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  1. Some Digital Foundry numbers. Microsoft need to sort their Xbox latency out.
  2. I bought this Beach Volleyball game for the gameplay, honest.
  3. Should have got a Switch then as Japan is Nintendoland these days.
  4. I think back to the MASSIVE FUCKING PAIN IN THE ASS that Second Coil Turn 4 was back in the day, and now I spent about 2 minutes stood there face tanking the mechanics and the remainder actually going pew pew.
  5. Not only that. Microsoft make games available via alternative stores as well (Steam). You can play Game Pass content on Xbox, PC, Android, iOS and even a number of TV manufacturers are looking to add Game Pass support.
  6. Probably correct there. Lewis will get his 8th this year and then retire. Leaving George to lead the team.
  7. pfft Microsoft already built it into non enterprise versions of Windows 10. HOW DID THEY KNOW
  8. I'm sure Microsoft would absolutely love to make their entire catalogue available via Game Pass on PlayStation hardware.
  9. Does anyone fancy going through the whole of the Stormblood Omega 8 man stuff unsynced for the story? I took a long break just after it came out and didnt come back until just before Shadowbringers.
  10. Diablo 3 has sold over 30 million copies. Edit: It was released in May 2012 and by August 2015 it had sold over 30 million copies.
  11. The real Dark Souls lols starts when Microsoft acquire From Software.
  12. The Xbox Twitch channel is currently playing Starcraft.
  13. I don't know about that. Microsoft were all in already on subscription models on such corporate lightweights as WIndows and Office, and lets be honest, they pretty much have an iron grip on that market.
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