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  1. Some screens for this here: http://forums.overclockers.co.uk/showthread.php?t=17732710&page=367
  2. PS1 was a really stupid "must have it at any cost" moment. I paid for a Japanese import at CEX (yeah I know, I was naive to their ways at the time)to the tune of £450. When they got their stock I trundled along to pick it up all happy dappy as you would be to find that the price had changed to about £800. I could either have a refund or pay the extra like so many other mugs waiting in line were prepared to do. I paid. I did love that console though. Neo Geo is my biggest regret for not keeping. Had some really lovely AES carts that are amazingly worth more (much more in some cases) than I paid for them at the time.
  3. CandyBob


    I'd only heard about this website through here recently and what a wonderful trip down memory lane it is. As someone who worked at VIE/Interplay it's great to see the classic RPG's getting all the love. Where to start though. Maybe BG and work up from there.
  4. He is pretty anonymous in comparison to Bombur so maybe he won't get much screen time.
  5. I used to think much the same but things like Micro Men and Nightwatching suggest there may be something. Primarily though it is just the look I am going for at the moment. He looks like he would make a good Hobbit visually, hopefully there will be more to him. Actually I think if he was an unknown Martin Freeman, being Martin Freeman playing Bilbo, he would be great. He has that about him. It's just that now he is so ingrained as being Tim, and doing some pretty dodgy stuff since the Office.
  6. What sort of levels were people going through Vault 34 at? I trundled in at lvl 12 as things had been pretty straightforward combat wise up until then. While I made it to the
  7. Didn't the Sun rise behind Gandalf which momentarily blinded the Orcs, causing them to raise their spears? Even so I see your point.
  8. The CG was very good when used well. It's difficult to criticise Gollum for example for the time. Although you can see the seams a bit in Moria it was still very well done. I have nothing against CG, as long as it used correctly. I was fit to bursting before seeing Fellowship and it won't be any different here regardless of how I felt about ROTK. Martin Freeman has the potential to be a fantastic bit of casting. What do we think will be cut? Seeing as it is two films I hope we get mostly everything. Spiders and Trolls obviously and hopefully Beorn and Bard to. I'd like to see a slow build up at the start to get to know all of the dwarves and it will be good to see McKellan back as Gandalf the Grey. Didn't like his Gandalf the White although I guess GTW was always supposed to be more distant.
  9. Whatever it was going to be, Fallout: NV will jump in front of it assuming it doesn't go completely pear shaped.
  10. Its a question of tone rather than any action that occured. In comparison to Fellowship, and even to some extent Two Towers, the tone of the film was jazzed up in an alarming manner. It seemed as though CG, which wasn't especially effective even for the time, took presidence over tone. Things that immediately spring to mind are the handling of the Men of Dunharrow and Legolas' exploits with the Oliphants. The Battle of Helms Deep had the dwarf tossing humour to it, which I didn't like, but could see that the siege of Helms Deep needed some light relief for anyone not familiar with it. I think Fellowship was almost spot on, after getting over the Arwen at the Ford change and the exclusion of Bombadil. The Lorien section was probably the only weak point. TTT is regarding as the most slow paced of the books but again, it was kept pretty much in tone with the book. Seeing ROTK after the first two was almost Disneyesque.
  11. House of the Devil. 2009 film but with a good 80's thing going on. Really recommended.
  12. Hopefully the budget doesn't mean we are looking at more of a ROTK and less of a FOTR.
  13. Only about 4 hours in and the game gets off at a real pace compared to Fallout 3. The character creation section is better and it doesn't take long at all to get caught up in the life of the good people of Goodpsrings. Easy Pete eh? What a guy. Love him. So far there has been a perfect balance between focus and sandbox. I reached Primm after exploring and finishing up everything I could find to do in Goodsprings and I have always felt that I can make easy progress in the main storyline if I want, but have plenty to do outside of it should I just want to explore the landscape. The quest design, placement and logic feel akin to an MMO, whereas in Fallout 3, Morrowind and Oblivion it felt more haphazard. One thing I've noticed. Vats seems very unreliable at the moment for scoring a hit. Even in the 50-60% mark I'm still much better off not using it. Maybe I am too used to silly hit %'s towards the end of Fallout 3. No technical problems so far on my Steam version apart from a Giant Rad (thankfully) getting caught up on the scenery. If things continue as they are this is easily, by miles, my GOTY.
  14. It gets much much better from now on up until about chapter 10. I felt exactly the same at the end of chapter 2 but after that the quality, especially the level design, really goes into over-drive. In fact if you could take those 8 chapters in the middle and that's the game, it would be a 9 for me. As it is the quality of the opening levels and the finals chapters pull it down to a 7/8.
  15. I found the first years easier than some other periods. The biggest problem I found was when they became more aware of what was going on on the screen. Certain types of games started to get much less play time. Even now that my youngest is 13 I don't play anything excessively mature in front of him. Having your own TV for gaming helps of course. As others have said though about online gaming. My MMO playing pretty much died in those early years. He beats me the majority of time on FIFA now though .
  16. I was impressed with this back in the day but like a lot of Amiga/ST arcade games, it felt quite stiff and stilted. Bit of a strange pastel colour palette was used if memory serves.
  17. For the first time in an age and a half, I am getting a multi-format game on the PC, and this is it. Slightly nervous as Fallout 3 was one of the very (very) few games this gen that really did it for me, and coming from the comfy world of console gaming, even for someone pretty PC savy, is a bit of a worry as this is the one game where everything needs to run smoothly. /crosseseverything
  18. I really feel like I am just plodding along at the moment as I start chapter 3. It doesn't do anything wrong especially (apart from the camera on occasion). Combat is fine but no Bayonetta (its not even GoW 3 really). Platforming and exploration are ok but no UC2 (which wasn't perfect itself). It looks really nice but still falls short of UC2 and GoW3. It's terribly linear as well. It's all just ok so far. The most frustrating thing at the moment as a big fan is that I am just not feeling the Castlevania joy when I really desperately want to. It's too generic. Long way to go yet though so hoping for some inspiration somewhere. I can't help laughing at Patrick Stewart. The inflections in his voice don't seem to match the tone of the text at all quite often.
  19. I'll look out for a modded or NTSC Xbox thanks.
  20. Thanks for that. I'm assuming the version on Live has the same problems?
  21. Slightly OT but I'm assuming the best way to play CE is on a 60hz Xbox?
  22. Watching that Child of Eden demo, the one thing that comletely passes me by is why would you want to play a game with that control method? Is it physically realistic. What if the game last 20-30mins. Maybe its designed for very short bursts. I'm an early technology adopter but just don't see the appeal at all. It's new tech for new tech's sake. It seems to bring nothing to games apart from a sore shoulder.
  23. CandyBob

    FIFA 11

    Is it as bad as the two player game? Playing against Chelsea it was almost futile to try and play a passing/slow build up game and I ended up looking for a longer pass direct to a forward.
  24. CandyBob

    FIFA 11

    It only happens when its not a pass generally in front of the player but often, for me so far anyway, the player ends up on his arse. Sometimes this is due to playing a pass at a ridiculous angle to the player, but its also left me wide eyed thinking to myself that I could have played the same pass myself with less fuss. This is one of the beefs I've had with FIFA for the last 4-5 games. While its nice to have realistic or lots of frames of animation, I think at some points it hinders gameplay.
  25. CandyBob

    FIFA 11

    We went back to WC after for a bit and it felt quite different to us. 2011 feels slower but only when you take control of the ball. I found I had less time on the ball as the opposition still pressured far too much. WC for me was a slight improvement over 2010 but this seems more than just another slight step on to WC.
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