I prefered Heavy Rain but I got a good 20hrs or so from it.
  6. I've recently returned to this and highly recommend the skirmishes. Its the perfect pick up and play option if you only have 30mins or so spare and want to make some progress. They also seem to be a quick alternate leveling method if you need a change from questing (especially with some rest xp). I'd recommend starting them as soon as you get to level 20 I think it is. The equipment you can purchases with the skirmish currency also seems pretty good and should see you through any levels where you are struggling for equipment. I'm hoping to keep going with this because as someone who played beta and bought the lifetime subscription from the off, burn out and a terrible case of altitis means I have never taken a character to the level cap. I've recently taken a couple of characters through the new Evendim and I'd say 30 is just about right although some of the mobs will be +2/3 levels on you. As a Warden it shouldn't be a problem. Maybe hitting Oathbarton at 30 and then Dwaling means by the time you reach the Colossus you should be 32ish. I'm pretty sure as a Hobbit there should be a quest that links you up with Adso's camp and the Old Forest when you are finished in the Shire.
  7. CandyBob

    Dragon Age 2

    I found that that was exactly what I got with DA:O. Using a rogue, it was pretty easy to scout forward and see what was up ahead. In fact you could set your party how you wanted and get one of them to pull the mobs to where you were setup. It was very Baldurs/Neverwinter in that regard. There is little option for this kind of play in DA2. A couple of area's allow it but most combat involves mobs spawning around the party. I'm not sure if this is better or not, sometimes maybe, but the instances where attackers seem to just fall out of the sky is pretty crap design. There are a couple of boss fights that are like MMO fights. I like the flow of combat better in DA2 but in some ways it has moved backwards, much like the game as a whole.
  8. CandyBob


    If nothing else, Adebayor has always been great entertainment.
  9. CandyBob


    I think that Arsene has been genuinely building up to something that he believed in and it still might happen. He has basically copied the Barcelona format from the late 90's (where they didn't win a lot for a period of time either). With the way football was and is going, maybe he felt this was the most sensible way forward for us and looking at some of the clubs around us, I find it difficult to argue against him. I have seen an improvement over last season, especially in players like Nasri, Chesney and Wilshere who will be key for us next season. Not a major one and overall maybe it seems as though we have chocked again, but to be fair, we have been drawn against the best team in Europe and the best team in England in both of the major cup competitions. The odds were stacked against us and realistically did anyone see us progressing in either competition when the draws were made? As for some of the players. If you aren't good enough you aren't good enough but I also think that confidence has something to do with it. Denilson for example has looked like a rabbit looking into car headlights a lot of the time this season. He is completely shot and maybe even knows that he is punching above his weight. You can't blame him for being picked. Arsene's real problem is that these players now are one's that have grown up with him from when they were kids. He has invested a lot of blood, sweat and probably love as well and it must be really hard to let go and just discard them. For some of them he needs to put sentiment aside now though. The real crux with the fans is that I am one of those who thinks that a top four finish is a good return in the current footballing climate as opposed to the one's demanding success. Even if we spent the money we have we still couldn't compete financially with Man City, Chelsea or even ManU really. I want us to win things and be successful but feel that it is completely unrealistic to expect or demand it. I've never seen Arsenal as a club who should demand success anyway. It comes and goes and we have our moments in the Sun but we aren't and never have been in that tier where winning and losing a title means the managers head or not. Assuming I'm talking out of my arse I don't see how booing and not attending games is going to help the club in the long run anyway. That's the sort of shit that should be reserved for Spuds and Chels.
  10. CandyBob


    I'm not in either camp, I just know that I have been lucky enough to have been a supporter through the clubs most golden period since the thirties and the club is still run by the man that brought that to us. I agree with some of the basics. We do need a refresh and a couple of players need to go. Some of the stuff I have read and heard in the last couple of days is preposterous though. I think it might happen in the summer as well. It's very rare for Arsene to drag someone off at half time (Denilson) and Clicy (although who people think we will get to replace him I don't know) is having contract talk problems. Isn't there a point that if the stadium is half empty in three years, they weren't supporters worthy of the ticket anyway?
  11. CandyBob


    Where was the lack of fight in the final? Birmingham played with 11 men in their box when we had the ball. Hell I've seen Barca struggle this season against teams set out to frustrate them. Arsenal fans are odd beasts. Arseblog sums it up well today.
  12. CandyBob


    I'm not absolutely sure what it is people want, and what the problem is. We are currently lying second, have been to a cup final and got knocked out of two cups by clubs with more money than us (joke refereeing didn't help either). We probably should have won the CC but that's the beauty of the cup I suppose. With the exception of ManU which English club wouldn't want to be in our position? Chelsea maybe although they could easily go out of the CL this week. Spurs may not even qualify for the CL again. Man City with all of their billions? Our form has clearly gone and went a few weeks ago really. The cup upsets have completely knocked the wind out of us and I think that is fair enough. For all of our apparent lack of effort on Saturday we still created enough chances to win the game comfortably. The finishing was just shite. I think it is madness that some fans want Wenger to leave and it's ironic that he is the one who has created these massive expectations in the first place. I can't imagine this obsession with success can be based on what came before him as we had won a few trophies but were hardly prolific. We won a single cup between the double winners in 71 and Graham coming in (how would the people currently going to watch the team have coped then??). The less said about the 50's and 60's the better. We have never been a Real Madrid. Everything isn't rosy. I was a bit baffled by the formation and tactics on Saturday, especially after the substitutions. Even then both Bendy and Chamakh should have scored. Our back up players have struggled and one or two probably should be moved on in the summer, but has anyone looked at the benches of the other top 6 teams lately? They are not exactly over-flowing with amaze. Maybe I've seen so much toss in the last 35 years that I count myself extremely lucky to be a supporter but things could be a lot lot worse.
  13. CandyBob

    Dragon Age 2

    I think thats a bit harsh. While I agree with a lot of what you have written and that piece/review further up pretty much sums things up, I think in some area's, like the some of the companion quests for example, it's at least at their previous standards. I personally think the combat also is an improvement. I suppose you could argue that it feels more arcadey but certainly on the PC anyway, it's still as tactical as it was. The increased fluency and speed doesn't harm it at all. Overall though it's not a worthy successor to the first game.
  14. It can't be an age thing can it? I'm sure there are many here who are a lot younger than me enjoying this game for its replay value. See I'm used to going back and revisiting stages. It was programmed into me in the 80's when I mostly played games for score or perfecting levels so I could 1CC games.
  15. They clearly haven't taken into account the replayability of the game which is odd. Maybe the mindset for gaming journalism now excludes going back to a game whethers its to improve on scores or just for the sheer hell of it. This is really what mobile gaming should be all about and something Sony could learn a thing or two from with the PSP2.
  16. Another vote for Killzone 2. I found it very aggressive and loved the pressure it put you under as they actively tried to flush you out and push forward.
  17. The Playstaion was a mixed bag for me. As you say it did feel like magic, especially with Ridge Racer as a first game. The bad was that I pre-ordered from C(complete)EX(excrement) for about £450 (I was told they would be no more than this) who then wanted almost twice that when they got the consoles in.
  18. The 3DS release over the last week got me thinking about my best ever console release day. Although I bought the current gen consoles on day 1 there was little of that anticipation that I used to feel. Maybe age has something to do with this (although the 3DS did stir those old feelings a bit). My favourite has to be the Super Famicom. I had some experience of importing with the Megadrive and got hold of a machine shortly after the Japanese release. I wouldn't call myself a fanboy of either system but I was completely caught up in the hype surrounding the Super Famicom and SMW. I was bouncing off of the walls during the weeks leading up to the release. I really loved the aesthetic of the Japanese console and because of the Megadrive I had fallen in love with the boxart which I found superior to our own. The Super Famicom was also responsible for getting me into the whole Otaku thing and Japanese culture as a whole. I think I paid about £400 for a console with SMW and Pilotwings. Unexpectedly it was the amazing visuals of Pilot Wings that wowed me at first although the supreme playability in SMW eventually had me playing it obsessively. So, what's your fondest console release memory?
  19. Definately a mixed bag. I still love playing the games from my yoof. I'm not sure my feelings towards them are purely nostalgic though as I don't think the games have ever been improved upon and replay value can be almost limitless. I mostly missed out on the N64/Gamecube/Xbox/PS2 period though and I am enjoying discovering new (to me) games. So many games regarded as classics that I completely missed.
  20. D&D: Shadows over Mystara - My favourite scrolling beater and a cart I will take to the grave with me as I attempt to 1CC with every character. Any of the Ghosts and Goblins series - My bestest series ever!!!! Probably the Ghouls and Ghosts PCB just edging out Super Ghouls and Ghosts for top spot. Dungeon Master - Played through dozens of times and the atmosphere always gets me. Simple but brilliant magic and potion system as well. Lords of Midnight - Same as above. The atmosphere is just wonderful. Games I return to often: Magician Lord, R-Type series, Gradius series, Golden Axe (and mostly any scrolling beater), Rastan, Legend of Hero Tomna, Cadash, Metal Slug series.
  21. I got to see one of these today and I'm not sure what I was expecting (blur and ghosting I suppose) but Ridge Racer was crystal clear. I was quite frankly amazed by what I was seeing. I've been very sceptical by the whole 3D thing so far with regards to films and games but the sense of depth was really something else and although you could argue that its only cosmetic (which it is), the effect on the overall experience is undeniable. I had the slider on about half as full fat for me seemed to elongate the car until it looked stretched and unnatural. The viewing angles were not as bad as I have read. I could certainly move it about a bit and still see the 3D. It seemed solidly built and the analogue stick felt nice and responsive. The demo pushed me from a maybe to a must have. The fact that it has a new Gollop game on is a lovely great big dollop of icing. Please, please, please do a version of UFO Mr G.
  22. CandyBob

    Dragon Age 2

    I finally managed to finish this last night and I don't think I've loved and loathed a game so much for ages. Everything about it has some good and bad. Not one part of it is either great or a complete faliure. The combat is smooth and flowing but by the end I was sick to death of fighting spawning packs of humans and wanted it to end. Equally the boss fights ranged from very well thought out to just rubbish battles of attrition. Packing bandits and slavers with tons of hit points seemed to be the only way they could add any challenge to some encounters which meant that much like MMO's, the enemy classes didn't conform to your class limitations. Rogues and Mages with thousands of hit points just seems plain daft. Why did enemy mages or rogues never use any crowd control to increase encounter difficulty or encourage us to incorporate resistances into our builds (I don't remember them doing so in the first to be fair though)? The only thing I ever saw a rogue do was backstab. I really enjoyed some of the companion arcs and the voice acting was generally great but the story overall was absolute guffins and the playing a mage issues should never have made it past testing. I wasn't especially impressed with the way my decisions effected the game either. It was all quite generic and mostly consisted of characters popping up 3 years later either happy or pissed off about what I had done. On the other hand sometimes it worked well with the arc. It was a shame that your most interesting opponent never made it into the final third of the game. The character RPGy stuff was a mixed bag. The skill trees were great. It was clear and easy to tell what each skill did. The item and inventory systems were not very good at all though and were a step backward. Two thirds of the armour you pick up is a waste and the other items like rings and amulets just seemed to be randomly generated rubbish a lot of the time. I loved the sarcastic tone of my female Hawke but the way the interaction wheel is implemented means you end up choosing all of the options when questioning an NPC causing the conversations to flow awkwardly. For every Bartrand quest arc there is one that sends you through a seemingly endless loop around the city or through identikit chambers. It was very enjoyable for the most part but it comes up short when comparing it to the first imo. Take the combat and writing for some of the character arcs from this and add it to Origins for DA3 please (and don't forget to put the tactical view back in).
  23. Sounds like the right thing for you at this moment in time. The thing with all this stuff is that you can come back to it in 10 years or so and get right back into it if you want. Can absolutely appreciate the tracking games down part. It does add to the fun of it all.
  24. That's interesting. Do you not have the time for games or have you just fallen out of love? I find that now I'm 40, with my youngest son now 14 and doing a lot of his own thing, my gaming time is coming back whereas for some years it was obviously very limited (although for some reason now the wife wants more of my time!!). Glad to hear you are keeping the site going though as the NES was probably the one machine I never really got into and I found your Youtube vids educational. I reckon you will catch the bug again one day though. I don't think its something that ever leaves you. Re: your last post. You seemed to amass a lot of NES games in a fairly short period of time. Do you feel this is part of the problem? When I buy a PCB at the moment I'm trying to play and ring as much use as I can out of it before I move onto another game. The temptation to pick up whatever you can when it is available can dimish the collecting side of things I feel.
  25. Too many people looking at Ebay. There is a retro game shop near me and some of the prices are frankly bizarre. Even tatty stuff or games without boxes.
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