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  1. Disgaea 5 got a little tedious unlocking sub classes. Dragon Age Heroes got mildly frustrating when trying to prevent the enemies from destroying objectives.
  2. I now have three characters with all sub classes open. I am working on another two, by using them as monsters and Magichanging them onto my best Sage. Using Land Decimation (or whatever) on Land of Carnage Asagi map on 1 star enemy level masters a subclass on the two monsters per visit!
  3. I never finished the first game. One of my failings! I have it on my PS3, as the digital version was the cheapest at the time. A sequel sounds interesting.
  4. My UK type version arrived yesterday, courtesy of Amazon... from Israel! I liked Cursed King and the 3DS game. Still getting into this. Only up to the Elven village. I seem to find it rather too easy to get my protection wrong at the first attempt which is frustrating. In the Elven village I wasn't totally sure what to protect. I hope I'll do better next time. The second boss, Gigantes, proved tricky first time as well. Not entirely convinced any of my team could be described as proper spell casters (as recommended) to use. I managed... I hear music I recognise from Cursed King and recognize the enemies from that. It also reminds me of Ni No Kuni at times.
  5. Couldn't find a topic about this so... Mine arrived on the day of release courtesy of Zavvi. Came with Soundtrack, Art Book (softcover) and game. There were a couple of free DLC packs. One with useful starter weapons and another with an alternate costume for the main female protagonist to use around the base. Season Pass is £28.99... will probably buy that next month. Having spent a silly amount of time on the Demo, I had a good head start on the game. I had one Lv 500 character. Your save from the demo (you couldn't save after the 5th map of Episode 1) could be used in the full game. For Disgaea fans, it is more of the same. Having said that, there are a number of useful enhancements. Firstly each character can equip two weapons. With the female healer you could utilize her archery ability with a bow and have a staff to swap to for healing. Your main weapon is the one your proficiency will increase on after a battle. There is no longer a Warehouse, so all your items are in one place. Rather than throw enemies into you base to capture, you sometimes take prisoners after a map. You can interrogate these and include them in your roster. Provided you have an interrogator and have the character class and tier unlocked. Rather than Clubs, you have Squads you can allocate characters to. One of these allows interrogation. You can pick up Quest in your base which can reward for meeting certain criteria, unlock new character classes or learn new skills or evilities. You can have multiple Evilities on each character. These can give more Exp, more powerful magic and othe useful abilities. In previous games you could unlock 6 Tiers for each character class. The higher the Tier, the better the stats. This time you can start on the bottom Tier, and as you gain proficiency, you can automatically reach the next Tier. You can send your characters out on expeditions to find and explore other Netherworlds. This excludes them from you battles, but does mean they can return at a higher level with new items and even prisoners to interrogate.
  6. You don't get much for maxxed Affinity. The Mod is manufacturer specific. Also, it is identical for each manufacturer (I have 3 or 4 now I think). As I use Mods, I tend to stick with a decent Generic as it saves swapping around. One restriction I find annoying (and pointless really) is the number of Replays you can save. I wanted to keep my clean Combi lap of Le Mans and ended up deleting a couple of replays that highlighted a glitch at Lime Rock (to leave space for the next).
  7. Yes, the old Mulsanne layout at Le Mans is great for testing top speed. Is it my imagination, or is the Gearing adjustment when you tune a pain as far as the graphic representation of the gears is concerned. I usually go by the performance figures. I thought Forza 5 seemed a lot more helpful. Had some fun with the VW Combi. Initially tried the "Porsche" 3 litre flat 6. Topped out around 145 mph and was fine until you tried a corner at speed... inevitably. Swapped to the Subaru 2.5 litre flat 4 (I prefer to stick to vaguely reasonable upgrades) and lost about 7 mph on my flat 6 top speed. Needless to say corners were still an issue, but quite a challenge nevertheless. I had upgraded tyres and suspension. I am guessing there is little chance to get this to corner at speed on 4 wheels!
  8. Quite surprised the stock Limo is FWD. I checked out the Mercedes E63 AMG today and was surprised to see it was the 4matic (awd) version. Upgraded it to the top of A class and saw 221 mph on the old Mulsanne straight. The Mercedes W154 '39, I rather like. Slighly more tail happy than the old Auto Uniom, but still fun to drive. Good for 212 mph on the old Mulsanne (stock). I like that Grand Prix '67 Honda. Seems a lot less twitchy than the old Lotus I bought.
  9. I ordered the mega bundle a while ago as it included DLC from Horizon 2 I wanted and I usually go Season Pass and VIP (for boosted earnings). I currently have 21 million and 11 cars due from the Hub. Need to revisit Horizon 1 to boost the car count!
  10. I accepted the Friend Request. I'm currently working through Normal with the fast levelled characters. This means I am over levelled, but should be a sensible level to start True Vault Hunter Mode. It is only on UVHM where the enemies are levelled to the highest participant. On 360 I got Gaige and Krieg beyond Level 60. Krieg was Level 63. On the Pre-Sequel I got Claptrap to Level 37 on the 360. I checked and he is Level 10 so far on PS4. Seriously considering obtaining the other 4 character types at Level 72 via the PS3, though they will need to play through everything. I always get that Winged STORM map name wrong! I have managed some decent drops of legendaries at Level 35 on Normal while getting Iridium for my characters (7 runs to max it out). I have a Siren and Psycho Class Mod, a Deliverence and a Hammer Buster. On running Krieg through the story (gained a Level to 32) I picked up some reasonable Level 21 kit, so created a new character via the PS3 to store it (Level 22 with 33 backpack slots using Iridium and now in Sanctuary), plus some Level 35 items from the Winged Storm runs... mostly the Seraph drops. His next mission is going to recruit Brick.
  11. I bought this on PS4 last weekend, due to the good download price and the fact I've only played the Pre-Sequel on 360. For Borderlanbs 2, and now having a different PS+ account (RogsR35UK) I was a bit limited as far as transfers were concerned and rather than a grind through the early levels used the PS3 to fast-level one of each character to Level 31 (one full tree) including maxxed Iridium. I had a Level 72 Lilith in The Winged Serpent on Normal and a Level 72 Gaige in Pete's Bar, so one character has a Level 30 DPUH (best Harold). All my characters are in Sanctuary (the fast-levelled ones). I just have a Level 10 or so Claptrap on the Pre-Sequel. Next mission is going off to find Pickle. If anyone is still playing and is interested in multiplayer and don't mind a higher level character along on BL2 or is not far into the Pre-Sequel send me a Friend Request. I only have the standard PS4 mic. Only issue is that I tend to be on at odd times!
  12. Fire up GT6 every day for bonuses (got the second GT Academy gift car today from the last even). Also fire up Forza 5 (completing series currently) and Forza Horizon 2 for bonuses. Recently bought Monster Hunter 4 on 3DS so that gets a look in. Mostly playing The Witcher 3.
  13. Mostly on PS4. I have been trying out mob spawners. One from YouTube video, which I modified and a couple of my own design. One being a lot better than the other, so the two are identical now. The three are at the top of the map (the roof of the spawners is at Y=256). The area to fight the mobs is some 20 blocks lower, all three being accessed from a central tower containing a Spiral Staircase. Not sure how good they are (the video gave the impression that you would level pretty quickly... not convinced). I have a door into my design so that I can clear out some spiders. I was a little surprised on the Leaderboard to see I had covered almost 1400km on that map! I am on the large map and was a little surprised to have a village within a short walk of my base. I used a seed of Mass (used the Mass Effect Mash-up pack). Usefully my Nether Portal (in my base) takes me directly into the fortress.
  14. The fact that the Xbox One is a Blu-ray player is obviously not relevant. Also if people want their PS4 for Blu-rays, they don't realize the optical output does not do Dolby or DTS for films.
  15. Sorry to dredge this up. I bought Formula D (have yet to find someone to play it with) a while ago. For some reason the cars were missing but an email to the makers solved that. I have been buying the Expansion Track packs, and recently bought packs 4 and 5, now giving me 12 tracks to choose from, with the two in the original game.
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