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  1. Will Wales even manage a single goal from open play before going home?
  2. Amazing gearshift noises you say?
  3. Some quality attempted shityhousery from the Uruguayans there trying the fuck up the penalty spot.
  4. Penaldo is gonna be pissed he is off the pitch.
  5. So what would you pick? I'm going with the Ueno Clinic F1 GTR. Motorsport royalty that unlike an F1 car I'd actually have a chance at getting it around a circuit (badly, and slowly )
  6. Looking forward to this keeper against England.
  7. I think Ally McCoist has managed to do the unthinkable this world cup. He has made football on ITV watchable.
  8. When you set the gearstick on fire.
  9. Now if only the Germans had a word for schadenfreude.
  10. Still have half time to come first.
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