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  1. Blazes alternative 'forward forward attack' is so good!
  2. Gitaroo Man is difficult to explain. You follow this line by moving your analogue stick when charging/attacking and when defending you have to press the button as it appears in the middle. You have to attack and defend because it's a bit like a fighting game. It's not looking to replicate the strumming of playing guitar like Guitar Hero. All the music is Japanese. No it doesn't have Ace of Spades in it. It's not like playing a guitar but it does feel like a music jam battle. The music might be subtlety different each time. What's the storyline? Well!
  3. Also getting another physical release, Streets of Rage 4 Anniversary Edition on PS4 and Switch on September 24th.
  4. I started out lukewarm but, man, if I haven't enjoyed my time with Alex Kidd this week! It's been really fun to relearn this game and it's surprising easy once you get used to the controls. Finished about 5 times over now, got the platinum and got a run down which means I can finish without continuing. Some thoughts and things I've noticed: 1) Peddlecopter section are much easier as it moves upwards less quickly 2) Some slight design changes to the stages including some more generous spacing, slower moving traps, fires that don't move and ladders which you can automatically stand on top of 3) Bosses are much harder - there is definitely a new meta to learn because of it - currently the Forest boss and Paperhead seem the new difficulty points 4) Absolutely love the new stages. All of them! They really flesh out the game to be a bit better rounded. Neat that they fit into the original map - I always expected a Desert level when I saw the original map. City of Radaxian actually is a proper level now too. 5) Movement is exactly as I remember - the issue folks are having is that he has basically no momentum at all. It's actually incredibly precise with no room for mistakes 6) The Classic mode that unlocks afterwards isn't worthwhile - they acknowledge it isn't 121 and it shows - I had some pretty terrible bugs where I warped. Speaking of which... 7) Game is lacking a bit of polish in some areas - destroyed money blocks reappear when exiting shops, very inconsistent check pointing, and a strange peddlecopter death that shouldn't happen on Swamp level. I think these things will get fixed. 8 Really love the music! Really love the visuals! Far less repetitive. The new stages in particular sound and look great: Long and short of it is - if you genuinely love the original game, and not some rose-coloured nostalgic haven't played it on years view of it, then you will absolutely adore this. SMS Sonic got me into videogames, but Alex the Kidd was the game which tested my persistence and really honed my platforming skills. Something I think still holds true on this remake. Also: Alex the Grandkidd:
  5. Yep. BOTW2 is coming in March. Said it at the end of the trailer didn't it - March 2022. Makes sense. Just need a leaker to corroborate and then we're all good. @deKay leaks are you up for spreading this rumour around Twitter?
  6. For better or worse this is pretty much exactly the same as the original Alex Kidd. There is actually a couple of small tweaks here and there to make it marginally easier and I think the new levels fit in pretty nicely.
  7. Both your list and the Guardian list totally ignores the arcades. As far as super important games go that blew minds Virtua Racing was utterly light years ahead of anything at the time (and is still very playable and well designed today).
  8. Exactly - remember the fallout from the Fallout canvass bag! Nintendo Europe are advertising this special edition, so will be available here.
  9. Excellent that all those gaming websites that run their "Everything we know about the Switch Pro!" articles are now running shonky hot takes on "Why didn't Nintendo announce Switch Pro at E3". The worst being Tech Radar (I'm not linking to it) with nuggets such as: The answer to all these is "to play Switch games." Likely to dedicate an entire Nintendo Direct to it? Says who? Why? You guys are clueless.
  10. I keep thinking the same but that idea of pushing a little bit further seems far too difficult and complex, and so I done even bother to boot it up. Complex because the design doesn't feel as obvious to know how best to progress to the next challenge (is: what is it). And difficult because it's too difficult. Increasingly feel the delicate design of Spelunky 1 has been over-egged.
  11. She was playing deliberately badly to show you what happens if you get caught. I'm pretty sure the Treehouse folk are the internal testing department at Nintendo, so will know these games inside out back to front.
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