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  1. They do seem to pop up in the most unlikely places as you say, roads, buildings, inside your head.
  2. You have to give them some credit for how forward thinking it has all been. I mean, they were selling JPG's long before NFT's were cool.
  3. Never discount spurs going full spurs.
  4. You could theoretically have a device with a PCIE switch chip providing additional lanes and therefore more devices. But that would not provide any additional bandwidth, not that it would be too much if an issue as you would very likely only be talking to a single device at any one time.
  5. Well it was between him and the post for MOTM. A few years ago if you had told me that Brentford would have played the European Champions and only lost because of a herculean goal keeping performance I would have given you a funny look.
  6. Will the new server have enough memory to run everything entirely in RAM? I could put more in, but all 24 slots are already full.
  7. It should be available for as long as the various licenses last for. I would bet that going forwards MS will make sure to have much longer if not perpetual licenses.
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