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  1. I've been trying hard to get into and understand K pop and BTS's global ascent lately, I want to love it as a challenge to the west's hegemony but I'm really struggling. To me it all just sounds like a super homogenous mash up of every commercially successful trend in western pop over the last few years, utterly soulless and manufactured to the hilt. I'll admit I can see the visual appeal more though, as BTS are a bunch of very pretty lads.
  2. This Theo Parrish beaut has to be one of my favourite pieces of music ever
  3. This one is pretty special too
  4. This is my problem with the trailer too. And as much as I loved XV, my biggest disappointment with it was also the very bland, unimaginative character designs (and while I grew to like them, their personal stories were fairly dull too if I'm honest to myself). The thing I used to really love about all the previous FF games were the interesting or otherworldly characters that would capture your imagination. I hope there is more of that in this game.
  5. Yes, so I'm not the only one who felt this way then!!
  6. The recent Lupe Kendrick twitter stuff has made me listen to Lupe who somehow I have never really listened to before. I had no idea he was such a lyrical monster.
  7. Dorehedoro was a wonderful surprise after randomly trying it. One of the best anime shows I've seen in some time. Such a weird and imaginative world. Pretty funny and lighthearted for the most part too despite being incredibly violent.
  8. Been on an Isley tip recently and this is a sweet jam I'd forgotten about
  9. Really? Wow, that's great then! I'll try that, thanks
  10. I'm on chapter 3 of this game I think, and enjoyed what I played but I kept having the feeling that the fact I don't have a PSN subscription was going to make the game even more of a slog than it's supposed to be, building roads and stuff seems pretty much impossible. I haven't played it in a while and would like to go back, but does it still remain enjoyable to play offline?
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