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  1. Where is the fuck the fuck off button?
  2. Hand crafted by our artisan shader units and fed only the finest free range memory bandwidth.
  3. *Me playing FH4 for the first few hours*
  4. Such a weird hill for somebody to go and die on. 4k @ 120Hz has a basic fill rate requirement of just under 1GPix/s. Obviously you have other stuff going on which will bump up the requirement a bit. The XSX GPU has a fill rate of 116Gpix/s (if it has 64 ROPS, looking at how the cards announced today are put together this could end up being 80). You are never ever going to even get close to worrying fill rate limits on a modern high end GPU.
  5. lol what kind of loser nerd would do that!
  6. Sounds like Microsoft have been working on their own DLSS type solution.
  7. Thousand dollar AMD card. Yea, good luck with that guys.
  8. Computationally heavy ray tracing is exactly what I want in my MMO raid.
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