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  1. But what if they 'do a Microsoft' and announce a Dreamcast 1080 Or - Alex Kidd in Streets of Rage World.
  2. Just mailed 2 over. edit - of the chair. I've just realised I have the table too! I can send a couple of those tomorrow.
  3. Ha, it is indeed. I'll send over some Cherry and Peach fruit boxes for your troubles
  4. You both have mail. I got the labelled one really early on and just forgot about it. Also, @Laine - just a gentle reminder about the 2nd Kimono stand, when you get the time. If you have more I'd be interested in either cataloguing or giving you more bells.
  5. Oh my god. This game. This thread. That post.
  6. Alternatively you can open via dodo code and have us lot visit, you can then add people with the players recently played with/met option instead of putting friends codes in.
  7. I think you just need to enter a building and leave if something you're expecting hasn't arrived yet. Thanks, @Broker
  8. I wouldn't mind an elegant flower sign. Only have pop so far.
  9. @sir stiff_one Are you still after a Garden Wagon? I was going to craft one today but I just got the recipe for it. Happy to post that over instead if you want.
  10. That's fine - I'll get the duckies prepped now.
  11. I've added you and I can open up now if you're about? @Laine dropped me 10 customisation kits for the full set of ducks which I was more than happy with
  12. It's a recipe - softwood and customisation kits for the other 6 ducks. I'll take customisation kits as payment. I have PLENTY of softwood!
  13. I just snuck in and dropped them off, they're to outside the house to the left of your character.
  14. Are you still having internet woes? They're eager to find a new home No worries. There's still stuff I'm after - I should really sit down and get a wishlist sorted. I think I'm a few fossils away from completing that part of the museum, too. I just need to figure out what I'm after.
  15. I wouldn't mind, a friend dropped some off with me earlier and needs to get rid.
  16. Duck army assembled and ready for deployment.
  17. I don't have a spare but I can craft some for you.
  18. I also got an ironwood dresser recipe today in my bottle. So there's another spare up for grabs.
  19. I've got one just casually sitting in my inventory if you want one RIGHT NOW (ish) - wooden sides with a white top, or I can order a black marble one. If you're open now, though. I wouldn't mind visiting.
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