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  1. Wow, I didn't think the 70's would contain so many tough choices. 1. Alien 2. Dawn of the Dead 3. Taxi Driver 4. All That Jazz 5. Star Wars 6. The Exorcist 7. Close Encounters of the Third Kind 8. Godfather II 9. Jaws 10. The Man Who Would Be King 11. Mean Streets 12. Five Easy Pieces 13. Papillon 14. The Taking of Pelham 123 15. Watership Down 16. Godfather 17. One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest 18. Rocky 19. The Wicker Man 20. Logan's Run
  2. Saul Zaentz still owns the movie rights (and also Tolkien Enterprises) to Lord of the Rings and Hobbit. Tolkien sold them himself in the 60's I think and Zaentz bought them way back in the 70's which is where the Bakshi film comes from. The Tolkien Estate has no official say in the films but are quite supportive.
  3. I was heavily into Feist at the time of release and absolutely loved this. I imagine it would seem very clunky now and looking back it was a stroke of genius to make the combat turn based. From what I remember it was fairly tactical and the AI wasn't half bad. I seem to remember the AI making great efforts to close in on mages, that kind of thing. Great writing for a fantasy computer game at the time as well and lots of nice little detail around the world. The Moredhel chests were very well done. Will see if I can get this running.
  4. +1 for the Shane stuff. I wasn't keen at first but as it has gone on I'm finding his brooding presence quite edgy, wondering what he is going to do next. Other than the first episode the best thing about the series. Dale's permanent shocked look is also quite something.
  5. 1. Aliens 2. The Thing 3. Empire Strikes Back 4. Back to the Future 5. Blade Runner 6. My Neighbour Totoro 7. Cinema Paradiso 8. Raiders of the Lost Ark 9. Terminator 10. Withnail and I 11. Akira 12. Ferris Buellers Day Off 13. Brazil 14. Paris Texas 15. Ghostbusters 16. Big Trouble in Little China 17. Raging Bull 18. Evil Dead 19. Videodrome 20. Planes, Trains and Automobiles
  6. McCoy as Radagast tickles my fancy.
  7. Scoop out the middle and the middle bit was pretty great. The beginning 2 levels almost put me off and the final 2-3 levels became really laborious. Even the good bits for the most part were pretty generic though. Enjoyable but not close to any top 5 game of the year list for me.
  8. Absolutely. If you are going to remove yourself from the source at least make it worth it. I haven't seen Ep 6 yet but the whole
  9. I have an i5 with a 580gtx. Actually only just realised its not out on PC yet sorry. 360 version it is then.
  10. Just about to finish the very enjoyable ACII and was wondering if I would lose out on anything if I switched to the PC version of this (last two games I have played on the 360)? It doesn't appear to carry anything across from your save games from what I can tell. Also, PC version. Any negatives from the console version? I'm assuming I can use a 360 pad.
  11. I haven't been very enamoured with this current generation of games, graphics aside the games that have wowed me I could count on one hand, but Fallout 3 and now this stand out as real highlights. It's the scope and atmosphere more than anything else that kept me playing both games for 100+ hrs. Sometimes I would spend hours and hours not even following the main quest. The world is so vast, rich and detailed that you can get 3-4 games worth of time and content just seeing what is over the next hill or around the next corner. It has it's quirks, although I would say I was very lucky as I had minimal problems on Fallout 3 on 360 and apart from two freezes and the odd mob stuck in the ground, the PC version of NV has run like a dream. Loading times between area's have ranged from almost instant to 5-8 seconds at the worst, I don't remember a quest bugging out on me and the combat was fine if a bit unwieldy. The companion AI is the only thing that stood out as a real issue for me. Deserves to be on the pedestal next to Morrowind.
  12. Ep.3 was a good bit better than 2. Some ok characterisation and a bit of insight into the hierachy of the group. It's completely missed the tone of the comics though. Its far too Losty for me. There are just too many unnecessary stereotypes there as filler and they seem to bring nothing to the group. The main group are getting better though. Felt a bit for Shane and I was in the "fuck yeah" camp when he beat upon the wife beater and Lincoln is great as Rick. Overall very enjoyable but it needs to lose the glammy, trying to please everyone theme and get a bit bleaker. Killing off a few on the periphery would be a good start.
  13. I've loaded up an old save now to do the Caesar missions, but the NCR storyline will require an even older save to resolve. I don't know if I can be arsed - the sheer number of bugs (and more annoyingly, the game freezing and requiring a re-boot of the 360) are making it a chore. It's some testament to the enjoyable aspects that I've put in the best part of 70 hours play so far. Has anyone else found the clipping bug in the railway tunnel near Nellis Airbase? There's a series of maintenance rooms halfway down the tunnel, but if you try to enter, you clip through the floor and under the gameworld before getting put back to the tunnel entrance. Amusingly, any ghouls you lure into the same area suffer the same fate (except they respawn wherever they originally came from) . Are these the kind of things the upcoming console patch will iron out for you? Apart from a couple of creatures stuck in the floor and last night a crash, the PC version has been a joy for me.
  14. Yes lovely, maybe the nicest looking MMO. I've returned after a few months out and with the F2P coming into effect, there are a lot more n00bie Champions and Hunter's around with names like Blayde and Leegoles. Awesome.
  15. I go into open ended RPG's expecting bugs, and then pretty much dismiss them when they occur. Why? Don't really know. You could create a bug list for Oblivion that would have stretched around the world twice, but none of them affected my enjoyment. It's like your brain says, that's a given. Assuming you have no problem with the Infinity engine then BG2 is a must although imo, Torment has the better writing and is probably the better game if you've never played it.
  16. There's a bit more to it than that. If you have no interest in stroking a tiger or playing Wii Sports and party game clones, there's nothing for you. The lack of any games far out-weighs any head tracking or space issues. As soon as it gets some games, I'll be all over it.
  17. I think it was Ep 2 that the comments were directed at? I haven't seen Ep 3 yet as I am following it on FX.
  18. There was a lot of good in the first episode though so still really hopeful.
  19. That bit was awesome absolutely, its the humans made up as zombies generally that I have a problem with. It's not deal breaking at all though, they just feel zombie convention. They don't feel menacing enough maybe is what I'm trying to get at. I am a traditionalist when it comes to zombies as well, zombies shouldn't sprint.
  20. It wasn't just the makeup. Maybe the actors were trying to hard but really, I just wanted to laugh in the same way people dressed up as zombies at conventions make me laugh.
  21. Coming from a 9/10 first episode the second was a 5. It really was a mess. Something else I noticed. It's harsh comparing this to the likes of Dawn of the Dead but when they go for a closeup on a zombie, it all looks so fake in comparison to Romero's films. This is one area where I thought that technology would improve things and I'm not sure if its just the make-up, the direction, or the actors. It doesn't work anywhere near as well. I think its in danger of losing its way and I'm not looking forward to the whole group getting together. The comics are nothing fancy in the writing of course, but its strong points are its atmosphere and tone and it lost a lot of that in episode 2. Rick is carrying the whole thing at the moment.
  22. I've only seen the first episode so far as I'm following it on TV but loved it. The first episode anyway captured the tone of the comics brilliantly. I'm a bit worried about some of the other characters. Shane seems even more of a dick in this than the comics for example. I was going to read the comics again, following them along with the series, but if you guys are saying it deviates then I'll leave it.
  23. Fallout: New Vegas. I have so much I want to catch up on that I'm rushing it a bit and its a game that deserves to be savoured. After that I'll start Football Manager 2011 and catch up on some of the PC RPG's I've neglected. Probably Witcher first as I picked up the ultimate version for a few sheckles. I want to play through Dragon Age again, PC version this time.
  24. PC + TV + 360 pad here I reckon.
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