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  1. I've got another version of that Marvel Super Heroes vs Street Fighter one with a white border. Didn't plan well enough ahead re: file size limit. Ho hum.
  2. Ladz. Had a clearout, anyone want these? Yours for the price of p&p, or pick up from norf London if you're near.
  3. Yeah I'm still talking to people about it. Will DM you.
  4. I'll DM you, see what you think.
  5. I need someone to design a font for me, based on a brief that I've already got prepped. I then need the font to be turned into a typeface, that I can... type, with. First question - does anyone know how much this kind of thing should cost me to commission? I have a rough idea how much someone was going to charge me to design it, but the tech stuff, the turning it into a typeface bit - I have no idea. Second question - anyone in here do this type of thing?
  6. Gah, how embarrassing. That'll be the Hitchin train I get every day seeping in to my stupid brain. Thanks for the tips.
  7. I want to read something by him, but I don't know where to start. Any suggestions?
  8. On the latest Richard Herring podcast he interviews Robert Popper, who worked on a couple of South Park episodes a while back. He talks about the experience of writing it (or not, as it turns out), I thought it was really interesting.
  9. Finished it today. Just didn't do it for me. But then, I have always struggled a little with cyberpunk, if I'm honest. I'll still give her short stories a go. Probably should have started there really, always sensible with a new author.
  10. Anybody read Synners by Pat Cadigan? First book in a long time that I've really struggled with, to the point where I considered dropping it a couple of times (something I never do). I'm 50 pages from the end now and it's picked up, slightly, but overall I haven't really been able to follow what's been happening. A 450-page book that feels like it could be condensed down to half that. It's a sf masterwork, and it won the Clarke Award in 1992. I'm baffled. Maybe it just wasn't for me.
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