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  1. hobo

    Halo 2

    Holy fucking maccarone bajanglees!!!! ....What are we looking at?
  2. System Shock 2. With additional texture pack and cutscene pack. http://perso.wanadoo.fr/etienne.aubert/ssh...ock_rebirth.htm http://www.sshock2.com/
  3. agree with the 'splendid' and 'not a boring game' brigade.
  4. hobo

    Far Cry

    Did anyone think the final level was flawed? I completed it on normal but only by finding a chink in the game engine rather than being able to defeat the enemies by skill. Must be nigh on impossible on higher difficulty levels....
  5. hobo


    Quality stuff Consolevania. I am now a Consolevaniac. Whens number 2 out? oh, and lose Hitler and shorten the Wrestling. Amen.
  6. nothing to do with Sin Cities on Bravo channel then?
  7. hobo

    PS2 recommendathon

    - Ring of Red - Disgea: Heart of Darkness - Gregory Horror Show - Chip your PS2 and get a patched version of ProEvo3 / Winning Eleven
  8. Burnout 2 and Colin Mcrae 2004 both make my eyes bleed after a while. Bit annoying like.
  9. hobo

    A game I made

    How about making the red balls bounce off each other?
  10. hobo

    Star Wars Galaxies

    I levelled up to a 63 bard and got my epic weapon.
  11. seconded, do not hesitate, chip with londonconsoles.
  12. Faceball 2000 on SNES.
  13. Didnt realise they modelled Yeovil for inclusion in PGR2.
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