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  1. A great start to the year with Sony going in hot with their Chatbot giving away PSN accounts shenanigans, to Microsoft quickly countering with a XBL pricing debacle. Can Nintendo top them both with a new Labo set that releases angry wasps into your house?
  2. No, really. Who let him back in? What a shitshow.
  3. I'd expect things to be all over the place in comparisons for at least another year or so while developers really get to grips with both machines. Which will keep DF ass deep in page views and resetera ass deep in tears.
  4. I couldn't do that to myself. The cliff notes on Memory Alpha and Benny's reviews were more than enough.
  5. TNG series 3 gave us the likes of 'The Best of Both Worlds', 'Yesterday's Enterprise' and 'Sarek'. After 3 series of Discovery...?
  6. Well I'm looking forward to getting back to the good old days of "yea m8, the other 190 road cars are just around the corner".
  7. Kane should comfortably beat Rooney's England record, with the added bonus of being able to score goals at World Cups.
  8. San Marino and the Faroe Islands will finally breathe easy.
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