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  1. Remember that dick head kart racer who threw some shit on the track at another driver? 15 year ban from all FIA events. https://www.motorsport.com/kart/news/corberi-kart-racer-fia-ban/6352588/
  2. Just think of all the shit 1-1 clones with awful platforming controls and physics you are missing out on.
  3. A Platinum game on a platform with literally the worst control scheme. butwhy.gif
  4. Thankfully some people care about keeping old games available. KZ3 at 60fps plus decent controls.
  5. That trophy looks like something from a 'speciality' video.
  6. Jesus Christ, Butters is a waste of a seat.
  7. Marko wont be happy the number 2 car is working correctly this weekend.
  8. Italian stewards giving everyone a good look at the underneath of the Red Bull
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