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  1. Yea, that had fuck up written all over it. Did nobody watch the Euro's final?
  2. Bloody hell, I go make a drink and villa bang in 2 goals. Agent Rafa...
  3. Couple of my friends are there this afternoon. Glad you have made them all welcome.
  4. I wouldn't be where I am today without that rubber keyed wonder sparking a life long interest. RIP Sir.
  5. Metroid, Forza Horizon and then I'll lose all track of the passing of time when FFXIV Endwalker releases (why yes, I have taken a week off work).
  6. Has Ronaldo won the Europa League before?
  7. Lewis just had Alonso as a teammate in his very first season and missed out by the slimmest of margins. Max has Sergio and is the teams absolute number one.
  8. Who would have thought that the only thing required for people to stop stating that 30fps was fine was having their platform of choice offering the majority of games at 60fps.
  9. Pos’d for pointing out Jos is a total scumbag which isn’t going to help. I know at Max’s age I was a right wing asshole due to my old man being a full on Thatcher supporter. So it’s not impossible that there is a decent person hiding under the influence of his old man.
  10. Max didn't slow enough which is why he was hallway off the track and heading straight into the sausage curve. At that point he could have done what Lewis did earlier and go over the smaller curbs, or he could hit the brakes. He decided to keep his foot in and we got a nasty crash that thankfully both drivers walked away from. That Horner was giving it full 'racing incident' tells you all you need to know about who was at fault.
  11. He literally didn't as he ended up causing a crash that without the Halo could have killed a driver.
  12. No problem. It's not as if they put their reasoning into words for everyone to see or anything.
  13. di Resta going full Wenger there. 'I didnt see it'.
  14. Looking forward to the next interview with Horner.
  15. 3 place grid drop and 2 penalty points for Max.
  16. You will be shocked to hear it came from Twitter!
  17. Much like Max, I'm reaching for something that just wasn't there.
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