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  1. Wow, so much nostalgia watching that video back! I still tell my mates about the league @SaintM used to run, how we had 6 teams of 10 players coming on every Thursday night for the RLMUK league. It was insanely well run and some of my fondest memories of gaming. If I remember rightly I came over from another forum called DVDF and brought a team with me, @hannay, Outsider, @BeeJay and I'm struggling to remember the others! Our first team in the league was Norway, and John Carew was a beast!
  2. Sorry we missed you. Both had PS4 Logos next to their name, however bish's mate had a mouse icon instead of a controller. So not sure if that means hes M&K on console?
  3. Fancy a little best of 3 match up against me and @Dave White this weekend Pete? We're also loving gunfight! Team Arty Farty Vs The Brants! Lets do it!
  4. Yeh cheers for the games. Sorry I had to shoot. Sim is @Minion on here!
  5. Anybody fancy teaming up on PS4 tonight? Drop me a a friend request on PSN - RickyDVT
  6. Where abouts is the secret exit building if you don't mind me asking? I love fracking tower but never attempted to go underground! Edit: Managed to find a vid on youtube, never knew that was there!
  7. I'm shocked you managed to win that game with the VKM! I cannot control the recoil on that bad boy and the ROF is far too slow. Surprised you didn't change that scope over to the ICR7 when it became more close quarters! We need to have some Duo games (especially now @Dave White has abandoned me for BFV). I'm on 10 wins so we are probably a similar level! Another tip for end game is to walk towards the narrowest part of the circle, as it moves much slower and you can tend to stay crouched the whole time right next to the moving circle without it catching you.
  8. So in theory if I'm Tier 22 I should have unlocked a lot of gear by now? Because I've tried clicking on the black market screen in various ways but can't seem to use any of it. Will try your way later today and see what happens. Cheers.
  9. Do I have to buy "Cod Points" to get the Black Market gear? I think I'm up to tier 22 and seen some cool skins etc, but absolutely no idea how i'm supposed to activate them or whatever!
  10. Ok cheers, I will have a look. I'm thinking the NowTV streams may be more convenient for me, simply because we tend to watch series downstairs or when we go to bed, so I can pick up were I left off quite easily that way. I also spend half of my life telling the Mrs to stop watching Channel 4 SD when there is HD available, so to watch The Wire in SD when HD(ish) is available goes against everything I fight for! Ha!
  11. Is this available in HD on any of the streaming services Netflix / Amazon etc? Still havn't seen it. A quick google suggests Amazon have HD, but £19.99 per season, not Prime!
  12. It felt so damn good! Couldn’t of done it without you. Having headphones in a game like this really is essential.
  13. Would this work? (click for link)
  14. Has anybody else noticed textures not loading right away on the PS4 Pro? When I land from the chopper in Blackout the textures havn't loaded and in most cases the guns / ammo etc don't appear for a good 10 seconds or so.
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