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  1. 🕹 High Score Day #10 - https://highscoreday.com No chance with the second one and lucked out a little with a guess on the last.
  2. I am indescribably happy at this news. And the fact that it has been in development for two years and is close to release? I can’t believe it. I’m giddy!
  3. It's going to be a hard one to live down. A real albatross around my neck forever more.
  4. I got raided by FUCKING LIMMY last night. Still not quite sure it was real. Thanks for being there @Shoes!
  5. Ah. So what you're saying is that if I had done the tiniest bit of research I could have easily answered this myself? Understood. (Thank you!)
  6. My son's keen on this at the moment so thinking of getting it for him for Christmas. Does anyone know if he would need a PS+ account to play it online?
  7. More Joe Pera is exactly what I need right now. The best news.
  8. They've said the front page of the website will link to the pre-order page and that they'll tweet out a link too.
  9. If it makes a difference, you don't play through the full game for the extra endings. You'll also retain weapons and upgrades, etc. so battles will be much quicker as you go back through. Incredibly minor spoilers about the nature of accessing the endings follow, but no specific story stuff:
  10. This thing continues to be utterly ludicrous. I absolutely must have one.
  11. I haven’t played it, but this is pretty great:
  12. I've been streaming on Twitch for a little while now, so more than happy to help if there's anything specific you have questions about. I tend to play stuff that's been out for a while, rather than constantly hopping about to the next big thing. I also go for 100% and trophies on some games, so there's a lot of side quest and collecting that clearly isn't for everyone. I don't have a capable PC at the moment, so it's just audio while I stream directly from console, but I plan to change that at some point in the near future when it isn't quite such a terrible time to be looking for a new PC. My schedule can be erratic because of family and work, but I try to stream a few nights a week from around 10:30pm. https://www.twitch.tv/playingcatchup EDIT: I meant to add that I've been following @Dotterelfor a good while but will make sure I get the rest of you followed.
  13. It's in the new PSN sale this week for £8.99 if you were on the fence. https://store.playstation.com/en-gb/product/EP3617-CUSA11946_00-428SHIBUYASCRAEU
  14. Was coming here to post exactly the same clip with the same sentiment, as it's also my favourite film. He'll always be Alonzo Mosely to me.
  15. Yes, agreed on Guy. It's an odd one in that he can be irritating in studio but comes across much better during the tasks.
  16. Just to reiterate that NZ Taskmaster is excellent. The first episode was a slight struggle watching Paul (not-Alex) do an Alex impression in the studio but I found him uniformly excellent during the tasks. Jeremy is also no Greg Davies but I got used to him after a while. The contestants are all good fun and it has perhaps my favourite task out of all of Taskmaster towards the end of the series. Also, check out the album Surf Music by Paul Williams / Not-Alex. It is legitimately amazing. His music videos are often really good too. https://paulwilliams12.bandcamp.com/album/surf-music
  17. Was just coming in here to excitedly let everyone know who missed out last time, having just seen the new live show announcement at the end of this week's episode. Good job there's no limit this time or I would have been stuffed. Looking forward to being a cesspit gem all over again.
  18. What's your channel, @Rob Rule? I'll only swing by if you're at 29 viewers or less, naturally. I know what you mean about the chat. I've very rarely been at those kind of heights so far, but I've had a couple of decent sized raids along the way and when chat starts whizzing by it can be jarring.
  19. First of all, congratulations on raising that money for charity. That's excellent. I've just followed your channel and will definitely check in next time I see you live. I've been streaming fairly regularly since the first lockdown last year, and despite some ups and downs it's been a real boost for me on the whole. I wrote some thoughts / advice for somebody else a little while back in a different thread, so apologies if you've already seen that as I'll repeat myself massively here! Some points around trying to increase your following: Seek out other streamers you enjoy and spend some time offering them the same type of interaction you're looking for from your followers. Don't just check out their stream once, drop them a follow and then disappear. Pop up in their streams regularly and comment on the games, or something they said, or ask them questions. If you build up a rapport, then more often than not they'll get around to checking out your stuff too. Not all of them will, and that's fine; if you still find them entertaining or interesting to watch, keep doing it and learn from what you think they do well. This might sound completely obvious, but when you do get people watching, do what you can to engage with them. (I've checked out your latest stream and you seem naturally good at this.) Acknowledging their comments is great. Using those comments to riff off is better. Asking them questions of your own to keep the interaction going is better still. If someone feels welcome and valued when watching your stream, the chances are they're going to come back. A regular time slot for streaming definitely helps, so stick to that if you can. That said, that's a really difficult area for me to stick to currently and I've managed to keep a small following, so it's not absolutely essential. Maybe the most important point: embrace the fact that you're not going to be for everyone. People will come by, watch for a few minutes and drift away. Don't take it personally. If you try and be everything to everyone, you won't be able to keep it up. Do it for the fun of it first and foremost. If people see you having a great time doing it, the right ones will stick around / come back. You mentioned in your recent stream that you have your live viewer count turned off, which will help here massively! On a similar point - you mention playing Osu because a regular viewer keeps bugging you to do it. I totally get the impulse to do that and keep a viewer happy and interested, but on the whole I would absolutely recommend you stick to playing stuff that you want to play. I have a thing where people can select games for me to play in the future using a big chunk of channel points. That way, regulars can have an input on what gets played on stream sometimes, but I also have rules in there so that if I detest the game after an hour or two, that counts as me having played it and I can move onto something else. If you get a chance, try and build out your About page a bit more. Let people know what you're all about, your schedule, etc. I did nothing with mine for ages but as soon as I did I was surprised at the number of people who came in and commented on something I'd written in my introduction, etc. Raids! I'm not sure if you usually do it, but I noticed you didn't raid at the end of your latest stream. This can be a great way to build up a connection with other streamers. Pick people you like and actively enjoy watching, and stick around for a while after you raid and interact if you can. Sorry, that went on a bit! Having watched your latest stream, my initial impression is that you'll definitely be able to build an audience. I thought you were engaging and interacted well with the chat which is at least half the battle. The camera set-up and transition stings, etc. are really nice too. (I don't have any of that stuff yet as I currently stream audio-only direct from console, but plan to get a PC soon and upgrade that side of things.) Anyway, good luck with it and I'll definitely be dropping by when I can. In the meantime, if you need any specific advice or want to bounce any questions/ideas off somebody, I'd be more than happy to help.
  20. I was about to write that I thought the iOS version of 999 removed the escape room elements, and that it seems like a bit of a shame to play a cut down version of a genuine classic. However it looks like the iOS version was actually pulled from the App Store a couple of years back so isn't an option anyway, unfortunately. Thanks to @therearerules for the heads up on 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim. I've bought it in the sale to add to the huge stack of visual novels / adventure games I couldn't possibly find time to play. Gnosia will surely follow.
  21. Yes! This was the exact moment I knew I was going to adore Parks and Recreation. So, so good.
  22. There was a trailer a week or two back that had a section that was very reminiscent of: Beyond that, I'm really hoping we're going to end up with an episode based on:
  23. I also voted that I like him as I hadn't read about the abusive behaviour. Largely because I like that he plagarised his apology for plagarism. That was good. But yeah, reading the rest of the thread has put a dampener on things to say the least.
  24. My PSN is BillyBrown (no space). I might not be able to get on until later as my son has control of the TV but I'll try sending you one before the day is through if you manage to add me. Thanks in advance for trying.
  25. Did you manage to get this done? Whenever I try to send an image it just says ‘Cannot bless friend now’. Not sure what the issue is.
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