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  1. Selling players is coming soon. Players over 34 have a chance of retiring at the end of the season. Yes the price should reflect age and skill level.
  2. Yes - the noise is applied to angle and power. Definitely will look at tweaking both values.
  3. Basically noise is applied to every shot based on your players shooting stat. Meaning players with lower shooting stat have a high chance of balooning it. Definitely need to explain that somehow!
  4. Germany has the same number of divisions (can check the leagues in MANAGER screen) and the difficulty is the same, essentially the starting league is the equivalent of the conference. That's something I alwalys wanted like NSS - you press the ? and it tells you about every area. Sorry, coming soon!
  5. Hopefully not. Early stages tips: - always SORT: NRG before each game so you rest the tired players who's stats drop and are more likely to be injured - buy a two star skills coach after pre-season which boosts all your players - then buy Cureton he's old but the cheapest CF and good for a season - Burton is also pretty good at early stages and good for a season
  6. Penalties - yes to save tap one way or the other, need to explain that! Keeper AI needs to be improved agree. Also you can do backspin/forwardspin after your initial shot swipe by quickly swiping back and forward. Interesting regarding the vids thing - can you PM me how to recreate. Subs button doesnt stop the time! thats fixed in the next patch. Android fix very soon, iOS quite soon.
  7. Yes the top right when in-game.
  8. Selling players will come as an update, wanted it for launch but ran out of time, as with young players stats increasing. Trying to keep the mechanics of the management side simple so probably just an end of season popup giving you the opportunity to sell the chaff. The formation stuff is another bug which is fixed and will come via an update very soon if you are Android, not so soon for iOS. Basically the subs on the formation screen isn't reflected in-game.
  9. Aware of that one. Its a right b-stard to recreate but working on it.
  10. Quick request/beg....if you are still enjoying the game can you leave a review? (hopefully a good one). Thanks!
  11. Thanks for the positivity. There's still a few bugs to iron out (as you are discovering) and plenty of features which were planned but had to be dropped but hopefully this can be the start and can iterate and improve.
  12. Interesting podcast with George Miller. I waited until I saw the film before listening as there is naturally discussion about the film: http://happysadconfused.wolfpop.com/audio/25412/george-miller
  13. That old video (of essentially a tech demo) finally turned into game. And it's out next week!
  14. Ball King and Skiing Yeti Mountain are both fantastic:
  15. Starbucks latest - Valiant Hearts The Great War Never played it but looks ok: I have used top left code.
  16. hobo

    Android Games

    If any Android users would like to beta-test my football game please let me know. Even if you have no interest in football just to make sure it doesn't crash or destroy your device in someway. Currently I have only tested on Google Nexus 6, 7 and 9 and the massive range of other Android devices scares me slightly. If interested just PM me with your device and I will get things in motion. Appreciated.
  17. Picked up some Talisman codes at Starbucks. Love the board game. This looks pretty good too: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/talisman/id681942253?mt=8 Codes (used removed):
  18. If you die on the first level is there any point in using a continue? Maybe just drop the player straight back into the action. I like the extra control you have now but I do miss it when you get to a boss, seems odd changing up the control system. Also agree with Scribblor's idea that you should level up/progress in some way to make future runs easier even if you die.
  19. For me (again this could just be me) I noticed the swords in the top right but didn't correlate the number of swords to the type of mob's I could kill on screen. With hindsight I now remember the tutorial telling me about this. When you are watching your charachter move up the screen I focused on the action of him heading up screen. If there was a way to indicate when you look at this area if you could destroy a mob you are moving towards it could help (such as previously mentioned colour system or perhaps the swords above your charachter/mob head rather than top left) However admittedly now I know how to play it's not relevant. It's just those first few plays were slightly confusing.
  20. Personally I didn't pick this up from the tutorial (but it could just be me). Perhaps also an in game representation of what you can/can't destroy would help: - your level number / mob level number above heads - a colour system, red surround for enemies you can't kill, green surround for enemies you can kill - or something more elegant!
  21. Playing on iPhone6.Few notes: - One thing I am struggling with is how I fail during a level? Sometimes I set my man off and he dies the first time I bump into something. Other times he bumps off the baddies and makes it to the end. Is the idea to level up with easier monsters first and build up or simply avoid all enemies? - Connected to this perhaps a way to measure the relative strength of baddies so I can plan my route if I need to hit weaker enemies first? - Bosses, i cant seem to move left and right during boss fights? is this on purpose? Apart from that very slick so far...
  22. I am awful as well. Was initially blaming it on lag but the last two days completely lag free and just being destroyed by Madrid/Barca/Bayern. The day's of a chipped through ball to Adriano truly are long gone. I actually play 4-5-1 defensive and hope for one pure opportunity a match it seems to be the only way to cope with Bale/Ronaldo/Benzema.
  23. How do I invite you? or see your invite. I am missing something really obvious right? Also PC player here and all my games tonight were laggy. After all this time. Incredible. If you play on PC let's have some games. Although I don't know how to directly invite a player yet.
  24. Anyone on PC version and up for some games you can add me on steam. Username: hoboagogo Or perhaps you can add someone directly in the game? (haven't figured it out yet). Username: hoboagogo
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