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  1. Ah... I think I'll go this route, thanks for the tip!
  2. I'm not seeing a Game card option here
  3. After almost 15(!) years, I have a new Xbox! Question - is there a way of pinning games as tiles on the main dashboard, or is that an old Bone dashboard thing?
  4. THANKS, RANDOS Still came out with a better K/D than 'HeadshotBen'
  5. Apologies @geldra- I'm a fucking liability on this at the moment with the PC I'm playing on. Framerate is all over the shop
  6. I don't have a Series X, so it's off to a forumite next week for an insane markup. I do still have Ridge 7, though.
  7. Maybe I need to boot my 360 up, or something. I expect my most played will be Super Street Fight... anyway.
  8. Maybe they let AI handle the entire development process and they're absolutely genuinely shocked and surprised over how it turned out...
  9. Please never call them that ever again. Thanks in advance.
  10. I guess it wouldn't be a true Rockstar launch without some weird shit going on...
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