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  1. Or you can carry something that’s on fire.
  2. Avoid Game! They were a bloody nightmare.
  3. I’m not a car person at all, but have been really enjoying this. The music and dead eyed NPCs and all the dialogue are quite shit, but when you throw on Spotify and turn off the radio it’s great. I’m surprised at how arcadey it can be, and I’ve only played it for one day but I’ve experienced lots of little amazing moments that I wasn’t expecting at all. I didn’t think a racing game would surprise/impress me like this, weirdly it’s the first game since botw to give me those wow moments.
  4. The copy on that listing is amazing/terrifying.
  5. I think videos and streaming etc being limited at 30fps until relatively recently will have had an impact. Now you can quite easily see the difference before you buy in ways that you couldn’t before.
  6. Don’t order from Game lol.....:(
  7. I had this on Wii U and seemed to have fond memories of it. I grabbed it on Switch when it came out but never really got around to playing. I only recently picked it up again and my goodness it's just so annoying and irritating. There are so many unnecessary annoyances that it almost feels like the developers didn't even play their own game! I'm really surprised at how I've went from thinking this was great to finding it so irritating I have to turn it off after a few minutes.
  8. I paid for fancy shipping too, but mine hasn’t even shipped yet apparently
  9. Is it naive for me to expect my Series X “pre order” with Game to ship today, given that the “release date” is meant to be the 26th? I think I read that they would be shipping the day before release day.
  10. For me it's not so much the result, but the act that caused it in the first place and how that fits into the broader vibe of the movie. I'm baffled at how much they spent on this garbage, and THAT was the result?
  11. The blood and gore feels so out of place, and it always seems that way in all these DC movies. There were several moments in this where I just thought “oh, that’s grim. What did that add?” Also what? Batman just straight up machine guns bad guys to bits now?
  12. Uh, it is? Really? They feel so juvenile to me. Like what a teen thinks is mature.
  13. It has some major tone and pacing problems. A lot of the music choices just did not fit and stuck out like a sore thumb. I think there's an okay 1.5hr movie in there if you cut out most of the rubbish. For example, what purpose did the WW London scene serve? I can't remember any relevance to the greater "plot". Why was so much time spent talking about how Batman's dumb plane thing wanted to fly? Just make it fly. I did not give a single fuck when they finally got it working. What was the pay off there? The superman resurrection was so clumsy too. I didn't see the origi
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