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  1. Some goodies I am currently enjoying as I start my Vault Hunter run through. The grenade is like a smart bomb!
  2. hobo


    Anyone but Giroud up front looks to me like papering over cracks with playing players out of position (actually maybe Podolski is the exception) like when we had to have Arshavin playing up front. I thought for just the one season we were preparing to not have to do that. I still believe a defensive wall style midfielder with defending the back four their first consideration would be really useful. I don't see how this wont fit, doesn't have to mean they are shit on the ball. Exactly making do again. Hope i'm wrong and Giroud and Chamakh both step up. I have no doubts about Giroud. I also believe Wenger wont buy though, maybe Sahin on loan.
  3. hobo


    Can't start the season with just Giroud and Chamakh. Also desperately need a defensive midfielder in the Gilberto mould. Two more players Arsene and my post-Carloza optimism will be back.
  4. Is anyone else finding this kind of unplayable at night? And due to playing it when I get home from work it's always night. (on Euro servers). Even with gamma/brightness set to max (which makes it look like shit). I'm all for realism but I'm struggling, is everyone else lighting flares? playing on US servers?
  5. Some more Zimmer? Inception Batman Pirates
  6. hobo


    Loving the Brucey toot at 0:35... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wWT0YyNMpUw
  7. What kind of trouble? I just completed it. No trouble, just didnt quite understand one bit. PM or spoiler your question if needed.
  8. Just means you have unlocked more goodies to discover on your next play through. The basement is the first two areas. p.s. dont think I have ever made a deal with the devil that has worked out. Red heart's are too important.
  9. Fly halo is a separate power up. Not sure what the shit-wig does, picked it up late in the game. Mum's bra with a battery is probably the most useful space-bar power up I have found. Little guy is like brother bobby and the sister - follows you and shoots as well.
  10. Just beat (end of game spoilers below): Seriously one of the best game's of the year.
  11. Anyone a AS3 game developer looking for paid work? Or have any suggestions the best place to look for one. Thanks.
  12. I haen't tried this yet, but a few people saying it works a treat, so gotta be worth a go (if a steam sale pops up). I had this issue, make sure you have actually played the game (I loaded it and started a new game, then quit) before following the steps. It then works great.
  13. hobo


    David Dein in the last pic giving him a push.
  14. HBO guide is good, got me up to speed: http://viewers-guide.hbo.com/game-of-thrones/
  15. Scroll magazine has a feature on exactly this: http://scroll.vg/blog/scroll-01-endurance.html
  16. hobo


    This annoys me. I remember when 4-5-1 was trotted out only for European away games against top opposition. And it worked really well for example the run to the champ league final. This formation seems to have been taken and molded by Wenger into the 4-3-3 (aka 4-2-1-3 / 4-1-2-3 / 4-5-1) default formation used by youth, reserves and first team 100% of the time. And he simply wont budge from this. I mean why not try 4-4-2 at home against Sunderland and Blackburn and make Cesc adapt to the team rather than the other way round.
  17. hobo


    Wenger does spend money, just not massive sums on individual players. His mantra; bring young potentially great players to the club from all around the world, teach them from a young age a specific way to play and watch them mature as individual's and a team to become world beaters. Players over 30 who physically cannot compete statistically to the younger players (but bring experience, and potentially a winning mentality) are replaced with youngster's who have a deep bond to the club and the team. This bond is instilled from playing together from such a young age. Occasionally look to add experienced players to this youthful team but never pay over the odds or buy players that may hinder the younger players. This methodology not only creates a winning team but also arrives without expenditure Arsenal cannot afford due to the debt of building a stadium which will allow Arsenal to compete financially against Europe's top teams.... .... ... .. . . bugger.
  18. I found all my old FF books at my parents today...no idea where to start. I don't think I've read the majority... Freeway Fighter!
  19. Finally discovered my old games and FF books at my parents today. A lot of it is in bad condition but man the smile on my face...total wave of nostalgia. My personal favourite has to be Talisman and it's crazy expansions. Talisman Timescape!
  20. hobo


    Zelda - Lost Woods (Dubstep Remix) http://hypem.com/#!/item/1amtj/Zelda+-+Lost+Woods+Ephixa+Dubstep+Remix+
  21. hobo


    I feel like Gary Mabbutt sat on my cat.
  22. hobo


    Best news evah. http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/teams/a/arsenal/9146582.stm Arsenal midfielder Jack Wilshere has signed a new long-term contract at the Premier League club. "To be offered a new contract means everything to me," Wilshere told Arsenal's website on Monday. "At this point in my career, when I'm only 18 years old and still learning so much about the game and myself, this is the perfect club, the perfect team-mates, the perfect fans, the perfect backroom staff and most importantly, the perfect manager to help continue that. "I've got a long way to go before I can become the player I dream of becoming and I'm sure I'll keep making the odd mistake, but it is a massive help for me having a special manager like Arsene Wenger and so many quality team-mates and the unbelievable Arsenal fans around me. I believe there is a lot more to come from me."
  23. Thanks for the responses - was just extremely confusing how it was all total hostility by the Powder Gang outside the jail but then in the jail they were tolerant. I believe by putting the armour on before I entered took me into neutral territory with the gang but even that wasnt enough for some - this could be as I didnt holster my weapon. Onwards!
  24. I also have a question regarding the Sheriff quest, spoiler: Thanks for any info that might make me realise what I have actually acheived.
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