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  1. Best Trailer 2020 I absolutely love game trailers! Ever since I could utilise Quicktime to capture early glimpses of Jet Set Radio, or peer into the world of Japanese advertising through Chu Chu Rocket (ZUBABABABA-WAA!), I've found that moving images on a screen do more to fulfil my anticipation for a new release than anything else. The recent trend with trailers tends to be the big surprise (Final Fantasy VII Remake which is a massive tease throughout and an absolute masterclass in building anticipation through some excellent dialogue and visual choices - "the reunion at hand, it
  2. Mario 3D All-Stars should've been banned from this years voting. Literally nothing new. I know Mario is 35 and probably doesn't care about presents anymore but at least pretend that you care Nintendo!
  3. It would have been funny to see you make that first sentence work though!
  4. New Kirby event is currently live. Also saw that this morning that Tetris champion Jonas Neubauer has suddenly passed away, aged 38
  5. I think it the party members make a massive difference - Erik is not the best - I think by the time you reach Hotto and definitely by Gallopolis you should be fully engaged in the narrative and gameplay.
  6. I agree - exclusive launch titles on the Xbox Series are "not too great". Mathematically only a value above zero could ever be considered too great, although when it comes to exclusive content I think an infinite number of games would still not be seen as a negative proposition. Unless crunch was involved.
  7. For those now avoiding Ubisoft but wanting something Assassin's Creed-like I hear that Ghosts of Sushi is a good alternative. I'm sure I saw that Ubisoft recent releases sold really well though, which is probably another thing to add to the disappointment list.
  8. Looks like a new thing! Definitely a bit more pastel and colourful than the usual washed out / baked in sunshine look.
  9. I've just watched this (been away from the thread to avoid spoilers but seen upto the boss now) and a lot of these don't seem that unfair to me. Hedgehogs jumping at the end of the roll is a thing that is learnable, and I wouldn't enter any shop with an enemy lurking nearby. The worst design I think are the mantraps which are incredibly hard to spot visually, and the unavoidable deaths from enter/exiting doorways (although it feels like the invincibility on overlaps has been made more generous recently which helps, slightly)
  10. I had a death the other night that I cannot figure out - on the dice game it said I had cheated and got killed - I have no idea what the game means by this. I also throw the die against the forcefield as throwing it in other ways has always been too dangerous.
  11. I've always thought Cyberpunk is a not asthetically pleasing looking game - it's just too busy looking, overly detailed which is distracting to look at - it reminds me a lot of Rachet and Clank in this regard. The world does look structurally pleasing though, in the same way as Dark Souls does. Also Streets of Rage was robbed, again!
  12. Broadly agree but I think there are a few reasons and complexity to this. There are albums on this list I have heard that I haven't included on a top 10, but may have included on a top 20/30. Having so few choices means tough choices on the latter half, so unless I am incredibly passionate about it, if it's between a critical consensus pick and something else I would probably choose the latter - it's just more interesting to do so and feels more valuable for others. Not only is there is too much music but accessibility to new music is so much easier than ever before. I can quite ea
  13. Breath of the Wild 2 isn't released No More Heroes 3 isn't released Bayonetta 3 isn't released Horizon Kayne West isn't released Halo Infinite isn't released Splatoon 3 is announced Shinobi game is announced Resident Evil 8 is released Ryū ga Gotoku Ishin! is finally announced and released in English as something like Yakuza: Way of the Samurai Cyberpunk will get DLC CD Projekt Red won't fix their game to any acceptable standard on PS4/XB1 Sony buy Bluepoint Games Nintendo buy Platinum Games A Switch without
  14. Sion Sono's Love Exposure which I bought knowing little other than it was a 4 hour epic (I had the time this year for these sorts of commitments) and Yura Yura Teikoku was on the soundtrack. It is one of the most fantastically exciting, humourous, and exhausting films I've ever seen and worth every second. Absolutely worthwhile going in knowing as little as possible. Prominent use of Bolero throughout to the point that this is now completely intertwined: https://youtu.be/mhhkGyJ092E
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