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  1. First of all thanks for spending money! With the latest update (actually a few updates ago you can tap the ? and see the stats of the player) Agree the player search/sort/shop needs an overhaul. Will fix all these. Thanks.
  2. It must be. The game itself is only 80MB.
  3. iOS hopefully by Thursday next week. Although unfortunately it will be experience bug version, then a hotfix to get that sorted. Yes definitely considering improved keeper AI/controls.
  4. Some people arent getting experience after the level increase, fixing soon. Can you email me info at panicbarn.com - might grab some more info off you, possibly get your save uploaded. Cheers.
  5. Corner thing is fixed in the next update. Corner setup positions were based on where the shot was taken. Defending corner's does need improvement but not yet sure of the best method. Think offsides are pretty solid, let me know if you get a video. Basic roadmap = bugs -> young player improvements -> selling players -> AI improvements That looks good to me, the angle of the goal may make things tricky. Good spot.
  6. Oh I get it, you mean the start of the new season all players should be fit and recovered! good point.
  7. PM'd you about this, if you exit the app before the notifications are shown you don't seem them on restart(will be fixed) but the loss of cash was meant to have been fixed. Can you give me a bit more info on this? PM me if easier. Cheers.
  8. I suspect the round you played in is set to just single leg, will take a look. Team name will be a mix up for that incident. Will change. This is frustrating for me, kamkord basically just doesn't work on certain android devices. He pause thing is bad user experience so will sort. Yes definitely bumping the level cap, I just saw it as a mechanism to unlock formations but realise people now see it more of something to aim for. Expect another 25 levels soon. Yes no cloud saving at the moment, sorry.
  9. An example: If you are in Conference you earn 10K per match If you are in Prem you earn 150K per match The prices of the coaches/items are set to a percentage of what you earn per match. Let me know if theres variation when you play your next Europa match compared to your league matches.
  10. Everything goes up in price depending on what league you are in. But its all relative to what you earn per match.
  11. Yes something up when you get a 'bye' to the next round. Will fix soon. There's some historical data on the manager screen about your previous seasons.
  12. All going well so far and can keep fixing the issues and iterating. TTS2 is long way off though! No as they are all consumables. If you want I can add you to the beta test and you can skip forward a few seasons. Will still be a new game though. Will check the Kamkord thing the plugin is odd but youtube sharing definitely working for me. iOS updates will be coming out every 2 weeks ish. Android updates will be a lot quicker.
  13. Yes might slow it down or probably add more levels which will hopefully last longer. No sorry. Cloud saving would be great one day though.
  14. Will PM you about the time/subs bug. Been trying to re-create and it's tough.
  15. Yes - that's fixed on Android already and iOS this week. Completely missed how everyone would be using ageing players in the first few seasons! Now the number of retiree's (is that a word) is limited, the chance of retiring is less, you are also warned before you buy an ageing player and finally older players stat's drop less. Selling players and improving stats of younger players soon. Agree, this will be made more obvious. Essentially it's just a way to start the game again (perhaps you want to try a different country). You keep all cash.
  16. Yes please! NRG cans you can use on the formation screen and at half time. All other energy items can be used by selecting them in the shop and pressing the icon near your cash total on the blue bar. You can only use them if energy < 100%. Few people have struggled with this so will have to improve.
  17. Same incident directly in a row? Shouldn't happen will take a look.
  18. Just tested and noticed you can rapidly tap the screen after an AI goal and the game will start before everyone is in position. Also believe this was what happened with Zok's restart while he was entering Kamkord details. Fix ASAP.
  19. Interesting, probably a second season thing. Good idea about the sponsor board, will add it.
  20. Ball should be called out of play at this point. This is actually fixed on Android, iOS still waiting approval. Will PM you about the kick off thing, never seen that.
  21. Let me know if you do eventually actually play in the second round of the cup or its just gone for good. That could help with a fix.
  22. Had a few of these double goal's pointed out to me. Will take a look. This simply shouldnt happen. Kamkord is a bit of a nightmare sometimes. Will try and figure it out.
  23. Hey Fry will send you a PM for more info. That throw-in bug has been fixed. Have sent you a PM. Should be able to restore your game. Agree - I think this is the biggest element to people tiring their team out without realising it can be solved by NRG sorting. Definitely need to make it more obvious.
  24. Not yet. On the to do list!
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