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  1. I didn't realise the original was available now! I had heard rumblings for ages but completely missed it somehow. Thanks for the heads-up.
  2. PC, PlayStation, Xbox and Switch. Really pleasantly surprised at the price - £7.99 on PS and Xbox, and a few pence more on Switch. Lack of reviews is a concern, but I'll give it a go at that price no doubt as I have very fond memories of the original.
  3. It is possible to do this to an extent, but of course you have to jump through a few hoops. If you go to the Collections tab within Plus, and then scroll down to the bottom, there's a Classics Catalogue section which splits out PS3 but lumps PS1, PS2 and PSP together (because there would be fuck all in each otherwise). But hey, I can play Syphon Filter. I'm happy.
  4. Perfect, I'll do exactly that. Thanks!
  5. Having finally played Dark Souls properly for the first time recently and loving it, I'm interested in checking out The Surge as it's on sale. What's the verdict on the DLC? I have the option of getting The Surge plus all DLC for £5.99, or The Surge 1 & 2 (base games only) for £12.24. I think I'm going to go for the latter unless the DLC for the first game is particularly good.
  6. 🕹 High Score Day #10 - https://highscoreday.com No chance with the second one and lucked out a little with a guess on the last.
  7. I am indescribably happy at this news. And the fact that it has been in development for two years and is close to release? I can’t believe it. I’m giddy!
  8. It's going to be a hard one to live down. A real albatross around my neck forever more.
  9. I got raided by FUCKING LIMMY last night. Still not quite sure it was real. Thanks for being there @Shoes!
  10. Ah. So what you're saying is that if I had done the tiniest bit of research I could have easily answered this myself? Understood. (Thank you!)
  11. My son's keen on this at the moment so thinking of getting it for him for Christmas. Does anyone know if he would need a PS+ account to play it online?
  12. More Joe Pera is exactly what I need right now. The best news.
  13. They've said the front page of the website will link to the pre-order page and that they'll tweet out a link too.
  14. If it makes a difference, you don't play through the full game for the extra endings. You'll also retain weapons and upgrades, etc. so battles will be much quicker as you go back through. Incredibly minor spoilers about the nature of accessing the endings follow, but no specific story stuff:
  15. This thing continues to be utterly ludicrous. I absolutely must have one.
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