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  1. I hope Sega go full-lunatic and resurrect this for the stick:
  2. 26 - Music From a Game You Haven't Played: Nothing particularly outstanding - just a nice slice of WTF. 27 - Music from a handheld game: And, well - you can't have a Rhythm Tengoku post with out a bonus reeeeeemix: 28 - Music that makes you feel nostalgic: 29 - Final Boss music:
  3. 25 - Music that gets you pumped:
  4. 23 - Underrated music: 24 - Music you constantly have stuck in your head: Recently this has been in my head because of that dubious PC port that I haven't played. Honest.
  5. 22 - Town/Village music:
  6. 21 - Music you associate with frustration: Any SNK fighting game boss theme will pretty much do the job.
  7. 20 - Music from a racing game: Runner up: Bonus mashup:
  8. 19 - Cover of music by a different artist:
  9. Here's the orignal (AND BEST) version of that - I used to play M.U.L.E. with my cousins whenever we met up:
  10. 17 - Music you never get tired of: You think he's got it bad. I was convinced games barely had sound effects when I was born, but after much digging... 17 - Music from a game released the year you were born:
  11. I'd completely forgotten about that intro! 14 - Boss music: 16 - 16-bit music:
  12. Alright - I guess I'll play catchup and not do what I said previously... 11 - Puzzle game music: Honourable mention: 12 - Music that makes you sad: 13 - Music from a game I don't like: 14 - Music with vocals: Runners up:
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