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  1. Ha, yeah - that'll happen. I was in a fight earlier and a Bokoblin hit my hoverbike and it just sailed off a cliff. Twat. Managed to find it after clearing them out, though.
  2. Yeah, I found the 3-fan easier to set up. Do the back two first, which makes doing the front one a bit easier.
  3. While I loved uncovering the depths - I can understand why people would find it a slog. BUT! Build yourself one of these: I mopped up the last 10% or so using this badboy. Use giant brightblooms for lights instead of the traditional ones. They seem to have better range and don't switch off when you get off it - handy for relocating it in the depths if you venture off. They even take off in water, too
  4. Oh, I've just realised it's a WT thing! I just went straight into online 😆. I'll have a look later and see if it's happening for me. Sounds like a bug.
  5. PC Windows or Linux/SteamOS? Might be worth checking the framerate limit and toggling vysnc to see if that makes a difference? I've played it on both with no issues, but I'm on a desktop. Definitely hit up training mode, if not just to drill inputs and timing, etc - not just combos.
  6. Yeah, true - that one was a bit suspect though, because they were all over me until I'd figured them out.
  7. Second ragequit of the day. It went down to the final round, final game against a Cammy and I was about to P on them. Beautiful
  8. Wait. Blanka has an air throw now? Who thought that was a good idea? GGs @Mr. Gerbik!
  9. No worries - wasn't sure if was interrupting or something. Glad I got to lame out your Gief, at least Bumped into my first Sim today. Seems pretty slippery (as always). Might have to take him into the lab. Also, I fucking love Dee Jay's Super ALSO - had my first ranked ragequit today! Things are going well.
  10. It's basically a Saturn pad, aka the greatest controller for fighting games known to man.
  11. I need F-Word commentator DLC more. When's that coming? It better be coming. We should sort some extreme battle matches. Yeah, I love the battle hub. It's very well implemented. Also: 😭
  12. @Benny, @Hyper P - are you in a private lobby or something? Can't join your hub.
  13. I went with CD keys too - the thought of paying more for the PS5 version and the possibility of having to fork out more for an adaptor / arcade stick when I already have one helped in my decision making progress.
  14. When they drop their eyes just focus on attacking that instead of their main body. You'll kill them faster that way (weapon level dependant, obvs).
  15. Given where you encountered them in that particular instance, you have to fight or fast travel out. I was already familiar with them elsewhere, but even still - I came into that bit pretty much unprepared and had a similar experience to you, barely scraping it. Enclosed encounters with them aren't a common occurence.
  16. Speaking of costumes - there are mods for PC. @Benny will mostly be taking on this appearance for the forseeable.
  17. Yeah, I've been there too - I avoided them for a good while and went off and started doing side bits / temples.
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