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  1. I'm so there! Some of my fondest online memories
  2. Still on Act I but making progress
  3. Fuuuck! Had a feeling that might happen. Oh well only a few hours wasted. Cheers for the heads up, should speed progress up a bit.
  4. I'm still messing around in Act I.. lets just say progress is slow. I've sadly fallen into the Far Cry trap of having to remove the fog from every section of the map before moving on. ..oh and photomode certainly isn't helping either:
  5. Last game to feel this therapeutic to play has to be Breath of the Wild. Like others I just find myself totally ignoring the questline and embarking on my own Samurai pilgrimage across the continent, going wherever the wind (or Birds & Foxes) takes me! It's an utter joy.
  6. I think the Thunder option in photomode is actually bugged as it never seems to work. (Unless you are stupidly quick at pausing the environment when switching between modes). This particular shot was definitely a case of being in the right place at the right time. Without giving much away there is part of a sidequest where Thunder/Lightning happens more frequently.
  7. My favourite shot taken so far The photo mode continues to impress.
  8. I bloody love this hat! Sorry if I should be posting these in a different thread
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