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  1. https://hori.jp/topics/opinion/retro_game_con/ This is bonkers. They're currently gathering feeback / gauging interest before they go ahead with production, but it's a great idea.
  2. The Microsoft Rewards effect ™
  3. Turn's out It Can't All Be So Simple.
  4. @Jazz GlandsI spoke to him yesterday and he said he's going to double check the PCE-CD setup to make sure it's all working. @KlatrymadonI also mentioned your interest in the SuperGrafx. I don't think he's in a mad rush to sell stuff on as he's quite busy at the moment. As I mentioned previously, he has a fair amount of Hu-card/CD/SuperGrafx stuff which I've asked him to list for me when he has the time, if anyone's interested.
  5. Game of the Year A1. Returnal A2. Metroid: Dread A3. Monster Hunter: Rise A4. Unpacking A5. Bowser's Fury Game of the Year (premiered anywhere pre-2021) B1. Quake Remastered B2. Luigi's Mansion 3 B3. Super Street Fighter 2: Turbo Biggest Disappointment of the Year Z1. Games industry shithousery Z2. Halo: Infinite campaign Z3. Nintendo Online Expansion Pack Sound Design of the Year S1. Returnal S2. Kid A Mnesia S3. Halo Infinite Visual Design of the Year V1. Returnal V2. Metroid: Dread V3. Forza Horizon 5 Writing of the Year W1. Returnal W2. Unpacking W3. Format of the Year F1. PC Publisher or Developer of the Year P1. Housemarque
  6. A friend sent me these over Telegram last month asking if I was interested and still has them. He's not on here but I can get him to get in touch with you if you're interested. I think he said the Turbo Duo wasn't reading discs, though. The PCE-CD setup is probably best bet. He has games, too. Both Hu-card and CD stuff. But you're probably better off going the everdrive/CD-R route in that regard.
  7. What was it, 3 oddball games in a row?! Re: inviting / joining people - tab brings up the friends list on PC.
  8. Ah... I think I'll go this route, thanks for the tip!
  9. I'm not seeing a Game card option here
  10. After almost 15(!) years, I have a new Xbox! Question - is there a way of pinning games as tiles on the main dashboard, or is that an old Bone dashboard thing?
  11. THANKS, RANDOS Still came out with a better K/D than 'HeadshotBen'
  12. Apologies @geldra- I'm a fucking liability on this at the moment with the PC I'm playing on. Framerate is all over the shop
  13. I don't have a Series X, so it's off to a forumite next week for an insane markup. I do still have Ridge 7, though.
  14. Maybe I need to boot my 360 up, or something. I expect my most played will be Super Street Fight... anyway.
  15. Maybe they let AI handle the entire development process and they're absolutely genuinely shocked and surprised over how it turned out...
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