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  1. Really? I think she looks great there; she's certainly a yummy mummy (I think that's the correct Westerosian term) and it's easy to imagine her equally turning heads aplenty in her younger years.
  2. TE cottage is inspired. "Eeggh, hello there me sweety. Come in, come in. Le' me show you the OBSF wirin' dearie, it's right here in the oven, I'll jus' open it up for you. Take a good look, cacklecackle."
  3. We have new photos. I am squee. I want clothes like this :/ . So happy to see Fairly's Catelyn looking so pretty. If this is the scene I think it is (that scene), I'm pretty sure the direwolves were still only kids. But still, Lady looks kinda small. I hope later on they manage to figure out a way of giving them their extra-imposing size (and shape, though that's doubtful). Eep! "Just so." Gah, love those scenes. All pics can be found in silly hi-res here.
  4. Pop 'gremlinsolutions' into google for this fair isle's best option for arcade stick parts. Hopefully I'm remembering this correctly, but for buttons you want OBSF-30s and the stick should be the JLF-TP-8YT (the one with the mounting plate included). Both Sanwa. These will swap perfectly in to the Madcatz Standard Edition stick. EDIT: I believe this is known on the streets council estate back alleys of the internet as being carlit0wnd.
  5. So. I just sat and watched this whole thing in one sitting, back to back, no sleep, finished Ep13 five minutes ago. I guess that's about as good as recommendations come. What a remarkably watchable show.
  6. kloid

    The Gaming Show

    A.I., just a thought (and it obviously may be something you find repellent) but, if you like, I could knock up a quick NeoGAF thread on this and get it more exposure, for better or worse. The KZ2 thing alone would go down a storm with the masses of humourblind there, I'm sure. EDIT: Ha, scratch that. In a moment of grim curiosity, I just confirmed the suspicion I had that I don't actually have any thread-making capabilities 8) . Ah well.
  7. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1gMyLOGdDCI I love you Michael Hurley.
  8. I'm going to be so sad when I hear some NPC call it SKIE-rim. :'[ Yuck. EDIT:
  9. *fistshake* TIH-rah-nids! God, I hate that argument. Tyranny tyranny tyranny.
  10. That's some bleakly dull and simple way of looking at words Morrius. By way of example, and prior precedent of confusion towards Skyrim's spelling, I'll drop some Games Workshop jelly. Tyranid.
  11. No way man, we've totally 1-on-1ed before and I put up about as much challenge as an E'd-up hippy Koopa.
  12. I would totally be up for a NIGHT LOBBY, but there doesn't seem to be much activity this evening. What I can't really offer is any sort of 1-on-1 street-fighting because I'm genuinely just a little bit too shit. I just had to lol at my supposed main's win ratio (and this is after picking her up and sticking with her since SF4 came out) of 18.89%. Goddam you Viper, you fun fuck.
  13. Ach, the answer was staring me in the face all along.
  14. Just out of interest, is there an official pronunciation for Skyrim? I've been opting for the much nicer skih-rim, rather than the ugly say-what-you-see uttering, but with only one 'r' in there I'm probably kidding myself.
  15. (Free EP - http://teffiaki.bandcamp.com/ ) Also, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dTKB7Ucj1h8 &
  16. I've seen this sort of thing before. Sure, it starts off innocently enough, with the occasional abrupt post such as the one above that comes out of nowhere. But then, before you know it, there's modrequests for an erotic fan-fiction sub-forum, animated avatars, rules on roleplay posting guidelines and invitation-only tuesday night forum meet-ups. It's a slippery slope. A slippery, well-lubricated, slope.
  17. I found this live performance of I Get Nervous yesterday evening in a hazy deluge of internet pages and today I can't stop watching it.
  18. kloid

    Just Great Songs

    Possibly a perfect song. Always makes me ache in a sweet and delicate way.
  19. I just saw that bit (1:15:52); it wasn't her Tsujigoe she used, it was the cl.HK launcher (they look very similar, both vertical split-kicks), JCed out of into Super. All hits'll land off that anywhere on screen as long as you've used the right punch strength for the angle.
  20. /elcor Hazily, with a view to an arc, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=caMNFtd8F7k
  21. Cactuars are so charmingly enigmatic (and freaky). They were especially wonderful in MMO form. Every so often Cactrot Rapido would whizz by your EXP-grinding party off on its own errands and you couldn't help but grin.
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