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  1. One of the worst things in Elden Ring is getting a new item and then trying to find the correct sub-menu so I can read what it is / item description lore One of the best things in Elden Ring is that I can pick everything up and never ever use it
  2. @Kevvy Metal Please update your entry to: Shenmue (video game) @Vemsie @womblingfree Please update your entry to: Rez (video game)
  3. @Darwock @acidbearboy @Jolly @MarkN Please update your entry to: Rez (video game)
  4. Fixed my submission, added comments, and included a full top 100 as well. https://www.rllmukforum.com/index.php?/topic/326686-rllmuk-top-100-games-2022-voting-thread-read-the-rules-deadline-27th-of-may/&do=findComment&comment=13566680 That should get my a higher green number in the bottom right-hand counter!
  5. Okay. Can you please put the Rez example in your post then, underneath the Resident Evil 4 / Final Fantasy VII /Remake. It will help!
  6. Can we just put that in the rules then? It's a list about videogames and I don't think there is any confusion of what folks are voting for with Rez and Rez (video game) when it's obvious that they are the same thing in a list about videogames. (Whereas, Rez and Rez Infinite there is a difference)
  7. Quite a few changes from last time (I think!) - created a top 30 so might be a couple of changes later: 1. Nights into Dreams 2. Rez (video game) 3. Shenmue (video game) 4. Phantasy Star Online 5. Sayonara Wild Hearts 6. Halo: Combat Evolved 7. Streets of Rage 4 8. Spelunky 9. Bloodborne 10. Ring Fit Adventure 11. Sonic Mania 12. Persona 4 13. Elden Ring 14. Tetris 15. Dragon Quest XI 16. Bayonetta 2 17. No More Heroes (video game) 18. Policenauts 19. Wii Sports Resort 20. Ico Write-Ups Below: 1. Nights into Dreams (No change) 2. Rez (video game) (Up 1) 3. Shenmue (video game) (Up 3) After playing Shenmue III and many Yakuza titles, the elements that make the first Shenmue become ever more precious. A good example is the level of detail in things - you can go to the convenience store and buy various items (batteries, food) but I always enjoy buying the cassette tapes. They have a bunch of made up artists and cassette artwork. I play them and enjoy having these items to purchase. They don't give any intrinsic game value or a 1/20 to a game achievement. I can give some of the food to the orphan cat later. Ine-san is going to be upset I have come back after its got dark again. 4. Phantasy Star Online (Up 22) Having regular access to this again has definitely influenced this years placement. The only online RPG that doesn't demand you devote all your time to it. The gameplay loop has aged incredibly well, and now has a feeling of early-internet days when I play online where everything felt so much friendlier and unfamiliar. 5. Sayonara Wild Hearts (NEW) Pure distilled videogame enjoyment - it is such a perfect mix of lots of things I really like - pristinely produced pop-music, Minter-esq tunnel shooters, arcade sensibilities, and a non-verbal storyline which ties everything together, beautifully. It doesn't waste your time, it feeels magical and leaves me fulfilled and happy to be alive. 6. Halo: Combat Evolved (Up 2) 7. Streets of Rage 4 (NEW) The best Sega revival ever - adding synchronicity and combo's to the best game to punch folk to. Nevermind that the soundtrack is absolutely pitched perfectly between modern electro and classic house without falling into generic EDM. Rising up! 8. Spelunky (Down 6) 9. Bloodborne (Down 4) 10. Ring Fit Adventure (NEW) "Would you like to change the difficulty?" No - this is fine. Yes, Tipp happy for you to keep asking. "Keep your posture straight! Three, Two, One, Go!" - Oh, this is familiar - I'm rocking back on my heels in time before we start - and I am pumped up! To exercise. And level-up! No to planking. Yes to squats! 11. Sonic Mania (Down 7) 12. Persona 4 (Down 5) 13. Elden Ring (NEW) A impossible task to place on the list. All I can say is that I have played for over 100 hours and it is very clearly a masterpiece of world building and game design. Utilising open world setting without losing the intricate pacing and location design - it is incredibly impressive. 14. Tetris (NEW) (Note placement based on Tetris 99) There has been a lot of really great takes on Tetris in recent years (Puyo Puyo Tetris, Tetris Effect) but Tetris 99 does something unthinkable, taking a very modern online game-type and makes it its own. Now Vs Tetris isn't something particularly new, but it has been something I have never really been interested in. By bringing Tetris online the modern ruleset finally makes sense with its rewards for t-spins essential for competitive play. It also helps that Tetris 99 is developed by Arika, who really understand how to make fast tetris gameplay feel amazing. 15. Dragon Quest XI (NEW) Finally, a modern JRPG that feels like the very best of the SNES heyday. It was inevitable too - Yuji Horii has been making this game for longer than anyone else in the industry, Toriyama's timeless design, someone on the soundtrack. It had been far too long since DQVIII - a title that brought the art alive, an incredible English dub - but was hampered by the PS2 hardware. DQXI is really great at bringing the small stories alive - visit the town, get to know the folk, help them out. The big picture stuff can wait. Epic. 16. Bayonetta 2 (NEW) So a completely unconstrained Bayonetta, ends up feeling very much like a Treasure game. Style and scale off the charts. 17. No More Heroes (video game) (Up 17) 18. Policenauts (Down 6) 19. Wii Sports Resort (Up 65!) This vastly increased placement deserves an explanation. I think the further we move away from the Wii era, the more I miss it. I've always valued invention over perfection and the Wii era is really messy throw-things-at-the-wall era. Wii Sports Resort is the pinnacle of motion gaming and one of only a handful of games that utilise the Motion Plus (do not get me confused I think Wii Sports is 'not good'). The 'Sport' part isn't the draw (this is not Ring Fit Adventure) but the simple blend of pick-up arcade challenge mixed with very well executed control playstyles which draw you in. All tied together into the Wuhu Island experience. 20. Ico (Down 9) 21-100 (New since 2017 in Bold)
  8. @Benny What about half sequels? ie: Outrun 2 and Outrun 2 SP and the various console versions
  9. #Heardle #67 ️️️️️ https://www.heardle.app AND Sonic Heardle #18 ️️️️️ https://sonic-heardle.glitch.me/
  10. What a excellent episode 12 and 13. I've really enjoyed this series - sure, I'm a big fan of the games but I didn't really have much hope on the quality of this - but they really did some amazing work expanding storytelling in the right place, great action sequences and generally utilising the source material well. I think a future series will struggle to move at the same pace as this has, without significant script work, but from the changes made to this it's something I think I'd look forward to a lot.
  11. The funniest part is at the end of the article - for last week the Guardian readership voted 92% that Drew should join his wife in binge-watching dramas (one or two episodes of a drama a night).
  12. Hello past me! I did find the good parts in Balan - separated from the worst-game-ever-lol hot takes I found a lot to enjoy. 40hrs worth of enjoyment in fact. I can quite well imagine that what Naka is saying is true - it feels like the game was rushed out for financial year end and was never given that extra time for polish and user experience play testing. With some basic tweaks and I think the reception would be very different. #BalanWonderworldYujiNakaCut
  13. 🕹 High Score Day #31 - https://highscoreday.com
  14. Yes! #Heardle #60 ️️️️️ https://heardle.app Yes!!! Sonic Heardle #11 ️️️️️ https://sonic-heardle.glitch.me/ Dammit!!! Zelda Heardle #10 ️️️ https://zelda-heardle.glitch.me/
  15. Yes. I'm going to say that Shenmue did this best - whenever you loaded up your save it would automatically open up your notepad and you could flip through the pages to see what you had done and what was next. Unobtrusive. Interactive. Simple. I'm playing Soul Hackers and this has Digest Movie feature and asks if you want to access when you load up your game - it then gives a menu of shortened cut scenes from every chapter of the game.
  16. I don't think it is - but at the time (and for a very long time forward) these have been the best versions of these titles. I think this compilation is finally going to supersede it (although there is talk that Sonic 3 + Knuckles can't be played separately in Sonic Origins so purists are still going to go back to the originals)
  17. Nope! http://info.sonicretro.org/Sonic_Jam Unlike later compilations, Sonic Jam does not emulate Mega Drive hardware - the games have been re-written for the Saturn, though behave almost identically to their original counterparts. It is especially beneficial to PAL users, as the games have been optimised for 50Hz refresh rates (the original PAL versions perform 17.5% slower than their NTSC counterparts and contain borders, as little optimisation work was done between the two versions).
  18. Splatoon is too damn cool to be just for kids. Dripping in Shibuya-kei.
  19. I think these are going to be proper redone versions. Widescreen Sonic 1 & 2 have been on phones for a few years, and Headcannon has worked on doing the same for Sonic 3 & Knuckles. Despite my moaning earlier I'm definitely buying this - already clear a lot of care and attention has been put into this. Plus, I want a Sonic Mania 2 and lots of the same teams are involved in this.
  20. Sure - but it's nice to see a big number in the corner as a barometer of how well I'm doing. Just make it an option. Don't know why you wouldn't.
  21. What is this?! Also the trailer above confirms no lives in wide-screen. Why?!?!! Edit: They've stuffed these with some special golden currency haven't they, for the unlockable artwork etc, and it's going to be mega grindy so in-game economy? Why?!?!!
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