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  1. I did really like the fact you can customise the different aspects of the difficulty. You can make it hard without it being too punishing.
  2. I recently played through Sniper Elite 4 and really enjoyed it also. I started off on normal but by the end I had Ballistics on hard and everything else on the hardest level. Everything apart from the damage you take because even at normal those Nazi's don't mess about. By the end of the game, as I was much better than at the start, I found it was good that the enemies tried to hunt you down as it gave you further options to try and lure them into traps. Like others have said it's a game I would never have tried only for gamepass.
  3. I finished this recently. Wouldn’t be the type of game I usually go for but I thought it had a very good story. Played it on Jedi Knight which was challenging enough for me. Never really loved the combat but I did enjoy my play through. The opening is amazing. First planet is a bit dud but the later levels are really good.
  4. I was fairly shite at it as well but loved my play through. I ended up playing with Cherry and found her running knee attack very useful to spam when fighting tough enemies. Helps to keep the combos going and can pass through enemy attacks a lot of the time. Still had to opt for max lives on the final level. Just managed to hang on at the very end with the tiniest amount of health left.
  5. I would like more games but am still delighted with the Series X. I am playing a lot more even though I still have very limited time. The boot up time and quick resume has revolutionised my gaming. Any wee 20 minute period can be a couple of FH4 races or a level of streets of rage 4.
  6. When thinking about Cyberpunk and the critiques I have I realised a lot of them could also have applied to the Witcher 3. I don’t know though. In the Witcher it felt like your story was a narrative thread in that of a wide world story. Yes the world had the same limitations with npc’s etc but they were all smaller areas. In this it seems there is the same complex narrative but with a massive open world bolted on. I find that really jarring. I accept my own expectations probably play a significant part in my disappointment. I played the Witcher 3 years ago however and wa
  7. I’ve spent the last two days off giving Cyberpunk a go and tbh, I think I’m going to abandon it until it’s patched, significantly. Depending on what games are out by then I may never go back to it which is a huge disappointment. I’m not that far into it, maybe haven’t given it enough of a chance, but I have found it be overwhelming and boring. The menu’s are horrendous. The loot, crafting systems are unnecessarily complicated and the perks seem pointlessly massive imo. The driving is terrible. Having to drive any distance feels like a chore. Combat is fine but nothing
  8. I second this recommendation. I recently picked it up in the sale for £2 or so. I'm not that far into it but the combat system does seem like something fresh.
  9. I started watching Stranger last night. It seems good but I found the subtitles hard to follow because they cycle through them so quickly. I’ve never had this probably watching subtitles shows before. Did any of you guys experience this?
  10. Played a bit of Streets of rage 4 then played Forza Horizon 4 for the first time. Man that intro.
  11. It has arrived. He's not overly fussed.
  12. That’s the same one as me and the person on the phone tried to use COVID as a reason for the delay.
  13. I got chatting with a manager, who was also trying to fob me off. I was in mid reply and the wanker ended the chat. Currently speaking to someone on the phone and getting the complaints email myself.
  14. Aye I’m waiting for a manager now as the guy I was speaking to has clearly been instructed to say sorry and hope that will be fine
  15. Sorry to spam the thread. On a chat to amazon. They are very sorry but can’t deliver until Saturday. Sorry and hope that I don’t mind to much. Well I’m sorry but I do mind and I mind a whole lot.
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