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  1. Your save file gets deleted. Also, pull down on the left stick to slow yourself down if you're having trouble with navigating tight corners during the slidey bits.
  2. You'll need an nvme SSD to expand storage for PS5 games but they'll need to meet a certain spec (which we don't know yet). I think they mentioned you'll be able to store games externally, but they'll need to be copied to internal storage before you can play them. I assume you'll be able to plug a SATA III SSD in externally for PS4 stuff and still have fast load times.
  3. Ninja Gaiden Black Bastards
  4. I played it in Japanese too, then got the US version when I got my GC switched, but I remember finding the camera and the whole blue coin hunt took the shine (hoho) off a mainline Mario platforming game. And yes - I know, not-so-hot take. I guess I've got until March to crumble. I probably won't last that long, though.
  5. I really didn't like Sunsine and I'm contemplating getting this, if only to see if I still don't like Sunshine. What is wrong with me
  6. Digital - 374.99. Includes a Kaz Hirai plushie. Screams Riiidge Raaacerrr if you press him in his belly with the right amount of force. Physical - £474.99 Includes Phil Harrison, Jim Ryan and Ken Kutaragi plushies woven from fairy silk. Pressing them in their bellies does nothing. Digital for me.
  7. As far as I'm aware, a Wii-U drive can't be read by a PC. I had to re-download all my purchases to the hard drive.
  8. I used to get similar insightful commentary on my way to Edgware from central London on the Northern Line every once in a while, but I doubt he played much Densha De Go.
  9. I used a 64Gb SanDisk flash drive on my Wii U and it died after about 6 months, so I'd be wary of using one. Nintendo themselves recommend HDD for external storage.
  10. Wii games will run without the need to hack vWii, GC games won't. To answer the second question, Mayflash sell an adaptor that'll work with WiiU, PC and Switch.
  11. B-Real Bout Fatal Fury Rock co. Kano Flow Rock The Blanka Balls Vegas Stakes is High Ten-Eihty Snowboarding
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