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  1. That entirely depends on what tier of Quavers you're talking about - Cheesy, Salt and Vinegar or Prawn Cocktail?
  2. Yeah, agreed. You're better off shortcutting to a boss you almost downed on the previous attempt in good shape with some useful consumables than you are re-doing an entire Biome and possibly running into some fuckery that the game can spring on you when you least expect it.
  3. Grapple cancel > dash > melee airborne enemy. There's so much fancy stuff you can pull off once you're comfortable with the environment and the enemies you're facing. I'm barely shooting a gun lately. I saw the credits roll today - it's an absolutely incredible game. I had faith that it would be good because, well - Housemarque. It has exceeded my expectations. Game of the year for me, no question. I expect it'll be on my games of the generation / decade / all time lists, too. I might even try going for the platinum trophy on this. Something I never bo
  4. I'll be looking for a teammate too. I expect I won't be part of any upsets like I was in the ST tournament, but I'm looking forward to it anyway. I am terrible at Third Strike, unless people fall for my UOH nonsense. Which no-ones does, and that's fine.
  5. I've got to agree with @Vemsiehere. My Biome 1-3 run resulted in me taking down the boss at 3 first time through wise(ish) decision making.
  6. Or, in your own words - get fucking gud I've encountered similar, several times. These encounters, even though they seem harsh the first time you encounter them, teach you how to deal with things later on.
  7. Standing still doesn't work - you're supposed to kill it. Also, I refer to my previous comment regarding good luck on your next run
  8. They appeared in 1.3.3. You can scavenge them of avenge them (it spawns a miniboss) for ether.
  9. Yes, it's probably tied with the patch that broke save data for everyone. I assume they'll be fixing that soon. At least I hope so, I want to get back to avenging corpses.
  10. Yeah, sometimes you've just got to ignore that nonsense and get on with it. I'm so happy Housemarque got the funding and support to make this game happen. The last time we heard from them they said arcade was dead. Yet here we are.
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