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  1. Dudley! Well spoken British boxer from StreetFighter III 3rd Strike, posh enough to have his own butler. He's also got some filthy juggles to boot A mention must also go to Makoto, too: Dudley might well be flithly, but Mako's GRIMY
  2. heh.. dunno if i've played you, but I'm on about the ones who just run away all the time, and lobbing fireballs / spamming hurricane kicks non stop, for 20 games straight. Then they usually drop/quit once you've sussed them and cane them silly >_< If that doesn't fit your description, then you're in the clear
  3. GG's I was more than fired up for those games, went on for some practice prior to those games and all I could find were robotic shotos! :/
  4. Mr Dark... hows about tomorrow or sunday? Let me know mate, going on past history we should have some fun games
  5. Yeah, well I had left it on sleep overnight.. the music took a while to kick in and the framerate was reminiscent of Palm Beach in OutRun2 with 8 players online :S
  6. and the framerate goes to shit for about 5-10 seconds (on Ridge Racers at least)
  7. Oh and for the record it's a wicked pad It's just a damned shame about the 4 button shite :/
  8. I own a couple of those pads and you can only use 4 buttons on the Xbox through a magicbox converter :/ edit - i talking about the dreamcast ASCII pads
  9. They probably just figured "Ahh, it's EA... they'll churn out another one, next year, same time, same game.." I just hope they make it stay interesting beyond a weekend's worth of play this time
  10. OK, that link works now, but that is still pretty fucked (up)
  11. Hello I'm not against people using the same char over and over, especially if they're getting to grips with the game. Just as long as you're not a dropping little chav. Those bastards deserve to contract some kind of manky, lifelong disease tbfh. I only really started getting into 3rd Strike properly this spring, I was a Super Turbo whore up until that point. I'm loving it though Looking forward to playing more games with you guys Kugustu's running commentary is QUALITY! Heh.. Yeah, I'm on a magicbox converter and a stick. Tried the spad a couple of times, but it's all just so horrid. The D-pad is usless, as is the placement of the black and white buttons. Can't use analogue sticks for toffee on a fighter either... props to Shend for dishing out those Q beatings with it, though. I'm going to cry like a girl when you sort a proper pad out.
  12. Hmm, might have been the live communicator playing up....? But I'll let her know I badly need a second copy of halo 2 for my other Xbox. Splitscreen is OK, but it chugs like a baaaaaaaaastard when it gets busy.
  13. Just thought I'd pop on and thank Tyler and crew for the games after they ambushed my wife's little training session late last night The FFA games were a good laugh. Team games ... heh No doubt we'll cross each other's paths again soon! Well played all.
  14. OK, just checked the rom out - you can assign a button / key / whatever to rotate your fire clockwise / anticlockwise. Sweet. I'll have to set up a playstation pad tomorrow and tear through it
  15. But it is playable in MAME? The arcade machine had rotating sticks that affected the direction of your character's fire.... The Megadrive version almost pulled it off with a toggle feature IIRC. If there's any way of setting MAME up so you can play Midnight Resistance please let me know Oh, and - add Super Sprint!
  16. long-ish story, which i dont really have the time, energy or will to go into right at this moment
  17. Nope.. I should know... I worked on it
  18. Correction - EA made Catwoman
  19. How's it been "fucked up"??? It's been leaked, like every other game has that goes off to duplication in recent memory. It happens. And, believe it or not, it is JUST A GAME! Stay out of the threads, play the game when your retail copy pops through the door, enjoy/hate it easy
  20. They only jerk if you try to take 'em too fast..
  21. could someone PM me the password for the rar files? purty please?
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