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  1. This is it isn't it - He said it! Ha,!
  2. Oof, I think Stella should've shouldered the fault on the 'this particular task' truffle question.
  3. Yessss, Laura's saying crazy dumb shit.
  4. That tiny cut to the boy's faces when the girls revealed they were 10 for ten, delicious expressions.
  5. That was genuinely exciting.
  7. Haha at the half-hearted attempt at a phantom missed call excuse.
  8. I only tuned in five minutes ago, where the chuff's this evening disappeared to? Looks like a fun episode, except watching pushy haggling makes me feel sooo uncomfortable. Gah.
  9. kloid


    Lovely thread, this. I may just make it my evening's soundtrack. Here's, um, just a couple more, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0HkUpHPgxR8 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=caUrot8OrQo And I only posted this a day or so ago in the WYLTN? thread, but I can't stop listening to it so I'm posting it again,
  10. Fuck you Circumstances, fuck youuuuuu
  11. That's fair enough based purely on a minute's worth of teaser, but consider giving the narrative aspect of it a chance before you dismiss it entirely. Beneath the fantasy stylings that may not immediately grab you, there'll (we hope) be a delicious amount of character-based taling to be found. Is charactocide a term worth coining?
  12. Aw shit, I wish I'd checked this thread before I left for work. I wanna be teased.
  13. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vRmPH0D5xtw A nice & rather upbeat song, but one that's always made me feel sorta sad, which is odd but there you go. I guess I mean it in that sort of Kevin Shields-ey way.
  14. Is it pronounced wagner or, as I thought, vargner? I really don't like his teetering hung-on-with-a-string smile. :/ EDIT: Ooh, okay. It's a Louis running gag thing.
  15. Aww, she handled that really graciously.
  16. Haha, she's such a funny looking little bugger. She definitely seems to own the place. Proper little pop star thing there.
  17. Yay. That was lovely. I wasn't convinced with his first song, his voice seemed a bit mis-steppy (though he then said he;d lost his voice, fair dos). That was great though. A bit indulgent in the affectations during the quiet verses, but he belted that chorus out.
  18. I don't think I agree that she murdered the first song, but she's committing atrocities with this second one.
  19. That Cher Lloyd track was pretty great I thought. You compare that performance with the One Direction effort (both being very early-teeny type pop acts) and it's plain as day that where Cher's performance was all bursting with individuality and brashness, the boy band one was just, well, just shiny plastic. Or maybe I'm just won over by her hair. I only started watching at 8:00pm, so I missed this Wagner guy that I've heard bunches about. Does the show get repeated at all? This Rebecca person seems so warm & genuine. Love that voice.
  20. Having a big old sing-a-along with Want Two. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bi7FB74eTl0
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