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  1. NVJG if anyone is around for some DM... edit - now MMDF
  2. I hope we see a Shadowunboxin' and teardown soon.
  3. A hot mess of absolute nonsense, as far as I can tell.
  4. GGs! Agreed. I built my first PC a few months before Quake II came out, so didn't get much time with the first game online. I remember a load of people on Wireplay complaining about how slow it felt. Oh - and I just can't seem to rocket jump effectively in this. What's the trick? I feel like I've tried everything.
  5. WSCG if anyone fancies hopping on (PC)
  6. Personally I can't wait to get mine and get a PS3 emulator on there for some Daytona 500.
  7. The Cistern isn't too shabby, either. Nice to see The Edge in there too. The best Quake II map.
  8. The authentic 90's Quake experience! I hope they can add some region filtering somehow, because when you're in a lobby with people with decent pings, it feels great. When you're not, it gets very messy. The games I had with @GokouDand @Vimsterlast night felt great, as did the matches I played with a friend. Pings were in the 30-50 range and it didn't skip a beat. I'll probably be playing again mid evening tonight if you (or anyone else) fancy giving it another go. Yeah, I felt a bit frazzled too
  9. If you're around now, I've set up a private lobby for PC - FLDQ. Might have some others joining shortly.
  10. You need a Bethesda account to set up a P2P server, yes. Not sure if you'd be able to join without one?
  11. Well, of all the things I wasn't expecting to be playing Quake most of last night and this afternoon, but it happened. Anyone up for deathmatch, either on PC or crossplay with console on controllers (spit)?
  12. There are matchmaking servers and peer to peer for private/custom deathmatch and co-op.
  13. It's also up on Steam, too. Free update if you own the original.
  14. Surely it's the Xbox X/Y A/B being different to Nintendo's layout, since it's been a thing since 1990 I guess they did it to avoid a patent.
  15. No need to apologise - the Dreamcast was a great console paired with one of the worst controllers of all time.
  16. Fear not, those worried about installing an SSD expansion in your PS5. IGN have a simple guide about installing a Hard Drive in your PS5:
  17. Nice timiing. I finally got 'round to finishing the first game a couple of days ago
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