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  1. Happy Ninth Birthday! It's been another good year for PS4. I've been digging into my backlog, and cross-gen has been kind to the PS4. But this year my playtime has really belonged to one impressive, peerless game, and so only fitting to dedicate the whole video to it: Playlist of all previous years videos
  2. It always starts in the middle, but on some maps the end point of the Tower can be quite a distance from base. One small tip on Tower Control is that there is a line on the ground that it follows - this changes colour depending on team that is controlling the tower. Also more than one player on the tower doesn't make it move any faster but it does speed up the checkpoints.
  3. Every pack has had the same number from tour - two cities and one new track. Also, if it wasn't obvious by now, this MK8 Booster Course Pass wouldn't exist without Tour.
  4. Good mix. From MKT experience, London Loop is pretty terrible. Berlin Byways and Merry Mountain are solid but nothing too special. Boo Lake remake is pretty nice, although I have everything crossed Riverside Park also makes it into a future pack.
  5. Listening to that clip above, Sonic Rock music is not good music, and not good Sonic music either. (suspect that isn't indicative of the full soundtrack but everything I have heard is either this or atmospheric movie soundtrack nonsense. I'll form a better opinion once I've played it etc.)
  6. As Tri Stringer my most feared opponents are: 1 - Any backliner (sniper, stringer, turrets) - it's surprising how many games I go into without any of these 2 - Sloshers 3 - Zipcaster special
  7. Good match! I can see that you like to flank a lot, and get behind enemy lines. I wouldn't have thought your two swim was necessary looking at that - there is a 2nd half clam score that you could argue wouldn't have happened without the speed, but you were following close in your curling bomb already. I'm regularly trading back video replays with a friend - I really love and appreciate the feature and find it useful to figure out where I am going wrong, and useful to see how other weapons play and perceive your plays. I main Tri-Stringer and a recent win I was happy with below: Rainmaker on Sturgeon Shipyard RP28-X8EW-1Y7W-27JW
  8. It's under £2! It's always worth supporting conversions that have some effort put into them, if it's a favourite game, even if you end up playing elsewhere through less paid-for routes.
  9. Phantasy Star. By far the best version available of a classic - in AGES mode you have dungeon maps, double movement speed, and quicker levelling. It's the best 8 bit RPG.
  10. Sounds like you are set-up! Any ship is fine to select you aren't tied in. (I don't know why they have multiple ones - everyone tends to just play on the first one listed.)
  11. Hardware emulation is still emulation It's a mixture of the native emulation and various tools that make it all work - the BBA adapter isn't recognised by the native emulator on Wii and WiiU doesn't take physical GC discs. And all the server stuff is emulating defunct servers right? @dataDave Yes absolutely! Head over to here for instructions on setup: https://schtserv.com/forums/app.php/pso-gc-connection-guide?sid=30e088e35c907e55bddef8feb80932a0 There are plenty of players online but they do tend to be higher levels so if you want to team up once you have the hang of things let me know!
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