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    Be sure to have a play around in - literally, in* - the instruction manual, especially regarding camera controls. Feel free to go nuts generating new maps (there's a surprising amount of diversity). Stick to Earth at first, since the gravity's a bit whacked out on the Moon. Eat a house. Combine two things. Tie three clouds together. Press right+select. *yay for triangle
  2. Yeah, the big arrow is wind direction. There should be a red marker on there too showing you the direction of your immediate goal. The orange snake-eye radar's pretty far removed from this idea of a clear minimap with dots for NPCs, though it's useful in a similar fashion to give you an idea (a sense) of where NPCs are and their relative size. Use it in conjunction with your threat ring (and a 95%+ camo reading if necessary) to monitor enemy movement patterns. And yeah, I find myself with an urge to play through this again. I love how open the gameplay is for such a linearly scripted affair. There's countless approaches to situations and typically a little easter egg to stumble across around every corner.
  3. I'm surprised there isn't more love for the guns in KZ2. They feel good, solid, with punch and a real 'tool of death' thing going on. The two assault rifles (of which there's always an abundance) both function nicely whilst catering to different crowds (I'm definitely an ST rifle guy), the SMG is a bullet-spewing monster and the LMG is its bigger brother, come to duff up the bullies when shit gets out of hand. That flamethrower.. Man. That was a great FPS gun. It's not even a gun - it's more of a tool. You don't fire it, you USE it. Arcing the flame up and around things, taking out swathes of glowy-eyed fuckers in a most satisfactory way, complete with their agonised death wails of 'MUMMY!!'. Great stuff. Do I need to go into details about the Sniper Rifle? It just feels.. Good. Satisfying. Proper? In any case, it feels FUN. For serious. The only gun I've not enjoyed so far has been the grenade launcher. Shit's hard to use. The rocket launcher is ok - nothing special at all, granted. But I CAN say this is the most I've enjoyed being shot at by a rocket launcher. I've just reached the Suljeva Village part of the SP campaign. Picked up some bolt gun. It fires fucking steel pegs the size of wooden stakes, I swear. Prior to this, my favourite FPS weapon was FEAR's boltgun; I grinned like a twit whenever I pinned a dude to a wall. But THIS bolt gun... Holy shit. Watching what happens to a guy when they've been sticked with it, seeing the power described by that animation.. Damn. I'm laughing like a lunatic whenever I use it. This is only, what, halfway through the game? I know there's a few more guns to try out. I'm looking forward to them.
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