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  1. No. I like consoles because they are just easier to get going and I know that everyone discussing a game will be having a comparable experience. A console is pretty much a fixed spec PC, and I'm okay with that.
  2. Yes - thank you for another year of pulling this together. Over a decade of lists is an impressive dataset of our collective forum musical taste.
  3. MW_Jimmy

    Best New Music 2019

    Some words and video examples to go with my list. Not a great year for music for me - I found mostly feeling adrift of the mainstream and struggling to find my niches - from publications end of year lists (pitchfork, piccadilly records, resident advisor etc) I generally find some missed gems but nothing really connected massively for me. Tony Allen and Jeff Mills gave me exactly what I wanted - Tony Allen doing his thing with Mills doing his very best to complement, which he does admirably. That cover tells you everything! Red Velvet delivered a K-Pop EP the type of which I've been waiting some time for - a coherent listen, ballad-free and without any obvious lulls. The production across the 6 tracks is incredibly impressive (euro-pop producer/writer credits throughout) and the opener and single Zimzalabim is one of the most structurally bizzare pop songs in recent memory. A track that pulls you along and turns in very unexpected ways and a chorus that only makes sense in the final refrain: Elsewhere 'Sunny Side Up' is catchy baseline driven reggae pop with great distinct vocals, 'Milkshake' is a pop song with a rap beat with some excellent harmonizations and good use of percussive vocals, and the closer 'LP' is bossa nova on a Wii Shopping Channel tip. CHAI I saw perform twice this year after one of my friends recommend I check them out - a beacon of unfiltered positive vibes and messages (needed it this year) hidden in Shonen Knife silliness. Musically I hear parts of mid-90s power pop, Tom Tom Club-esq grooves and bubblegum J-Pop. 'I'm Me' encapsulates the positive message parts well (subtitles available): The recently released Psychemagik (thanks to @Hoodedclaw for highlighting this release through their list) gave me the same feeling as listening to one of their excellent compilations - a real trip of different musical styles and genres, impossible to pin to a place/time/setting. I especially liked Holly Go Lightly appearance on the atmospheric closer: Finally, Mischa Blanos album has been a great album for me to work to - the first few tracks of piano only compositions set a good setup for the two tracks near the end where things take an excellent turn towards the minimal techno All in all I think I've settled into a mould of wanting familiar things with small twists - and functional music (running/work/cooking) is the order of the day - interesting but not too interesting please!
  4. 01 - Red Velvet - 'The ReVe Festival' Day 1 02 - CHAI - Punk 03 - Rosie Lowe - YU 04 - Rose Ellinor Dougall - A New Illusion 05 - Karen O & Danger Mouse - Lux Prima 06 - Psychomagik - How I Feel This Night Should Look 07 - Mischa Blanos - Indoors 08 - Carly Rae Jepsen - Dedicated 09 - Sakanaction - 834.194 10 - The Comet Is Coming - Trust in the Lifeforce of the Deep Mystery
  5. Is the mod fully reversible? Just wondering if returning to stock in an option.
  6. Just to come back to the thread, I did eventually pick this up and enjoyed it an awful lot. It's not really the game I thought it would be and is instead a very personal deconstruction and reflection of SUDA51 himself. A memoir of sorts to past projects and ideas. Travis is the perfect character to be part of this conversation between the creator and the gamer. The combat while basic, felt therapeutic and old school enough to rattle through and enjoy. It wasn't really clear that this would be the case beforehand to me. Instead of being some tacky cash-in on the NMH brand (which sounds almost ridiculous as I type it) it's a game to build the studio chops in using Unreal Engine and do a bit of 'Kill The Past' and, hopefully, re-energise SUDA51.
  7. Game of the Year A1. Tetris 99 "The Tetris grandmasters Arika returns! I never thought myself as much of a Tetris fan and yet here I am, back again, after Tetris Effect last year putting it top of the gaming tree. Competitive Tetris was something petrified me - I like the feeling of just playing Tetris, the ebb and flow of the growth of the stack, the gaps that form and the clean-up operation to fix the mistakes and so the low stakes scenarios of other games has always suited well. However something about this concept instantly grabbed me from first seeing it on the Nintendo Direct. This game forced me to buy a Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Online and, for the first time in 30+ years - I've gotten better a Tetris. No longer chasing the Line shape my new favourite shapes are L, J, Square and of course - T." A2. Dragon Quest XI "Although a technical cheat - I have spent so much time playing DQXI this year (and didn't vote for it in 2017 or 2018) that I feel validated in its inclusion. DQXI is a game that has one foot firmly in the past - the world, mechanics, structure and so reminiscent of the very best SNES RPGs and one firmly in the present through the writing (by far the best english localisation I have ever witnessed in a videogame), auto-battle features, beautiful visuals, animations, and just little QOL features for western audiences such as interesting difficulty modifiers and a run button. 110 hours and still enjoying every minute." A3. Gato Roboto "A very cute Metroidvania with cats. Very mechanically strong and the black and white colour pallete ensures that the world has a readable visual design that works wonderfully well." A4. Travis Strike Again: No More Heroes "Not easily recommended - if you are looking for a No More Heroes game look away. Travis Strikes Again is a narrative-heavy deconstruction of SUDA51. The gameplay can be very repetitive but this is suprisingly theraputic to me in the manner in which you clear rooms out with a few very basic attack moves and some lethargic movement that rewards delibrate intentions (Let It Die/Dark Souls). The entire game feels like something a subsection of a subsection of a subsection of people would enjoy with references that feel purposefully cheap delivered with a subtly of a brick through your living room window." Biggest Disappointment of the Year (game, hardware, or anything else) Z1. Z2. Z3. Z4. Z5. Sound Design of the Year S1. S2. S3. Visual Design of the Year V1. V2. V3. Writing of the Year W1. W2. W3. Gaming Format (System) of the Year F1. Publisher or Developer of the Year P1. Annapurna Interactive "Although I haven't yet played all the games released by them this year they are utterly essential in the current gaming landscape. A publisher that releases Outer Wilds, Telling Lies, Sayonara Wild Hearts and Wattam in a single year deserves praise." Best Supported Game (released pre 2019) of the Year B1. Your game of the year that didn't come out this year (basically what is your favourite game you played this year that came out in 2018 or earlier) X1. Bayonetta 2 Best game character of the year C1. C2. C3. And the big one: Game of the Decade D1. Spelunky D2. Dragon Quest XI D3. Bloodborne D4. Sonic Mania D5. The Last Guardian D6. Yakuza Zero D7. Gravity Rush D8. Rez Infinite D9. Deadly Premonition D10. Bayonetta 2
  8. Space Pioneer according to the link in the first post:
  9. This video taught me how to T-Spin effectively: I used to hate the concept - but now - love it!
  10. I bought Mana Spark a while ago and it's a pretty nice roguelite, in a Binding of Isaac way, but often feels a little too unbalanced and difficult to make progress. All these games have a bit of a NICE PRICE budget feel to them, but doesn't mean they aren't worth a whirl.
  11. MW_Jimmy

    Nintendo Switch

    Word. Time to restart bouts of Samurai Kirby!
  12. MW_Jimmy

    Nintendo Switch

    Unfortunately I don't think so - but I'm intrigued to what you wanted to try! From the patch notes you can swap the left side when updated to v1.02: 3. New function – swap Dpad and left joystick by pressing and holding LEFT+SELECT for 3 seconds (LED blinks in red once to indicate the success of the action).
  13. MW_Jimmy

    Nintendo Switch

    I genuinely love it! I've updated the firmware on mine as well and so when playing Tetris 99 I'm using the left D-Pad. Battery lasts for ages and not had to recharge it once yet. Going to get the Yellow variation too I think.
  14. Just to say that I really appreciate Wireframe. It's short enough and cheap enough that I actually bother to read it whenever I pick up a copy. There does feel like a real focus on indie titles rather than the big games too which fits with my sensibilities and secondly, gives me a bunch of magazines to refer back too as I inevitably miss out of a few. Saw today's mag in Sainsbury's today and that cover just stood out an absolute mile away! Top work.
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