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  1. Added The Orb to this (with permission from video's original creator), fitted perfectly....
  2. I'm in agreement with the lack of variety. But just an easy way to go and visit someone's favourite planet however familiar would be at least some reward (especially compared to what actually does happens). I haven't 100%'d a planet yet. But I probably would be more inclined to find a favourite and completely label all creatures if I knew I could share it more easily. Actually perhaps it probably should just be a feature rather than an end of game reward.
  3. What would be great if when you did get to the center of the universe:
  4. Also I played it at Develop conference and it's really good! (and played it in VR which bizarrely was also pretty amazing)
  5. I have a new super casual game (similar style to the Ketchapp titles) which is getting to the point where I need to show it around to publishers. I've created all the assets for it personally and it currently kind of resembles the style of 2048 (because I copied the colour scheme) However it also looks really dull so I feel it's time to get a professional to check it out and improve the colour scheme/design/UI and possibly add some style while still focusing on the mass market appeal. Hoping as the game design is so simple it will be only be a few paid days work to take a look and improve. If this kind of design is your thing send me a PM! Cheers.
  6. I downgraded Englands player stats in a huff after they lost, kind of regret it now as they aren't that good and people are complaining. Will sort!
  7. Released a new version of Tiki Taka Soccer - Tiki Taka World Soccer on iOS and Android. it's more of a traditional football game setup - international cup tournaments, quick match, much improved game engine and local multiplayer. No real career style progression so it's a paid app this time. Some codes below! any glowing app store reviews greatly appreciated even if you hate it. Also special thanks to the forums own @Totoroand @sir_shrew who helped me out with some banner art.
  8. Probably not enough content to get an idea but try and see if all the extra ways to approach combat (stealth, enviromental stuff (rolling rocks, fire), stealing weapons etc) is negated by it being easier and quicker to just run in and kill everything. Hopefully not.
  9. Sorted now - thanks!
  10. Go! Go! Meatball - £1.49 Jump, duck and roll like a meatball in this exciting hardcore platformer! A bit of misplaced voodoo magic and a twist of fate causes a meatball come back to life! There is but one problem - everyone wants to eat him! Running for his life meatball has no time to dodge all obstacles in his way. You have to help him survive! Help Meatball back to safety by jumping, ducking and rolling around in this cute, fast-paced and challenging platformer. * 30 challenging levels across 3 worlds * Delightful pixel-art graphics * Over 10 unlockable hats * A jolly good soundtrack * Game Center Achievements and Leaderboards * Old-school gaming fun!
  11. I'll jump on if there is space. Added who I could see playing on rllmuk group.
  12. New Starbucks freebee: Trick Shot "A game where all you do is throw a ball into a box, simple? Trick Shot is a minimalist physics puzzler with 100 levels and an infinite supply of bouncy balls to get that perfect shot." ** Editors Choice in more that 80 countries ** ** iTunes best of September 2015 ** ** iTunes best of 2015 ** https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/trick-shot/id1016915419?mt=8
  13. Starbucks latest. Super Sharp: App Store best of 2015. https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/super-sharp/id1033873301?mt=8
  14. hobo

    The Witness

    I couldn't figure that one out. Turns out that puzzle has two solutions. Hope that helps without taking away the satisfaction of solving.
  15. hobo

    The Witness

    Ok got it, I'm in the right place but must have the puzzle incorrect.
  16. hobo

    The Witness

    Ah the main entrance via the boat? After listing my stuck sections I just completed the desert temple and the last few symmetry tiles which didn't seem to open any further progression. Back to the swamp...
  17. hobo

    The Witness

    I'm not very good at this but still very enjoyable. Two lasers down shady trees and the first laser (desert-ish bit by the coast) Where I am currently stuck: All in all so far so good. Making slow steady progress.
  18. Badland was free in Starbucks today. Some codes:
  19. Twice a season via an incident popup (half way and at season end) you get the ability to sell players.
  20. Thanks! I definitely feel the early season's are too tough mainly people don't understand the fact when you swipe and the ball doesnt go where you swipe it's not a bug it's the fact the players arent that good. Same with the passing with passes going astray. But that has to change somehow so it doesnt feel wrong to the player. Then I also feel but the latter seasons are too easy. Something to work on. Will sort that bug.
  21. Completed this finally. It's incredible as mentioned. I returned to the game to check out what has to be one of the best things - the atmospheric woodlands. Some minor spoilers below and some screenshots describing a short ramble to my favourite forested area just East of Oxenfurt. If you want to try a woodland walk I can recommend it.
  22. Will definitely add a board!
  23. On Android replays have been temporarily removed, basically on some devices Kamkord (the replay system) just didnt open and Google didnt like the button being there when it didnt work. Probably going to switch to Everyplay soon and it will be back.
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