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    Just Great Songs

  2. The Beast Of Bodyin Moor. That Gouken vid's lovely too. Flashy Gouken play is my very favourite type of flashy play.
  3. Christ people. Is this some sort of initiation thing? For what it's worth, welcome to the boards littlelegs.
  4. Aww, bless. Siralanlordsugar being all sweet.
  5. Aw, yay I guess. Poor Chris, I actually thought he had it there. Was ready to be really quite happy for the fella.
  6. Is Stella talking herself out here? "You'd be mad not to employ me." Oof.
  7. Heehee, I saw the eye-roll.
  8. How perplexed & reluctant do those guys look in that advert?
  9. First eye lost to a top-shelf fumble within four days off hitting retail. The [thing] of pomegranates in that advert at the start looked like it was decomposing over a time-lapse thing. EDIT: Aw, I take it back. Stella's doing fine.
  10. Twenty minutes..?! Stella's not really all that great a public speaker. This could be cringey. (Also, I really want some swanky boozy drinks right now.)
  11. My geometry's rusty. Is that bottle actually a prism? I thought prisms needed at least three rectangular faces?
  12. "Are you allowed to raise eyebrows? Or.. wink?"
  13. Yeah, she doesn't have a very convincing 'friendly smile' look in her repertoire either.
  14. The Cubed idea reminds of this Schreider bottle design,
  15. No Sandeeeesh. :'[ I dunno about Stella having it in the bag, I'm sure Chris can see a project through pretty effectively. This could easily go down to simply who gets the breaks in the final task. Chris has the stronger team I think too. Oohoo, exciting.
  16. I now hanker to play Connect 4. Still waiting for Scrabble. Hoping it hits top 5.
  17. Magna-Doodle / Etch-A-Sketch etc make me angry! Crappy non-permanence. >:[
  18. Graa, this show's gonna have me wincing at the flashbacks of half a dozen envy-ridden Toy Days. I bet I could still do double-clackers though.
  19. kloid

    Just Great Songs

    To any doubtheads, I assure you I am posting this with 100 %s of sincerity.
  20. It'll just be teething problems with executing the movements. Try Ken's Ultra 1, two quarter-circle-forwards with all three punch buttons when you're hit the last forward (or your PPP-mapped button). If you can do fireballs, then you can do that Ultra. The two quarter-circles don't need to be stupid fast (because you'll likely fluff the inputs and not stupid slow, just smooth and steady, boop-boop-press. Blanka's Ultra 1 (Charge back, then quickly forward, back, forward+3xPunches) is a little less intuitive but will still come out readily enough. One thing to check if you're genuinely confused about why nothing is happening: in training mode have switched your Revenge Meter to full? Is that thing the corner all fiery and flashy? For combos, get started on the trials in challenge mode. Keep plugging through them until you hit a brick wall. With most of the cast you should be able to get up to the early/mid-teens with little problem outside of a bit of perseverence and you'll pick up some basic combo action that'll help your timing.
  21. I didn't for years. It wasn't until I was 17 and doing night shifts in a Dillons convenience store that I began drinking it in earnest despite my misgivings.
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