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  1. Yep, my update finished before midnight. Still can’t play. This is fine.
  2. Won’t let me play either, or a couple of friends.
  3. So is Soji supposed to be completely unlikabke? At this point I kind of just want her to be killed off.
  4. No I’m sorry but no. No no no no no. I hate this. I hate all of what just happened. What have they done?!!????!??!!?
  5. I kind of love how the wonderful always right moral example galaxy heroes Starfleet have fallen somewhat. The first genuine large scale galactic disaster they‘ve encountered has totally changed their approach to the universe. The whimsical innocent cheesy nature of TNG makes sense when compared because if an empire like the Federation existed where largely most problems had been solved via science etc and everything was basically very safe and fine, everyone would be righteous condescending tedious douches going around telling the galaxy how great they are and recruiting others to join, just like they were in TNG etc. Jean Luc is a relic from a more innocent time in the empire’s existence. I wasn’t at all interested in the lead up but this unexpected approach they’ve taken to the whole universe has really refreshed my interest in the franchise and got my attention.
  6. Just finished King of Cards finally, it was great! Easily my fav of the bunch. I went back to Shovel of Hope after to see the difference and it was so harsh and frustrating in comparison. I’d love even more of this wonderful new highly refined level design.
  7. It’s true, all of it. He forgot the worst scene in the whole movie though, the one that made me say “oh fucking hell gross”:
  8. Richard E Grant’s inclusion can only mean one thing. That Star Wars takes place in the Spiceworld The Movie universe.
  9. Fuck me that was garbage. So much worse than I ever imagined. Absolute dog shit.
  10. I’m absolutely awful at the card game
  11. Yes! With the original soundtrack! It’s a Christmas miracle.
  12. The clue gathering stuff is SO boring. If it was clever and interesting with actual investigation and discovery I wouldn’t mind, but everything is so obvious it feels like it was put together for children. And you HAVE to go through clunky dialogue telling you about something that’s staring you right in the face. The world being so dull and empty too doesn’t help, very 360 era design of going over to things and pushing a button to make a scripted event happen. Everything in the world is just waiting for you to interact with it. We’re in the systemic era of games now and this just feels ancient by comparison. Then you get past all that and think “great, time for some combat” but honestly it’s incredibly basic and frustrating. I’m already really tired of the little cutaway animations where the legion grabs the cube thing and my character feels so immobile and stuck to the ground. There’s a surprising amount of things the game expects you to do for what is actually a fairly simple combat system. What REALLY annoyed me was the section where you HAVE to do a tour of the police station. I just wanted it to be over. That stupid dog thing wasn’t helping. Also I’m wondering what kind of people put together the idea of this police force? Are we supposed to be impressed by them? They’re total assholes, snooping in on conversations (HATE that mechanic) and chasing/tying/arresting people for nothing. ALSO: yay nepotism.
  13. Y’know, I thought I’d love this. I’m a big Platinum fan and all the videos and stuff I saw of this made it look right up my street. But.........I think it’s kind of rubbish? The controls are clunky, hate the setting, the police are fuckin narks. Can’t stand forced dialogue. The gathering clues stuff when it’s obvious/I don’t care. The stupid quizzes after doing the clues stuff. All of it just feels so tedious to me. I’m absolutely not understanding why people are raving about it so much. It’s nothing on Bayonetta.
  14. I thought they were doing a real good job of highlighting how often What the fuck?
  15. I hate that the thing happened. Eugh.
  16. I saw it yesterday. Had pretty high hopes but honestly it was one of the worst movies I’ve ever seen. I wanted to leave after about 20 mins. I’m really not understanding all the praise everyone’s giving it. The plot and script were garbage and the “charming” Pokemon filled world they built was incredibly creepy and irritating. Such a let down.
  17. I just realised, when Thanos does the snap he has a little moment with baby Gamora presumably in the soul stone. I wonder if Banner and Tony got one as well with Nat. That would have been a niiiice touch.
  18. After the endgame fight in 2021 Thanos doesn’t know where all the stones are. He just knows that he has managed to gather them and do his snap. He goes back to 2014 with that knowledge. When he gets hold of the stones/gauntlet in 2021 he doesn’t know where they all necessarily came from.
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