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  1. I'm running a complete blank at my end. Evidently at some point during the evening my brain decided to just get the hell out of there and come back in the morning to survey the damage. I've found an email reply in my inbox from some completely random Etsy seller. It appears that at some point last night I sent her a question, expressing interest in one of her home-made women's fitted sweaters and asking her opinion on how stupid it would look worn by, and I quote, "someone who pisses standing up". I have no recollection of this. Oh dear. EDIT:
  2. Alistarr I probably owe you an apology. I was v. drunk last night at the point we started playing and I got a hell of a lot drunker. I've woken up to a bona fide Fear & Loathing scene, scanning my front room and wondering what in god's name happened here. Why was half my headset in my bed? Why do I have two opened, full cans of beer sitting on the coffee table, right next to a pint glass two-thirds full of Captain Morgan? Why is my xbox horizontal, why is the TV sat on a ranked match 'you lose' screen and why oh why is the piece of fabric that covers my telly-stand, fabric that the TV physically stands on, now thrown over a door on the other side of the room? Why the shit do I have candles lit? Terrible things happened here. I don't even remember the last thing I remember. A Seth mirror? I dunno. GGs.
  3. Alistarr's C2C has gifted him inhuman arts. I am playing a fucking spectre of the dance here. <3.
  4. I am saving Booshock 2 now. I just saw you come online. We shall Duel until others show up.
  5. Anyone up for a pre-11pm redwine lobby lobby, possibly fuelled by spirits or possibly also red wine? I'm Bisonshock2ing currently, but, y'know, it's a bit shit. Killing Big Daddies & Sisters is all well and good at first, but blegh, it's getting tiresome. This is not good FPS & the quality of the story suffers directly because of. Tips for a new player? Don't be like me; do not snatch at your specials. Execution is fundamental. I lost a match earlier because I couldn't do a QCB. I've been playing this game for a long time now. I should be able to do those. FFS.
  6. I have it on good authority that Carlito's secret project is the 'access tube' he's drilling in the wall separating his and his neighbour's bathroom. The reason it's taking so long is because, due to the secret nature of the project, he can only use a hand-drill between 12:45pm and 1:00pm (this being when the neighbour takes her jack russell for a shit in the park).
  7. This thread's pretty much the Takeshi's Castle of rllmuk's Challenge TV.
  8. Impromptumix, rumsloshed. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yc9xV8tE_-4 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ixTkYxwzwRY Hugs to a listener.
  9. Taokaka Hsien-Ko looks better than I could have hoped. Assuming I'm in a position to play this, that's the third spot in my initial dream-team sorted then. I will find a way to make Viper/Ammy/Hsien-Ko work. I hope. Just need to come up with a suitably nerdy team name now.
  10. Loving the mugshots. Also loving the notion of focus attacking (ho ho ho) entirely regular posts elsewhere on the board, sowing seeds of puzzlement and self-doubt across the land. It is deliciously puerile.
  11. You ever been in a certain mood and you listen to a certain song that resonates with a certain something inside of you in a certain way?
  12. Fuck a 1-frame link. >:0[ That is all.
  13. Abner Jay. One man band. This song's a little bit amazing (if a little heavy on the comedy male chauvinism).
  14. Haven't seen too many of these*: A full single match, WorstGiefEver Vs ShinDragon. *Read: this is the first one I've seen.
  15. A couple of days ago my most ill-fated of love interests was going on and on about some new thing in Minecraft and adamant that she would "bloody well have the first mc moonlight sonata up on yootoobs". I wasn't at all sure what she was going on about. As you might have guessed, I don't know anything about Minecraft personally, so I'm not sure how impressive this is, but she sent me this video late last night. destroying via homage one of my fave composer's more well known works in autist game minecraft.
  16. Why thank you BumpthreadDave.
  17. I'm probably just out of the (Tsumuji) loop, but there's so much shit going in this video that I have neeeeever seeeen befooooore.
  18. I've only just found out about this, thanks to a tribute on 6music. I feel like I've been punched in the stomach. Awful, awful news. Fuck. I first came across Trish's work back in '97, with the Work And Non Work singles showing up pretty consistently each week during MTV's Alternative Nation & 120 Minutes shows. The band's been a constant in my listening habits ever since, one of those bands which can always cut straight through whatever unpleasantness may be tapping at your head and take you somewhere meditative and safe. I'm listening to this right now -- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vECJMoAWHtA -- and, damn. :'[ RIP Trish. You will be missed.
  19. Girlz 'n' Games is pretty much one of the urban myth horror stories of webcomics. Except this is the terror which you actually find yourself running into down a dark alley. Nobody wins here.
  20. Sweet. I just trawled back a way to find it, here's my post on the thing: By ill-fated custom art, I'm referring to the fact that there's three or four white smudges now in a few spots where my palms and fingers rest on the casing. The plastic vinyl I used wasn't the best of choices for material! I don't know what a reasonable asking price is.. . Is a round sum of £50 agreeable for such a thing?
  21. Greeny, did I read somewhere that you're friends with Broker? And did I also read somewhere that Broker lives in Nottingham? And did I also read in the SF4 thread that Broker plays on PS3? (I have a PS3 SE stick, fully Sanwa modded and with ill-fated custom artwork, that I have no use for.)
  22. That lyric made me think of the start of Camera Obscura's 'Your Picture' -- My friend she told me such a story but she didn't know what I knew I laughed with my friend when she got to the end I knew we were laughing at you -- which *isn't* on youtube! EDIT: Oh crap, music thread, right. How rude of me. Been listening to a fair bunch of Cornelius tonight. Have a song about a fly,
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