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  1. Your house is a safe zone as far as turnips are concerned, other players can interact with stuff, but can't pick anything up and run off with it. Anywhere else is Wild West territory. Also, turnips only rot on the next Sunday morning reset.
  2. Put them in your house! Back in the day they used to have collision boxes, but not anymore. Burying them around your island means that best friends (or even regular-ass friends) can potentially help themselves.... You open, btw?
  3. Between this and shell walkway-gate, it's clear we have some absolute savages in our midst.
  4. It's Felicity's birthday today. She's been off her face all evening Gave her an Emperor butterfly as a present, which she seemed over the moon with. That situation might change when she sobers up in the morning.
  5. Yeah, that'll happen. It has been pissing down most days here so I haven't had to worry about it. There was an ordnance feature in the 3DS version that I'm sure will be available in NH when the time / progression unlock comes.
  6. You only really need to water the freshly planted flowers from seed bags, IIRC. Once they're fully grown they'll do their thing.
  7. They need to be next to each other. Horizontally, vertically or diagonally. Neighourbing red flowers = purple, white and red = pink, red and yellow = orange, etc.
  8. You can always go to a Nook Miles Ticket island, eat some fruit and dig up fully grown trees that can be replanted at home. But, no - stumps don't grow back, but they do make for nice seating arrangements and attract certain insects.
  9. You know about pressing and holding A and then dragging and dropping for stacking stackable inventory items, right?
  10. I'd completely forgotten about this KK banger, it's on heavy rotation throughout Donutville at the moment. (Sorry) Anyway, I'm open while I sort lunch out. There's a coffee grinder and a picnic basket at Nook's. 0VVMH
  11. Use the Switch Online app, if you can.
  12. I... I had to get up early to put the bins out. I managed it. An hour later.
  13. You can place them on the floor when you're out and about, too. Also, for those who aren't aware - you need to set up Nook Link on the Switch Online mobile app (press - at the title screen in-game to do so). You can import all the old 3DS designs into the in-game design phone app. I got my paths from here - https://acnlpaths.tumblr.com/ As someone here has stated, we'll probably get some paths when we unlock all the terraforming stuff. I haven't bothered too much with the rest of my island yet until I see what that entails.
  14. I got it replaced soon enough, and it's given me an idea for some signage - so all is not lost!
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