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  1. Madlibretro. Return of the Deathloop Digga. Discipline Tetris 99 Pt. 1 Astrobot Travellin' Boom Wii Music
  2. Nothing. I just had to endure two furious Scottish men babbling in my ear for about an hour. One of which was @BarryL85
  3. If this turns out to be a success, I do wonder if third parties will get involved in varying flavours/variants once they get all up in it's guts. French vanilla, butter pecan, chocolate deluxe? Even caramel sundaes might be getting touched.
  4. Weavus could also join a PS party via the phone or tablet app, too. If his headset and PC supports Bluetooth he can get chat and game audio running.
  5. Choose the track pads, and you will join me. Choose the analogue sticks, and you join your mother... in death. You don't understand my words, but you must choose. So, come boy, choose life or death.
  6. Here's a short story for you in the meantime: When I was little, my father was famous. He was the greatest Samurai in the empire and he was the Shogun's decapitator. He cut off the heads of 131 lords. It was a bad time for the empire. The Shogun just stayed inside his castle and he never came out, people said his brain was infected by devils. My father would come home, he would forget about the killings. He wasn't scared of the Shogun, but the Shogun was scared of him, maybe that was the problem. Then, one night, the Shogun sent his ninja spies to our house. They were supposed to kill my father but they didn't. That was the night everything changed.
  7. Whoa. We must have absolutely crossed paths back then. I spent plenty of time at the indoor Epsom Market at the Games Room on the weekends. Mostly on the arcade games. Almost exclusively on Street Fighter. I'm sure that's the only place I got to play Midnight Resistance with the 8-way twiddly joystick, too. The indoor market (near the train station exit) also had SF1 with the touch 'sensitive' buttons for a bit. Other localish hangouts around that time would've been Surrey Street Market in Croydon and an arcade in Kingston, the name escapes me, but may have been called Games Room too. With fruit machines on the first floor and pool tables / arcade machines on the ground floor. The manager entered me and two others into a SSF2T tournament at the Trocadero in 94, we got shat on, obviously. Also Charrington Bowl in Tolworth. I then moved on to the Trocadero / Las Vegas / Casino in the West End. I got a job at CEX Rathbone Place where I would spend after-work time at said arcades before catching a late train home. I remember picking up a call from Sally at Epsom Games Room asking about buy/trade prices on certain games - I recognised her voice instantly and said hello and explained who I was - she remembered me from the indoor market days. Other places I visited regularly would've been ACE consoles on Carnaby Street - extortionate prices, I did buckle and buy a This Is Cool Saturn from them. Shekhana at Tottenham Court Road - still in touch with the guy who ran the consession there - we both went into the games dev. I visited the Wood Green branch a few times too and I'm still in touch with someone from there too, who's still in games dev. But yeah. Fuck Sutton into the Sun.
  8. NVJG if anyone is around for some DM... edit - now MMDF
  9. I hope we see a Shadowunboxin' and teardown soon.
  10. A hot mess of absolute nonsense, as far as I can tell.
  11. GGs! Agreed. I built my first PC a few months before Quake II came out, so didn't get much time with the first game online. I remember a load of people on Wireplay complaining about how slow it felt. Oh - and I just can't seem to rocket jump effectively in this. What's the trick? I feel like I've tried everything.
  12. WSCG if anyone fancies hopping on (PC)
  13. Personally I can't wait to get mine and get a PS3 emulator on there for some Daytona 500.
  14. The Cistern isn't too shabby, either. Nice to see The Edge in there too. The best Quake II map.
  15. The authentic 90's Quake experience! I hope they can add some region filtering somehow, because when you're in a lobby with people with decent pings, it feels great. When you're not, it gets very messy. The games I had with @GokouDand @Vimsterlast night felt great, as did the matches I played with a friend. Pings were in the 30-50 range and it didn't skip a beat. I'll probably be playing again mid evening tonight if you (or anyone else) fancy giving it another go. Yeah, I felt a bit frazzled too
  16. If you're around now, I've set up a private lobby for PC - FLDQ. Might have some others joining shortly.
  17. You need a Bethesda account to set up a P2P server, yes. Not sure if you'd be able to join without one?
  18. Well, of all the things I wasn't expecting to be playing Quake most of last night and this afternoon, but it happened. Anyone up for deathmatch, either on PC or crossplay with console on controllers (spit)?
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