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  1. They've said they will be putting the Series S and accessories up throughout the day, concentrating on getting the Series X up at 8am.
  2. Habit, essentially. Waiting for a new console release in that last week or so leading up to launch day. The excitement and subsequent disappointment each time you hear a vehicle passing by the house. The eventual joy at opening the package and carefully removing the contents. The complete ambivalence just a couple of days later. If I’m honest with myself it’s the only thing that comes anywhere close to the feeling Christmas gave me as a kid, and these days I’m happy to pay a premium for a fleeting reminder of those innocent days every few years.
  3. Spot the difference between the FF XVI disclaimers. During the presentation: Same trailer uploaded separately:
  4. Not a great start (2-0 home loss to Charlton) but we didn't embarrass ourselves. Couple of key players missing didn't help either (although I understand they weren't at their strongest either). I just hope our young team gets through what will likely be a rough first few games without being too disheartened.
  5. Very excited with a couple of minutes to go until the big kick off. Good transfer business for Crewe in the summer but a few injuries and a very difficult first few games. No idea which way things will go this year but can’t wait to find out.
  6. Difficult to know what will happen this season for Crewe in League One. It's a step up but is it that big a step up? It's a few years since we were at this level, so I honestly don't know. Pros: Young squad with no fear and sky-high confidence after being top of the table when everything stopped (although dropped down to 2nd on pts per game); we've kept hold of key players like Kirk; added a bit of pace and power up front with Zanzala from Accrington Stanley. Cons: No reinforcements in central defence yet, where we've lost vital experience in Nicky Hunt (released) and M
  7. I'll try and pop by for a bit and will definitely follow the channel. If you're keen to gain more followers and interaction in chat from regulars, there are a few things I think have definitely helped in that respect from my short time streaming. I'm still learning the ropes really but I'm lucky enough to have built a small group of followers who tend to make it to most of my streams. First of all, I'd say it's important to find a handful of other streamers you find interesting or entertaining and dedicate time to offering them that same interaction you're looking for.
  8. I don't venture into Online much, so I've only just found this thread and have been reading with interest. I tried Twitch for the first time a year or so back and did it infrequently while I was learning the ropes, with huge gaps in-between streams sometimes. Since March I've been streaming almost every night and I've managed to build up a small but very loyal following. I'm at just under 100 followers but I've been lucky enough to find a small number of incredibly supportive people, which has encouraged me hugely and given me the motivation to keep at it regularly. My average view
  9. Just to add to the Schitt’s Creek talk, I also thought I would hate the vast majority of the characters at first. I’m glad I stuck with it. Catherine O’Hara is amazing in pretty much everything she does, but at first I thought the voice she was putting on was going to irritate me immensely. Now that I’m further in, some of her intonation in this slays me. And David is just amazing. Such an excellent character. We’ve just started S2 and are likely to race through the rest.
  10. Absolutely. The church readings episode (rightly) gets lots of plaudits but the fall drive is just incredible. I am obsessed with that 10 minutes of TV.
  11. The TV edit with alternative dubbing for swears was wonderful. Denis Farina uttering "I'll stab you through the heart with a [BROKEN] pencil..." was a highlight.
  12. I completely missed the remake news. I rinsed the original on Xbox 360 and am definitely keen to revisit, especially as it’s a different version to the one we got the first time. I haven’t played Automata yet and was keen to get to it soon but might wait to play this again first. That mobile game footage doesn’t give much away but I’ll definitely give it a chance.
  13. We've put a couple of new episodes out recently. Episode 33 covered Undertale and Syphon Filter, while episode 34 featured SOS: The Final Escape and Assassin's Creed 3. Thanks as ever to everyone here who has supported the podcast so far, it means a huge amount. A quick clip from Episode 33: iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/podcast/playing-catch-up/id827542901?mt=2 RSS feed: http://feeds.feedburner.com/PlayingCatch-up Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/episode/29WV4ku5tVt5PisLTgxT0e
  14. My son just packed Neymar. It’s good to know nothing I ever do will make him as happy as he was in that moment.
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