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  1. A bit of Forza Horizon 5 in keeping with the current weather
  2. Just finished this and absolutely adored it. Gameplay definitely took second place to the narrative but it was no worse off for it. Biggest gaming surprise of 2021 by a mile. Obviously loved the photomode too
  3. Bouncing between Forza and GotG at the moment
  4. A club invite would be lovely (YewOne).. I've been away for too long
  5. Just popped by to pimp the fact that this also has a pretty awesome Photo Mode I also get the initial concerns over the rubber banding but once you get use to it its not as unfair as it first seems. I actually relish the challenge the difficulty levels offers and atleast its not a racer where you can be ahead at the first turn and remain there for the duration of the race. For me its the most fun I've had with a racer in a long time.
  6. Apologies in advance for a bit of a self-indulgent post but just wanted to pop by and say a big thanks to Rllmuk. I was given some great news on Friday when I was inducted into the Codemasters Racing Ahead program as one of their first Virtual Photography Content Creators. The news is still sinking in but I genuinely don't think this would have happened if it weren't for all of the support and encouragement the Rllmuk community showed for my posts when I first started dabbling in Virtual Photography a number of years ago, which in turn led to amazing opportunities being involved with the likes of Driveclub and Onrush, thanks to Rushy! Realise I don't post much here any more (with most of my VP activity now taking place on Twitter) but just wanted to say thanks to all, and will keep you posted on where this latest VP journey takes me.
  7. It's from Bound. Has one of the most versatile photomodes out there. You can create some amazing effects with it. Not posted on here in a while, but recently finished the first Mass Effect and took advantage of the photomode in the Legendary Edition.
  8. U-1

    Oculus Quest

    Think its to do with it not running properly in VR if you have the PC window maximised. Ive got it running on Quest 2 via Virtual Desktop fine after a bit of initial faffing about. You also need to ensure that the "Keep Audio In Background" option is enabled in the in-game Audio settings.
  9. I get easily overwhelmed when faced with new maps. So I've found best approach for me is to turn off mini map, then play though one of the set Mission Stories. This gives a good initial feel for each map ready for a deeper dive later on. I also just play through each map once in set order first, to experience the story and then revisit places afterwards. Completed Dubai and Dartmoor last night. Dartmoor is an instant classic and already one of my favourites of the series.
  10. Sound advice.. Turns out I was actually lvl 40, so spent last night levelling up. Completed the Arena, got most of my team up to lvl 46 (with job levels somewhere in the 20's).. then got sidetracked as usual into Cinema & Hostess Club visits to try and max out the Bond levels of remaining party members. The main plus point, even though I spent the night essentially grinding I still had fun doing it, which is rare for an RPG. Will see how the boss fight goes this evening.
  11. This post has taken the wind out my sails a bit.. Unlocked the Arena last night, got to floor 12 without any issues so figured I was good to take on Omi HQ this evening. Seeing as Im only lvl 30'ish I may need to rethink my plans! As others have said though the game is such a joy to play and I'm absolutely loving all of the new characters. Totally addicted.
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