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  1. It opens up a little bit, but even the more expansive outside areas are still restrictive compared to say Stalker.
  2. Ok another request. Someone mentioned Playstation Plus Magazine (Seems to have later turned into Playnation). Does anyone know of any torrents or anyone have this on DVD, anywhere basically? Cheers.
  3. Been tweeting some scans of various C&VG's. Been nostalgic looking through for reviews/articles I remember. Most of them to date are here: http://retrogamemagscans.imgur.com/ Will definitely tweet that Sonic reveal issue.
  4. Was it just me or the...(ending spoilers)
  5. Definitely post on the monkey forums regarding the networking/multiplayer stuff. Like siread mentioned I cant remember seeing any modules or functionality that will support networking. Doesn't mean it hasn't/cant be done, but best ask around before paying up. Apart from that I have nothing but good stuff to say about Monkey, and also more recently the Ignition framework which sits on top.
  6. hobo


    This article made me feel slightly better about Walcott http://www.7amkickoff.com/2013/walcotts-signature-adds-up-to-a-good-deal/
  7. Looks like thanks to Mr Pickle I am all sorted. With regards to Saturn, N64 and Dreamcast were there any definitive magazines (again like Super Play for the SNES)?
  8. Yeah checked eBay could only find ZZAP64 which I already have. Amiga Power seems to be elusive. CCRASH it looks like I can buy on zzap64 website.
  9. Bit of a bump. I have started tweeting a daily scan from the retro magazines scans I have. (Super Play, ACE, Zzap64, Mean Machines and C&VG) It's quite fun delving into the scans I have for a blast of nosalgia. However I realise now I am missing some coverage of the speccy and Amiga. Specifically CCrash for Spectrum coverage and something covering the Amiga - I think Amiga Power was the most well respected (SuperPlay-equivalent) of the Amiga world? Does anyone have these DVD's or know if there are torrents or newsgroup nzb's of these magazine's? I can trade what I have if it helps. It's even mentioned above (years ago) that I can buy these scans from a guy called Mort? Is that still possible.
  10. hobo

    Far Cry 3.

    So far this is the best PC mod-compilation I have found: Ceano's mod pack. http://forums.ubi.co...l=1#post8834721 Long list of what the mod contains:
  11. The only real issue for me was the hand holding. You alwalys knew what to do and where to go. The sense of exploration and feeling of discovery was tempered with forced messages and the swords divining properties. You can understand why Nintendo went this way. I'm sure through endless play testing and focus groups the vast majority of people simply struggle with what to do, where to go next and they don't get anywhere near to completing the game or get very far at all. Couple this with players trying to understand the new controls and Nintendo probably felt they had no choice but to make it as accessible as possible. But for some of us more experienced Zelda players it waters down the whole experience.
  12. Really enjoying this. The only issue I have is the same problem I had with Deus Ex 3. I feel compelled to see everything in the level, explore every area. The rewards for doing so are generally solutions/routes to areas/problems I have already dealt with. Must be a bit of OCD.
  13. There's another Walking Dead game out - Walking Dead Assault. Top down strategy/action. Seems pretty good so far. Uses art and storyline direct from comic books.
  14. hobo

    Nintendo Wii U

    Frosty outside, warm inside. House still quiet, the perfect time to run downstairs and switch on the new Nintendo console. If I had one. And some stairs.
  15. Fix is now live, alwalys plays in landscape now.
  16. There is a pause button on the game screen, hit pause then press quit to return to title. Should make that more obvious it's kind of the same colour as the background. Yeah I should fix that, thanks for the info. It saves the state upon completion of the level only. Again there is a pause button on the game screen just next to your score. Hit this for a few options and the status of your quests. This is a bug, I have sent a fix to apple really pissed off with myself as I fixed is before launch but it crept back in. It should alwalys be in landscape mode but yes fix incoming ASAP. Thanks all for feedback glad you are playing!
  17. Good - featured on the App store (ok only under card games but still amazing for me to see it there) Bad - Major bug - game plays in portrait mode instead of landscape on Retina iPads with iOS6, had to send a fix to Apple. Balls!
  18. Yeah that sounds right. The levels are kind of grouped in six's so every six levels you will have a score to beat and a background tile is revealed. They ramp up in difficulty but then the rewards you earn will hopefully provide some help in obtaining those scores. That is until the later levels where you will need Darren Brown level's of memory skills. I'll be honest at times I had to turn on cheat mode but then I have a memory of a fish. By the way if anyone wants a promo code to review or just any kind of vague promotion like mentioning it on a twitter let me know. I only have 20 followers! Very happy you are enjoying it!
  19. Point 2 is a worry ill look into it!
  20. I made a game and it's out now for iPad on iTunes. It's a unique twist on the classic card game memory and works really well on the bigger screen sizes of the iPad devices. So it's basically a high score game, the only limit to you scoring big is your memory. You have one minute on the clock to hunt for matching pairs in a full deck of cards but you can also reveal pairs in succession for hi-scoring combo's. Also here are some promo codes. Please say if you use one then I'll delete them. There's also little bit more about the development of the game in the dev folder. 34M3P6RLRHX9 9KJYYK6RXXWR HNXHP93AN7KL NHPNY9RE74YM EEY7E7N3K9KR iTunes Link!
  21. Ookibloks is looking great. Pair Panic went live on the app store this morning. If you like some puzzle memory type gaming especially designed for your ipad, take a look! https://itunes.apple...98581?ls=1&mt=8
  22. Apple have approved Pair Panic and in anticipation of the iPad launch I have made a trailer...
  23. Front page of newgrounds! (only for today probably) ...scroll down a bit. P-bots daily picks... http://www.newgrounds.com/ Had to take a pic as it will probably disappear tomorrow! http://imgur.com/20Eoa
  24. Looks fantastic. Is Ookibloks available elsewere now?
  25. Hello all - I recently completed my first game - Pair Panic! It was developed for the iPad (as it really suits the touchscreen and larger screen) and is currently sat with Apple in testing. So hopefully will be approved soon. So what is Pair Panic? I wanted to try something simple for my first game so it's pair matching with a twist - 60 seconds on the clock and you search the deck for pairs. Finding individual pair's is easy (and reward's you with bonus time and points) but if you can find and remember where multiple pairs are you can create combo's which give you massive bonus time and big scores. Also you have a number of in-game quests which if completed increases your level and gives you in-game rewards that again can help you achieve even bigger combos and big scores. Some screenshots here! I'm looking forward to seeing the hi-scores on game-center as your score is literally limited by your memory or specifically your ability to remember where pairs are... Also I have uploaded a flash version to newgrounds which can be found here, although personally I feel it suits a touchscreen interface: http://www.newground...tal/view/605705 Also created some gameplay vids of the iPad version... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZV4rK_DWf_A And i'm currently trying and failing to put together a trailer. But working on it. That's about it!
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