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  1. I've never cottoned on to understanding the poor regard for Bluejeans & Moonbeams.
  2. It's just been mentioned to me, and I couldn't agree more, that it's baffling that TRM is what people seem to jump in to when trying to turn on to his work. EDIT: Dammit.
  3. I fucking loathed coffee the first few times I tried it.
  4. I just saw this in the other thread. I'm so sad right now. RIP sir, RIP.
  5. This is.. I have no words. Holy shit. My bedroom at uni had I knew you were under duress / I knew you were under your dress daubed in huge inky sheets of paper across the facing wall. Fuck. RIP Captain.
  6. And yeah, just seeing the letters N & M has me once more absolutely craving to play it, even despite all the poor peer reviews.
  7. Congratulations Campfire. Danster, could you update the sticky at the top of Creative with the last few threads? Or if you'd prefer, I don't mind taking over curation duties for it.
  8. Yay Stella through, yay Jamie not Predictable finalists based on the middle part of the show.
  9. Aw. I'm glad Alan was nice about it.
  10. Good riddance. I was genuinely half expecting him to mardily kick something as he walked out of the waiting area.
  11. It seemed like Jamie was physically struggling to get the words "... and then move on." out of his mouth, like he couldn't stomach the taste of them on his tongue.
  12. That "even YOU could have one Karen, :0" line was an awful thing to say. Wow.
  13. He was so enthusiastic too when he agreed, haha. Could just imagine him thinking, "Yesss, Margaret gets it!" He had no idea. So good.
  14. That interviewer guy must be struggling to avoid cracking up at Stuart. He must.
  15. "You're not actually very nice are you?" Brilliant. Oh how I wish that was set on the table in front of more people.
  16. Popped some JEFFY B on for the walk home, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P0noOckfq0Q Now walking around the house (falteringly) singing looley loo-lay, looley loo-lay every other minute or so.
  17. kloid


    I just found a piece of iron. Just one more's needed to get the Workshop started. Thing is though, as much as I understand that a Workshop is a valuable investment for the long-term, I'm thinking we may have a more pressing issue in the short-term. Town's defence right now is 33. According to the Watchtower, the estimated strength of tonight's attack is, um.. 60 to 85. That's SIXTY to EIGHTY-FIVE. Gonna be a messy night. I also found a large locked chest that 'almost certainly has something valuable inside it'. Proper treasure! There's no screwdriver or can-opener to get it open though.
  18. Something pretty special here in my humblest of humbles, EMA - The Grey Ship http://soundcloud.com/earfood99/ema-the-grey-ship EDIT: A quote from AWE's EMA's (it is a pretty cool damn necklace) blog:
  19. Including some sort of FO:NV-ey hardcore/realism mode could serve to cater to both playstyles.
  20. Well, hooo-lyyy shit. And there was me having pretty much given up on this big question mark, . Great news, (For one glorious moment there too, I thought the Smithy Blog had new stuff in it.)
  21. Earlier, Just now, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OZdR-z7xS4c Waiting in the post-pyjama wings,
  22. Just two posts up. Cosmic coincidence I think not.
  23. kloid


    If there's a last slot open that you're looking to fill, toss a coalition invite to Doot.
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